Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th June 2022 Written Update

tera mera saath rahe written update begins with Ramila tells that she won't extra Tejal on the grounds that she is attempting to isolate her from her daughter. She says that she will persuade Ashi later about the separation. Yet before that she needs to show a thing or two to Tejal through which Hiten lashes out with Tejal and considers what she will do.


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tera mera saath rahe written update begins with Ramila tells that she won’t extra Tejal on the grounds that she is attempting to isolate her from her daughter. She says that she will persuade Ashi later about the separation. Yet before that she needs to show a thing or two to Tejal through which Hiten lashes out with Tejal and considers what she will do.

She then gets a thought and eliminates all her adornments. Hiten gives roses to Tejal and tells each time he brought her this however he neglected to give it to her since he was apprehensive. Tejal and Hiten embraces one another.

The two of them hears Ramila is crying noisily so they thinks about what occurred and goes out to see what occurred. Ramila cries and lets Hiten know that her adornments was taken stunning Hiten and Tejal. Hiten asks Ramila how its conceivable and tells her that he will proceed to check. Ramila tells it’s not required. She likewise tells that she went to wash up. Meawhile somebody took her adornments. Hiten and Tejal confounds. And Hiten questions Ramila is she shut the windows of her room.

Ramila tells yes. She likewise adds that she dont figure somebody from outside taken her gems it should be from one of the relatives. Hiten understands Ramila’s arrangement so he proceeds to remain next to Tejal and tells they can submit question on police headquarters. The police will enquire and track down the criminal. Tejal concurs with him. Ramila stuns and lets Hiten know that is excessive since, supposing that police comes to the house then society individuals will discuss them.

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Hiten tells yet they need to discover the criminal and takes his telephone however Ramila stops him and says she probably put it some place and just drop it. Hiten asks Ramila do she truly believe that he doesn’t know about her arrangement to trap Tejal and questions her why she doing this. Tejal tells she doesn’t know that Ramila loathes her this much. Ramila blames Tejal for grabbing Hiten from her for the sake of adoration.

Hiten lets Ramila know that she should be that her child and little girl in regulation is tolerating each other rather than that she is attempting to isolate them so he dont need to remain under a similar rooftop with her so he is going out with Tejal and heads inside. Tejal goes behind him. Ramila stuns. She understands her slip-up for not figuring out anything. Hiten and Tejal comes there. Ramila apologizes to them for her way of behaving and tells they can fail to remember the past and continue on. They all embraces each other.

Hiten and Tejal tells Ramila that Ashi is here and they need to encourage her to save her marriage life. Ramila concurs with them and goes to Ashi’s room. Ashi cries and asks Ramila which plan she has now to break her marriage life. Ramila apologizes to her for not understanding her agony. She likewise tells even after she battles a ton with her better half she didnt acknowledged what she recommended to Ashi.

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She then, at that point, requests that Ashi return to Modi house since she is hitched to Chirag additionally in marriage life they need to confront such countless difficulties it doesn’t mean they need to leave their accomplice particularly when the issue isn’t a direct result of their accomplice but since of some outcast. Ashi lets Kesari know what she has to do with her. Ramila tells that Kesari is a youngster so she dont need to confront all their disdain since she is guiltless and advises Ashi to make Shradha leave her and Chirag’s life.

Ashi gets a call from Gopika and the last option encourages her to come to Modi house quickly in light of the fact that she learnt through Jumki that marriage planning is occurring. tera mera saath rahe cast Ashi gets confounded and stunned and chooses to go to Modi’s home saying Ramila its her battle so she will face her conflict all alone. Chirag and Shradha comes to the mandap organized by Keshav where the minister are recounting a few mantras for the wedding going to occur.

Shradha asks him what occurred. Chirag gets some information about Kesari to which Shradha tells that she sent her to het companion’s home on the grounds that Kesari will scrutinize her assuming she saw her wedding Chirag. The two of them proceeds to sit adjacent to the mandap. The cleric requests that Chirag play out a marriage custom. Ashi comes there and asks thr minister to stop the customs. She goes into the house and tells this marriage wont occur. Keshav tells her she can’t ready to stop this marriage.

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Ashi lets him know that she is a lawfully married spouse of Chirag so she will document a body of evidence against them for this unlawful marriage. Gopika requests that the minister leave saying there is no marriage occurring. Shradha lashes out. Ashi goes to Chirag and asks him what is he going to do. Did he fail to remember the adoration they have for one another likewise about the marriage the promises they made to one another.

Chirag advises her that he comes to return her to house however she wouldn’t go with him..Ashi advises him that he visited just a single time. She then advises Chirag to toss Shradha out of the house yet the last option stays quiet so Ashi chooses to return to her folks house however Saksham and Gopika stops her and makes a guarantee to her that they generally together can take care of this issue. Gopika takes Ashi inside the room.

Saksham lets Keshav know that they all know sometime Keshav will go to any degree to show everybody the voracity of him. He never thought for that he will stoop this low. And he additionally lets him know that he is embarrassed about what he wanted to do. He additionally lets him know that he won’t ever allow him to prevail in his arrangement.

And he then, at that point, lets Minal know that he is disheartened with her for not taking represent the right things. He likewise says her she can in any case turn into a legend for Chirag by going to bat for the right things and leaves the spot. Minal understands her slip-up and chooses to follow through with something.

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Shradha gives a last admonition to Keshav and leaves the spot. Gopika consoles a crying Ashi and tells her that Chirag required some investment nobody in the family conversed with him aside from Keshav and Shradha. She additionally advises her to be solid and battle for her privileges and they all are close by. Ashi says thanks to her and the two of them embraces one another.

Precap: Ashi tosses the legal documents and asks who send her this. Chirag stuns seeing it. Ashi requests that Keshav and Shradha come infront of her and dislike this. Later Keshav requests that Gopika take off from the house until Chirag weds Shradha stunning the last option.

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