Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo episode begins with Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag watching Urvashi's new video that the criminals sent. In that video, Urvashi says that the ruffians will kill her on the off chance that they don't give payment and tells police. She requests that they place the payoff in the old Gomti span. She asks Arjun to save her.


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Rajjo episode begins with Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag watching Urvashi’s new video that the criminals sent. In that video, Urvashi says that the ruffians will kill her on the off chance that they don’t give payment and tells police. She requests that they place the payoff in the old Gomti span. She asks Arjun to save her.

Chirag and Rajjo are stunned to observe such a dim situation of capturing, all things considered. Arjun chooses to go to the area given by Urvashi without telling the police. The police group go to look through in the environmental factors while Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag go to the old lady of the hour. In the interim, in the wake of watching the video, Urvashi’s folks ask the Thakurs to save Urvashi. All of a sudden Kalindi accepts Chirag’s message.

Kalindi says that they’re going to the scaffold where the hijackers requested that they put emancipate. Madhu and Thakur guarantee Urvashi’s folks that Arjun will track down Urvashi. The Thakurs orchestrate the cash. Kalindi tells Rough that this search is going fascinating as they’re not ready to find the where the criminals concealed Urvashi. Rough says that he questions whether they will actually want to track down it.

On the way, Rajjo requests that Arjun drive the vehicle securely. Arjun chastens her. Rajjo says that she is expressing this for him as he can get agony and she can’t see him in torment. Chirag requests that Rajjo unwind as this street is that way. Rajjo mourns about Arjun not understanding that she’s telling this for her improvement and cries.

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Arjun sees this through the back reflect. Arjun tells Chirag that he is stressed over Urvashi. He ponders in what conditions she is in. Rajjo concurs and says that Urvashi is a spoiled youngster. Arjun begins contending with Rajjo. Chirag reproves Arjun and shields Rajjo.

Arjun gripes that Chirag upholds Rajjo these days. Chirag says that he comprehend that he is concerned, however he can see that they’re attempting what they would be able. Arjun apologizes to Chirag while Rajjo says thanks to him. Arjun says that Urvashi accomplished such a great deal for himself and for their loved ones. She dealt with every one of them after the mishap. She remained with mother 24 hours and really focused on him. Chirag says that he knows it.

Arjun says that Urvashi has gone through a great deal since Rajjo entered his life. He laments concealing a more unusual young lady in his room on his big day and harmed Urvashi. Then Rajjo came on his big day to hurt everybody in the family and from that day she was after him and didn’t allow him to be harmony. Rajjo says that this time Arjun hauled her with him by holding her hand in Rajjo serial.

Furthermore, Chirag concurs with Rajjo. Arjun says that he can’t excuse himself assuming anything happens to Urvashi. Chirag guarantees Arjun that nothing will happen to Urvashi. Rajjo reviews Urvashi’s words and thinks that Urvashi isn’t the manner in which Arjun thinks and he will be harmed the most when he will gain proficiency with her reality yet she appeals to God for her wellbeing.

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Urvashi and Arjun guardians prepare to leave with the payoff. They request that Pushkar show up with them taking his firearm. Pushkar rejects. That’s what he says assuming many individuals go the hijackers might get terrified and shoot Urvashi. Kalindi additionally requests that Pushkar stay with her.

The Thakurs concur. Arjun and Urvashi’s folks leave. Later they meet Arjun, Chirag and Rajjo. Madhu inquires as to whether he had his medication. Rajjo says OK. Madhu chastens Rajjo and says that she asked her child. Arjun requests that Madhu give the payment. Madhu gives the sack. Arjun requests that them all stow away while Arjun goes with the sack which has emancipate.

Rajjo stays prepared to help Arjun assuming he really wants her assistance. Arjun places the pack in the scaffold and returns and stows away with his loved ones. They stow away and trust that the hijackers will come and gather the sack. Rajjo sees that Arjun is in torment. She stresses over his wellbeing. Pushkar is shown driving his vehicle. In the manor, Kalindi and Rough go aside. Here, Rajjo really focuses on Arjun.

She safeguards Arjun from the sun beams. Madhu gets down on Arjun. Arjun proceeds to remain with his loved ones. They see a dark variety vehicle coming. A man escapes the vehicle and gathers the cash. The vehicle leave without leaving Urvashi. So Rajjo pursues the vehicle. Arjun pursues Rajjo to stop her.

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To sum up, Rajjo hops and attempts get on the posterior of the vehicle, yet she falls. Arjun rushes to Rajjo and admonishes her for attempting dingy trick. He gets some information about her and stops to stress over Urvashi. Rajjo apologizes to Arjun for not having the option to get the vehicle and swoons.

Arjun holds her. Madhu vapor in a fury to see this. Afterward, Arjun chides Rajjo for putting her life in extreme danger and treats her injury. Rajjo grins. Sawaar nut case plays in the BG.

Precap: Arjun, Rajjo and Chirag battle the criminals. They save Urvashi. Urvashi blames Rajjo for capturing her. Rajjo says that Urvashi lies. Arjun won’t trust any of them and requests that they get verifications to demonstrate their reality.

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