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    Anupama actress Rupali Ganguly and Rakhi Sawant called each other ‘third grade’, ‘insecure’ during a fight in Bigg Boss house

    Anupama actress Rupali Ganguly has been admired for her performance in the show. The show has topped the TRP chart ever since its launch. The story of the show has touched the hearts of many people. Like Rupali, Rakhi Sawant is always in the news. He always has something that gets people talking about him. The actress was recently a part of Bigg Boss 14, 15. She was also a part of the first season of Bigg Boss. Along with her, Rupali was also a part of the first season of Bigg Boss.
    Saltfeed   -  August 12, 2022
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    Rakhi Sawant decides separation with hubby Ritesh; says, ‘Im really sad’

    Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from her husband Ritesh Singh on her social media handle on Sunday. The couple were last seen together as participants in Bigg Boss 15, with many public appearances since their time on the show. Rakhi revealed that she has parted ways with Ritesh as things were not the same after leaving Bigg Boss 15's house. He said the couple did everything in their power to make the marriage a success, but things did not go as planned.
    Saltfeed   -  February 14, 2022
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    Salman Khan’s reaction to Devoleena Bhattacharjee statement regarding Rakhi Sawant’s jail; ‘Your host has also been in the jail’

    Bigg Boss Season 15 will witness a great final two weeks from now. Well, there's a lot going on inside the house and the contestants are having an ugly fight with each other. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the weekend's war episode and host Salman Khan's way of reprimanding the contestants for their rude behavior. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, a fierce battle took place between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehjapal. Karan angrily called Pratik's mother stupid and later apologized for it.
    Saltfeed   -  January 16, 2022
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    Rakhi Sawant advises Karan and Tejasswi to have a gala wedding like Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar; says, ‘Free mein ki puri shaadi’

    Bigg Boss 15 is heading towards the finals. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Yesterday, Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat, Abhijeet Bichukale and Pratik Sehajpal were fighting him. In the midst of it all, we saw some funny moments. As we know, there is a joke about Karan Kundrra getting married in March 2022. It seems that his astrologer has made some predictions in this regard. Tejasswi Prakash asked Karan Kundrra if she would be invited to his wedding in March. He replied that he had to do all the work. Umar Riaz told Tejasswi Prakash that he would come to pick her up from her place for marriage.
    Saltfeed   -  January 7, 2022
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    Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan loses his cool on Abhijeet Bichukle and Shamita Shetty

    In a new video for colors Bigg Boss 15 Weekend War, we see Salman Khan losing his cool on the contestants. Bigg boss 15 salman khan first starts taunting competitors for suspending work. In bigg boss 15 2021 Salman says, 'Task radd karane mein to aap logo ne PHD kar rakhi hai,' Later, he yells at Abhijeet Bichukle as he begins to jog. Salman told her to go and sleep. Further, we see that Salman Khan is getting angry with Shamita Shetty. He asks her about her treatment of Rakhi Sawant. Explaining, Shamita Shetty gets angry and Salman Khan loses his cool. He goes to 'WTF' Shamita and calls her name. In the promo we see Shamita crying and walking.
    Saltfeed   -  January 1, 2022
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    Ritesh Singh speaks openly with Rakhi Sawant about his rude behaviour; Explains why he came to Bigg Boss 15

    Ritesh Singh has recently been evicted from the house of Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 15, and in an exclusive interview with source recently, he talked about his eviction, Rakhi Sawant and much more. ۔ Ratish says he was not hoping to win the Bigg Boss 15 trophy, but he was hoping to stay longer“But unfortunately that didn’t happen, and my eviction was a little shocking for me,” he says.
    Saltfeed   -  December 22, 2021