Sirf Tum 6th July 2022 Written Update

sirf tum written update begins with Honey coming to the kitchen and says good day. Suhani says great morning Honey. Honey strolls with trouble. Suhani says it appears to be the previous episode demonstrated exorbitant for you. Honey says she isn't apprehensive about her better half. Suhani says dread isn't awful. She says cockroach is at that side.


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sirf tum written update begins with Honey coming to the kitchen and says good day. Suhani says great morning Honey. Honey strolls with trouble. Suhani says it appears to be the previous episode demonstrated exorbitant for you. Honey says she isn’t apprehensive about her better half. Suhani says dread isn’t awful. She says cockroach is at that side.

Afterwards, Honey gets frightened. Suhani giggles and says she will take the tea caddy. Honey consumes her hand on the gas oven and says she can get terrified of cockroach and reptile, however not of everybody. Suhani is stunned and gives treatment in her grasp. She says on the off chance that anything happens to my family, I won’t hush up.

Suhani comes to Dada ji and gives him tea. Dada ji gives her shagun and favors her. Suhani says I need to give tea to everybody, above all else to Papa. She says she is getting late to set off for college. Dadu requests that she give tea to Samaira, so she provides for Vikrant. Suhani says she will just give and asks him not to stress.

After that, Vikrant comes to his room and sees tea on the table. He thinks Mamta satisfies her obligations well in the midst of the distinctions between them. And he sits to have tea. He drinks it and preferences it, says it is my favorite tea. Suhani comes there and keeps the sandwiches on the table. She says I have made this tea for you. He lashes out and tosses tea towards Suhani.

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Suhani moves and conceals her face. He says you came 4 days back and got pompous. And he says my day gets awful assuming I see your face. He says Mamta ji will bring me tea generally. Suhani says Maa was going to bring it, however I said I will take. She says I will bring tea for you day to day. Vikrant says this is my home and I will choose and requests that she leave.

He rage out of resentment. Suhani brings another tea cup for him. She lets him know that she realizes that he is furious with her, yet can’t be irate with the tea. She says being your bahu, I will bring tea for you everyday. Mamta and Dadu are remaining outside and hearing them. Vikrant takes the tea cup and tosses it once more.

Mamta says I let Suhani know that we can’t satisfy everybody. She says I will call her. Dada ji stops her and says Suhani will prevail upon Vikrant. Mamta says in the event that Ranveer comes to be aware of his way of behaving, how will he respond? Suhani serves tea in the tea cup once more and offers him. He says don’t test my understanding, I will toss this hot tea all over. Ranveer emerges from the restroom and searches for Suhani.

Suhani says Papa, I am satisfying the obligation of a bahu, kindly beverage this tea. Vikrant takes the tea and tosses all over, all at once Mamta holds Suhani’s hand and takes her to side. Some tea drops falls on Suhani’s hand. Dadu asks what is this trouble making? Mamta asks Suhani what was the need from go there’s perspective?

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She says your face would have consumed, assuming tea had fallen all over. Honey hears them. Ranveer comes there and inquires as to why they are remaining external Vikrant Oberoi’s room. He sees her hand and says how did this occur? Suhani says it is my mix-up. Ranveer requests that she say reality. Suhani says I am giving tea to Papa, in spite of the fact that he wouldn’t drink the tea made by me, and he got baffled and tossed tea.

Ranveer blows up. She helps him to remember his commitment. Ranveer tosses the jar on the floor and expresses out loud whatever is this commitment, I will be quiet assuming anybody harms you or Maa. Suhani says I am fine in sirf tum today episode. Ranveer inquires as to for what reason did you take tea for him? He asks Maa for what valid reason she didn’t stop her? Suhani says very much like I made you guarantee, I made vow to myself that I will make this as home. Honey thinks it is a game and goes to tell Ansh. Suhani says she really wants his help. Ranveer takes her with him.

Suhani calls him and says tea was cold, and nothing has happened to her. He says I will choose and applies balm to her hand. Suhani requests that he say obviously that he really focuses on her and asks until when you will be furious. Ranveer requests that she wash the consume marks with warm water to dispose of consuming sensation.

She gets some information about my heart consuming sensation. He says there is no treatment for that. Suhani requests that he grin. He goes to look through something. Suhani takes marker and composes on his photograph outline.

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Ranveer sees khadoos composed on it and grins. Suhani peeps out of the restroom and grins. Ansh values Honey for the data. He says now I am understanding the reason why he was changed after marriage. Honey says he won’t beat us. Ansh says my objective was not to turn into the specialist, but rather my major objective was to change this plant.

He inquires as to whether she will play the game. He says Dad is furious with Suhani, you will end up being his most loved bahu and green sign to my undertaking. Honey inquires as to whether she will get reward in the event that she pass. He says OK. Honey says she will start things out for a month.

Honey carries tea and serves to Vikrant. She says Suhani fouled up to ruin your mind-set, I will give you tea and you will favor me. He favors her. Honey says might I at any point demand you. He takes the tea and makes faces. Honey brings the record and tells that it is Ansh’s fantasy, he won’t tell you, however I stowed away from him and brought here. Vikrant really looks at the record and looks on.

Vikram says why bhai saheb called everybody. Honey says my dewrani imagines that large thing occurs assuming she makes tea early morning, however she is off-base and says enormous work occurs with huge considerations and senior child of the house has enormous contemplations, regards Papa, never yell at him, don’t affront him frequently.

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She says today that senior child will take Oberoi bunch forward. Vikrant says you said right and says that is the reason all of you are called here. He says Ansh has a magnificent plan to take Oberoi bunch forward. Honey lets Suhani know that she will show her where is her perfect spot. Suhani looks on.

Precap: Ansh tells Ranveer that Dad and I will send off this wine organization. Ranveer lashes out and says I don’t have anything to do with your organization, yet I will perceive the way you send off this organization, and says in the event that anybody has the fortitude, send off it.

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