Udaariyaan 21st November 2022 Written Update

udaariyaan episode begins with Nehmat lamenting believing Naaz and not paying attention to Mallika, who used to alert her about Naaz. Naaz claims to be guiltless and says that she doesn't have a clue. Nehmat says that Naaz distributed Jayveer's article as she just knows her PC's secret word. She asks Naaz for what reason she made it happen.


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udaariyaan episode begins with Nehmat lamenting believing Naaz and not paying attention to Mallika, who used to alert her about Naaz. Naaz claims to be guiltless and says that she doesn’t have a clue. Nehmat says that Naaz distributed Jayveer’s article as she just knows her PC’s secret word. She asks Naaz for what reason she made it happen.

Afterwards, Naaz denies the claim. Nehmat tells Naaz that she is lying and helps her to remember taking Ekam’s grandma’s studs and selling them. Naaz asks what she will get by doing this. Nehmat recalls Naaz’s test to her and Mallika. And Nehmat reminds Naaz the equivalent. Nehmat takes scissors and Naaz’s lehenga. Naaz says that Nehmat has gone frantic.

Nehmat yells that she is gone frantic as everybody is accusing her and the individual whom she cherishes the most is in torment. Nehmat takes steps to cut it in the event that Naaz doesn’t come clean. Naaz grabs the lehenga from Nehmat’s hand and runs ground floor. Nehmat pursues Naaz

Naaz whines to Satti about Nehmat. She says that Naaz is gone frantic and charges her dishonestly. Nehmat denies this and faults Naaz for Jayveer’s demise. Naaz cries fake tears and embraces Satti. Nehmat battles with Naaz, requesting that she come clean. Satti isolates Naaz and Nehmat. Nehmat tells Satti to examine Naaz regarding her activity.

Shelly yells at Nehmat and asks Naaz what occurred. Naaz says that Nehmat blames her for distributing Jayveer’s article. Shelly chides Nehmat for blaming Naaz, who generally thinks often about her. Satti quiets Nehmat down and inquires as to why Naaz would do as such. Shelly inquires as to whether Nehmat has any evidence that Naaz did.

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Nehmat says that she had no evidence. Satti tells Nehmat that her and Naaz’s sister’s bond can be impacted assuming she charges her with no verification. Naaz whines that Ekam and Mallika, who attempted to break her relationship with Nikhil, are mean a lot to Nehmat.

Nehmat takes Naaz’s hands and requests that she hit her. Satti quiets Nehmat down. Nehmat says that the article was on her PC and asks who else might have distributed it on the off chance that it wasn’t Naaz. Naaz considers clearing Nehmat’s questions. Naaz says that any place Nehmat goes, she takes her PC with her.

She says that Nehmat even took her PC with her to Shimla and perhaps her partner, who helped her, might have gotten it done. Nehmat asks why Advait would have gotten it done. Naaz chooses not to remain with Nehmat in that frame of mind till she gets hitched. Satti embraces Nehmat and guarantees her that all will be well.

Jasmine lands in India. Jasmine reviews her past. She says that she has returned following 16 years and will demonstrate at Naaz’s wedding that she can in any case make everybody follow her lead. Then again, Naaz’s boasting about herself about not leaving any proof against her subsequent to distributing Jayveer’s article in udaariyaan written update.

She takes a gander at Advait and Nehmat’s photograph on her telephone and says that she has an idiot proof method for breaking Nehmat and Ekam’s relationship until the end of time. Naaz expresses gratitude toward Jasmine, who showed her beginning and end in only seven years that she was with her. She says that Jasmine’s strategies generally work and she gets all that she needs, whether it’s Nikhil’s partnership or Nehmat’s obliteration.

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Jasmine is going in the vehicle. She sees better places that she has proactively visited and reviews her previous minutes. And she stops before Sandhus’ home and reviews her minutes with Tejo and Rupy tossing her out of the house. She gets profound. And she pulls it together. She requests that the driver leave.

All at once, Nehmat emerges from Sandhus’ home reviewing Naaz’s words. Nehmat is going to be hit by Jasmine’s vehicle. She stops. The driver admonishes her. Jasmine sees Nehmat and wears her cooling glasses to conceal her face. Nehmat doesn’t see Jasmine. She is sorry and leaves in the auto. Jasmine says that she has come to safeguard Naaz’s bliss from Nehmat.

Rupy meets Shamsher and Advait to discuss Naaz’s wedding. Elam shows up there and welcomes Shamsher and Advait. Rupy welcomes Ekam, however he overlooks him. Shamsher says that he laments what befell him, however they need to continue on, so he has called Rupy to examine the wedding.

Rupy says that the wedding is a significant period of life, so it ought to begin in a cheerful climate, so they ought to talk straightforwardly. Rupy says that they can’t keep Nehmat from going to Naaz’s wedding. Ekam reviews Renuka’s words.

Advait accepts Nehmat’s message that she’s holding up external the house and needs to converse with him. Advait pardons himself and goes to meet Nehmat. Rupy finds out if both Mallika and Naaz’s wedding will occur in the equivalent mandap or not.

Advait asks Nehmat what the matter is, the reason she’s calling him over and over. Nehmat inquires as to whether he posted Jayveer’s article, as when they were in Shimla, she rested, leaving her PC open. She requests that Advait come clean.

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Advait inquires as to why he would have distributed it when he came to Shimla with her to delay it’s distributing by facing challenges and deceiving Mallika. Here, Ekam says that he isn’t impacted by anybody’s presence. He says that the wedding will happen on the very date and in the very place that Jayveer needed. Ekam withdraws. Ekam emerges and sees Advait conversing with Nehmat.

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