• Bhagya Lakshmi

    Bhagya Lakshmi 25th November 2021 Written Update

    The present scene begins with everybody partaking in Lakshmi's made sweet dish when Malishka shows up there. At Rishi's place, Malishka attempts to enlighten something concerning Viraj, and Rishi and Malishka begin contending. Lakshmi asks them for what good reason are they contending.
    Saltfeed   -  November 26, 2021
  • Meet

    Meet 25th November 2021 Written Update

    Masum says to Anubha did you said anything to Meet she examined strain. Anubha expresses what I don't comprehend. Masum says that mystery, she was feeling substantial feom concealing it. Anubha recall what she said to Meet with regards to Manushi and says how you. Masum says she love us part and become near famil so she inadvertently let something know which are not to be said infront of everybody. Anubha thinks I suspect as much she is familiar with Manushi, says that our little girl isn't care for that it was Manushi. Slam strolls in and request that Anubha come since Meet is calling her. Masum says stand by we are talking. Slam says to Masum fail to remember this and takes Anubha.
    Saltfeed   -  November 26, 2021
  • Aggar Tum Na Hote

    Aggar Tum Na Hote 25th November 2021 Written Update

    Niyati clarifies Abhimanyu is only a patient for herself as well as their can't be any connection between them both, she shouts she is tired of this joke of his and assuming he at any point discusses love again then she will leave this work, Niyati leaves when Abhimanyu gets another assault, he entering the restroom begins thinking about that multitude of things which Niyati said to him how she will leave, he turns on the shower and stands under it to review how Dr Aanad reported that his family has organized his marriage with Niyati.
    Saltfeed   -  November 26, 2021
  • Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

    Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 25th November 2021 Written Update

    The ladies come in. Krisha is befuddled. The lady asks Minakshi where is Jaya? Minakshi says you start the custom. Jaya says devraj you care about Krisha's trust however not when another person did it? Devraj says I know however.. She says it was your choice to fix the past and thus you consented to Roma's arrangement and get hitched to Krisha. How might you pull out at this point? Krisha searches for Devraj. The ladies take stink eye off Krisha. They make commotion. Jaya says you can't go this way. Krisha is our last expectation. He leaves. Jaya says I allowed him a single opportunity to choose and he did. He needed to close this card behind locked entryways until the end of time. Where did my keys go? Roma says you had them. Jaya says I dropped them some place.
    Saltfeed   -  November 26, 2021
  • Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

    Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th November 2021 Written Update

    Sadanand conflicts with Virat and tumbles down. Virat is stunned to see his montage companion. Sada flees. Sai yells at Sada. Constables illuminate Virat that he was needed criminal Sada Pawde. Virat runs behind him, gets him, and says he is his closest companion Virat. Sada flees seeing constables coming. Sai saw Sada's photograph and acknowledges he is Virat's school companion. Virat runs behind Sada again and corners him, yet he tosses dust in his eyes and escapes. Sai inquires as to whether he was his companion Sada. Constables inquire as to whether a fear monger is Virat's companion. Sai says he was his school companion and not currently.
    Saltfeed   -  November 26, 2021