Udaariyaan 15th November 2022 Written Update

udaariyaan episode begins with Naaz irately taking a gander at Nehmat and Mallika moving and reviewing Mallika slapping her and Naaz seeing Nehmat grinning and seeing this. Jayveer goes outside to settle on a decision. Jayveer says thanks to God for Mallika getting hitched to the Kapoors, who are a pleasant family.


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udaariyaan episode begins with Naaz irately taking a gander at Nehmat and Mallika moving and reviewing Mallika slapping her and Naaz seeing Nehmat grinning and seeing this. Jayveer goes outside to settle on a decision. Jayveer says thanks to God for Mallika getting hitched to the Kapoors, who are a pleasant family.

All of a sudden, Jayveer sees the hooligan who compromised him and hears him looking at going to flee in light of an explanation associated with Fateh and Tejo’s mishap case and saying that Kapoor’s name shouldn’t emerge. Jayveer gets the hooligan’s collar and says that he is working for Kapoor and he is answerable for Fateh and Tejo’s mishap.

In the mean time, inside the house, everybody is moving and partaking in the Sangeet. Shamsher gets worn out and says that they will enjoy some time off. Ekam asks Renuka where Jayveer is. Renuka says that he went outside to settle on a decision. Ekam needs to go to him. However, Renuka stops him.

The hooligan undermines Jayveer and requests that he center around his girl’s marriage all things considered. He pushes him down and leaves. Inside, Ekam gives a dance execution. Then, at that point, Nehmat moves. Ekam-Nehmat dance alongside Mallika-Advait and Naaz-Nikhil.

Ekam twists Nehmat marginally, embracing her. He says that it will their marry straightaway. He says that he needs to live with her until the end of time. Nehmat says me as well. Everybody applauds and carries them to the real world. Mallika prods them. Rama tells Bua that Ekam and Nehmat will get hitched. Naaz believes that it’s unrealistic.

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Naaz moves. Mallika frowns at her. She gets her and moves together with her. Naaz drives her away and keeps on moving. Jayveer goes inside the house and sees everybody joyfully moving. Jayveer telephones Shamsher and gets down on him. Shamsher comes outside to meet Jayveer.

The last option defies Shamsher. He says that a few days ago it wasn’t his deception. He truly saw the thug who compromised him. And he says that he saw him again today and heard his discussion. He says that he discovered that Shamsher demolished his life and caused Fateh and Tejo’s mishap. He asks Shamsher for what reason he killed Fateh and Tejo and what his hostility towards them.

Shamsher says that Kushbeer singh Virk and Fateh are his political foes and they were snags in his political vocation, so he had to dispense with them in udaariyaan written update. Shamsher says that another person who is living far away from here additionally has a hatred with Tejo and Fateh. Jasmine is shown watching Naaz and Nikhil dance through the video call and grinning.

Here, Shamsher says that anything he did, he did it upon her request, however concedes being answerable for Jayveer’s suspension so he doesn’t find reality. Shamsher says that Jayveer can do nothing now as he has no verification. Jayveer gets Shamsher’s collar and says he will find the confirmation against him and the person who provided him orders as he got the killer.

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There, Jasmine says she’s withering to meet Naaz and vows to go to the Sangeet and Mehndi stowing away from Naaz. Here, Shamsher says that he did everything in view of finishing. He guarantees Jayveer not to hurt Nehmat and Ekam. That’s what he says, for that, Mallika and Naaz ought to turn into his daughters in-law.

He requests that Jayveer fail to remember the past. Jayveer won’t allow the wedding to occur. He says that he will cancel the wedding and uncover Shamsher by organizing a pressmeet. Shamsher cautions Jayveer to leave the matter. Jayveer won’t be quiet any longer and bears the weight of Shamsher’s transgressions. He leaves.

Shamsher cautions Jayveer that she will demolish their lives as a whole assuming he follows through with something like that. He telephones the hooligan and requests that he ensure that Jayveer doesn’t arrive at home. He requests that he hang tight for his call prior to doing anything to him.

Naaz reviews Nehmat overlooking Mallika slapping her. She irately eliminates her bangles and discards them. She says that she’s just name purpose’s sister for Nehmat, however Mallika is more essential to her than her (Naaz). Ekam drops Nehmat at her home. Ekam hauls Nehmat near him and sentiments with her.

Nehmat reminds Ekam that the following day is his and his sister’s mehndi and Sangeet. She requests that he effectively fill their heart with joy unique. Ekam wishes that nothing out of sorts ought to happen the following day. Here, Naaz really takes a look at Nehmat’s PC to find anything about the Randawa and finds an article on Jayveer which depicts him as an unscrupulous cop and asks how an untrustworthy cop’s child landed position in the police.

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There, Ekam tells Nehmat about seeing his father blissful after quite a while. He wishes Jayveer to constantly be blissful. Here, Naaz asks why Advait assisted Nehmat with this article. She contemplates whether Jayveer and Shamsher are engaged with some criminal behavior, so Advait consents to wed Mallika. There, Ekam says that he will converse with Jayveer about his and Nehmat’s wedding after Mallika’s wedding.

He will let him know that he can’t survive without Nehmat. There, Naaz comprehends that Nehmat took Advait’s assistance to save Ekam’s father. There, Nehmat and Ekam express their adoration and embrace. Nehmat imagines that she won’t allow anything to happen to him.

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