Udaariyaan 22nd November 2022 Written Update

udaariyaan episode begins with Nehmat requesting that Advait cause Mallika and Ekam to comprehend that she didn't distribute Jayveer's article. Advait inquires as to whether Nehmat believes him should tell to Mallika and Ekam that Nehmat was with him that evening in the lodging of Shimla to demonstrate her blameless.


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udaariyaan episode begins with Nehmat requesting that Advait cause Mallika and Ekam to comprehend that she didn’t distribute Jayveer’s article. Advait inquires as to whether Nehmat believes him should tell to Mallika and Ekam that Nehmat was with him that evening in the lodging of Shimla to demonstrate her blameless.

He inquires as to whether she’s gone off the deep end. Ekam comes out talking on stand by. He neglects to see Nehmat and Advait. The last option sees Ekam and hauls Nehmat away. He stows away with Nehmat. Ekam drives off. Advait tells Nehmat that they would have been in a tough situation assuming Ekam had seen them.

Nehmat asks what Ekam was doing here. Advait says that Shamsher called him and even Rupy is additionally there. Nehmat apologizes to Advait. Advait requests that Nehmat leave and leaves. Not set in stone to find the individual who distributed the article.

Shamsher’s worker gives him a rose bouquet that came on his name. Shamsher peruses the note on the bouquet and discovers that Jasmine is in Moga. Then again, Jasmine is available for any emergencies with somebody. She says that she has returned Moga following 16 years for her girl’s wedding.

The house keeper brings her morning meal. Jasmine is astounded that her mother made her number one dishes that day. At the Sandhus’ home, Exquisite says that Satti arranged Naaz’s favourite dishes. Shelly says that in light of the fact that Naaz will before long take off from the house getting hitched. Satti stresses over Nehmat whose heart and whose youth companionship have broken.

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Nehmat attempts to converse with Mallika. The last option insults Nehmat. She says that Nehmat turned into a major writer by killing her father. Nehmat says that everybody is misconception her and attempts to clear up for her, yet Mallika will not pay attention to her.

Nehmat gives Mallika the swear of their fellowship and requests that Mallika pay attention to her. Mallika says that they’re not companions any longer. Nehmat says that they were companions once and remembers their young life minutes. She creases her hands before Mallika and beseeches her to give her 10 mins to make sense of. Mallika indignantly looks on.

Jasmine salutes Advait for his wedding with Mallika. Jasmine inquires as to why Advait and Shamsher appear to be troubled to see her here. Advait says that they don’t need anybody perceive here. Jasmine says that she additionally doesn’t need it, yet she got exhausted of going to unfamiliar weddings.

So she has come to go to Punjabi wedding in which there will be singing and moving. Shamsher says that they have come to welcome her for the wedding. Advait stresses that somebody can perceive her. Jasmine gets some information about it as she couldn’t care less about it in udaariyaan written update.

She says that it’s intriguing that two weddings will happen simultaneously. She inquires as to why they didn’t carry Nikhil with them as she never met him. Jasmine then, at that point, gets some information about Naaz. Advait says that Naaz is Nehmat’s most youthful sister. Jasmine says that Nehmat is the individual who is answerable for Jayveer’s demise.

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Nehmat cries seeing her folks photograph. Nehmat says that they used to say that genuine kinship continues forever. She says that she came clean with Mallika and trusts that she will trust her. Nehmat wishes that she could realize who distributed the article, who is liable for their sufferings and for Ekam saying a final farewell to her.

In the mean time, Ekam is tearing his and Nehmat’s photographs by reviewing Jayveer’s self destruction letter. He consumes the photographs. Ekam sees the photograph of himself with Nehmat and Mallika. He takes it to tear it as well. Yet, Mallika shows up there and stops him. Mallika shares with Ekam that she likewise believes Nehmat should disappear from their life.

However the truth of the matter is Ekam can’t fail to remember her. Ekam says that he can’t fail to remember their father’s passing and is grieving his demise. Mallika says that he is morning additionally the passing of his and Nehmat’s adoration. Mallika inquires as to whether he truly feels that Nehmat could do that way.

Ekam says that she could make it happen. Mallika says that she doesn’t believe that Nehmat would have made it happen and adds that somebody deceived her. She says that Nehmat is going frantic via looking for the individual who distributed the article. Mallika says that Nehmat additionally got violated.

Ekam will not catch wind of Nehmat. Mallika says that Ekam actually cherishes Nehmat. Ekam says that he imagines that Nehmat did this and will not discuss her any longer. He leaves. Mallika cries and says that she would rather not lose her dearest companion additionally in the wake of losing father. She will not allow Ekam to lose his adoration.

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Rupy finds Nehmat crying. Rupy asks Nehmat for what valid reason she’s crying. Nehmat laments blaming Naaz. Nehmat says that she needs to find who is answerable for their sufferings and Jayveer’s demise. Rupy says that he additionally needs something similar. Nehmat says that it’s her fight.

So she needs to battle it single-handedly. Nehmat says that she will participate in Naaz’s wedding arrangements, yet she will not go to it as she needs no issue in her wedding. Rupy consoles Nehmat and requests that she apologize to Naaz and end the matter.

Advait accepts Nikhil’s call. He pardons himself to Jasmine and goes aside to talk. Nikhil is holding up external the house and requests that Advait emerge as he needs to converse with him about something significant. Advait concurs. He shares with Jasmine that he will be back in a short time and leaves. Then again, Nehmat apologizes to Naaz.

The family requests that Naaz pardon Nehmat. So Naaz accommodates with Nehmat. The family becomes cheerful. Naaz says that she has a condition and requests that Nehmat select one lehenga among the fashioner lehengas that she got for herself. Nehmat chooses the pink one and recollects Ekam saying that he needs to see her in a pink lehenga in their wedding.

Naaz embraces Nehmat and feels that Nehmat picked pink as it’s Ekam’s number one tone. She needs to wear it and show to Ekam, yet she won’t allow it to work out. Jasmine sees Nikhil requesting that Advait sign the check to pay Naaz’s lehenga. Jasmine feels that Advait handles the money, not Nikhil and puzzles over whether Naaz took right choice by needing to wed Nikhil.

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