Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update

udaariyaan today written episode begins with Fateh removing Tejo from the house. The relatives follows her with a tear filled eyes. Tejo tosses a rice which is spread wide outside. The relatives reviews her vidai that occurred previously. Rupy and Satti reviews their minutes with Tejo. Tejo comes outside and track down Fateh's family outside.


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udaariyaan today written episode begins with Fateh removing Tejo from the house. The relatives follows her with a tear filled eyes. Tejo tosses a rice which is spread wide outside. The relatives reviews her vidai that occurred previously. Rupy and Satti reviews their minutes with Tejo. Tejo comes outside and track down Fateh’s family outside.

Kushbheer favors her. Tejo makes a guarantee to play carom with him. Mahi embraces her. Gurpreet gets miserable reviewing her minutes with Tejo. Tejo and Fateh arrives at the ashram. Tejo gets cheerful seeing Amma and the ashram individuals. She gets some information about her companions to Amma to which the last option says that they went for shopping.

Tejo lets Amma know how she partook in her visit in her folks house and they have taken appropriate consideration of her. She then tells Fateh’s home is a major one and gestures of recognition the Virk’s and says that she can hardly hold on to wed Fateh and go to the Virk house until the end of time. She additionally says that she is here to welcome them for her wedding just and asks the ashram individuals they will partake in her and Fateh’s wedding right. They all says OK which fulfills Tejo.

Amma asks the others in the ashram to take Tejo inside. Tejo goes with them however gets halted in the wake of understanding her hand is attached with Fateh. She grins at him. Fateh grins at her unfortunately. Amma loosens the material from Tejo’s hand and Tejo’s companions takes her inside.

Fateh likewise chooses to go behind Tejo however Amma stops him and lets him know that she don’t believe it’s really smart to invest energy with Tejo. Fateh argues Amma saying that he brought Tejo here by lying so let him invest some energy with her. Amma rejects and lets him know it will be challenging to deal with Tejo assuming he remained with her.

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Fateh requests that Amma let him atleast come clean to Tejo yet Amma rejects and requests that Fateh leave before Tejo sees and causes a situation which will indulge their arrangement. However, he asked her time which she gave yet he neglected to satisfy his commitment so requests that he leave and possibly come when she requests that he visit her.

She then, at that point, proceeds to close the door. Tejo sees Fateh and runs towards him yet Amma shuts the entryway. Fateh and Tejo attempts to contact one another yet ashram individuals hauls Tejo with them inside likewise the protections prevents Fateh from contacting Tejo. Fateh understands that he is envisioning everything.

Inside the ashram Tejo asks where Fateh is. Amma and ashram individuals gets awkward yet before they could perceive something Tejo lets them know that she realizes Fateh is playing find the stowaway with her. She goes to get Fateh thinking he is there.

Opposite side Fateh cries reviewing Tejo’s words to going to turn into his better half in udaariyaan hotstar. Tejo finds her packs yet not Fateh so she flies off the handle and asks Amma where Fateh is. Amma tells Fateh had a significant work so he left the spot and requests that she have her number one food.

Tejo tells that Fateh never walked out on her without telling her so she needs to go to Fateh. Amma stops her and tells it’s truly significant yet Fateh will return. Tejo won’t have anything until Fateh returns which stresses Amma and ashram individuals. They all glances at each other face defenselessly. Jasmine calls somebody and requests that that individual come saying this is the ideal opportunity. Exquisite goes into the room and asks Jasmine who she is welcoming to the house.

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Jasmine changes the subject and asks Lovely is she truly imagine that Fateh will consent to wed her since they all realizes Fateh loves Tejo as it were. Wonderful guarantees her expression Gurpreet won’t allow her child’s life to obliterate behind Tejo who is deranged.

She further tells she is conveying Virk’s child in her belly so she is certain Gurpreet will persuade Fateh to wed her. Jasmine gets cheerful. After Lovely leaves her room she remembers to accomplish something as she can hardly stand by any longer to wed Fateh and sneers thinking she needs to effectively cause Gurpreet to consent to the marriage genuine soon.

In Virk’s home Nimmo requests that Gurpreet fix Fateh and Jasmine’s collusion yet Gurpreet tells that Fateh will not consent to this soon. Nimmo reminds Gurpreet what Jasmine is equipped for which makes Gurpreet stress. Satti lets Jasmine know there is somebody comes to meet her. Jasmine converses with the marriage specialist about the partnerships.

Satti Rupy Harmaan gets stunned when they understands Jasmine is wanting to wed another person. Satti reproves Jasmine and asks her what’s happening with she. Jasmine tells that she would rather not force Fateh to wed her additionally she can’t carry on day to day a like this so she is doing this. Wonderful lets Jasmine know that Gurpreet will persuade Fateh to wed her as no mother believes their child should wed a deranged lady.

Rupy gets into a contention with Lovely for talking prefer as such about Jasmine. He additionally tells that they can’t drive Fateh to wed Jasmine. Jasmine acts and tells even she have no interest to wed Fateh and furiously leaves the spot.

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Rupy follows her and tells her that he will uphold all her choices which fulfills Jasmine. Opposite side Amma tells Tejo in the event that she don’t have food then Fateh will lash out with her. Tejo reviews Fateh’s commitment and tells he will not. She likewise will not have food and discard the food from Amma’s hand.

Fateh drops the hot tea in his grasp and gets harmed. He then, at that point, sees a person forsaking a little canine and the coffee bar proprietor tells this is rich individuals’ specialty. They power and take the creatures or what they need with them.

When everything fully recovers they will leave the individual or creature. Fateh reviews Amma’s words like this and gets miserable. Tejo cries and attempts to run out of the ashram and everybody attempts to stop her. Amma slaps her and embraces her and Tejo cries in her arms.

Precap: Jasmine opens the entryway and gets stunned seeing Fateh and Tejo in their marriage clothing. Fateh attempts to take Gurpreet’s approval yet the last option denies and requests what kind from a joke is this. Fateh makes it’s anything but a quip. He and Tejo get hitched. Jasmine looks on indignantly.

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