Rajjo 16th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo episode begins with the examiner asking Rajjo for what reason she pursued Urvashi. And Rajjo feels that they will have a hard time believing assuming she says that Urvashi attempted to steal from Arjun. Arjun yells Rajjo. Chirag requests that Arjun keep even-tempered and requests that Rajjo say reality.


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Rajjo episode begins with the examiner asking Rajjo for what reason she pursued Urvashi. And Rajjo feels that they will have a hard time believing assuming she says that Urvashi attempted to steal from Arjun. Arjun yells Rajjo. Chirag requests that Arjun keep even-tempered and requests that Rajjo say reality.

Rajjo lies that she pursued Urvashi as she was stressed and furthermore she needed to get some information about Arjun’s heath. Madhu says that Rajjo is lying. The investigator checks the CCTV film and says that Rajjo was coming clean. He further says that they get no data from the CCTV film as ruffians were wearing cover and a number is absent in the emergency vehicle. He says that he will refresh assuming he gets any data. And he leaves. Chirag says that they ought to return home as hijackers can call reach them.

Afterwards, Madhu is imploring God. She says thanks to God for Arjun’s recuperating and appeals to God for Urvashi’s security. Madhu gives the prasaad to everybody. Urvashi’s folks are crying, stressing over Urvashi. Rajjo asks Chirag who might have hijacked Urvashi. He says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea.

Rajjo feels that the moneylenders could have captured Urvashi. Chirag asks her thought process. Rajjo expresses out loud whatever all individuals accomplish for cash. Chirag concurs with her. Madhu gives prasaad to Chirag, yet leaves without giving prasaad to Rajjo. Chirag shares his prasaad with Rajjo. The Thakurs guarantee Urvashi’s folks to pay the payoff and bring Urvashi back home securely. Arjun gets up and leaves. Chirag inquires as to whether he needs to go to his room.

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After that, Arjun says that he will track down Urvashi. Madhu tells Arjun that he can’t go in this condition. Pratap says that he really wants help to deal with himself. Arjun will not remain without taking any kind of action. He says that he will not sapre the individuals who abducted Urvashi.

Chirag attempts to stop Arjun to no end. Arjun requests that the Thakurs search in various heading to find Urvashi soon. Chirag requests that Arjun think about his wellbeing. Arjun says that he will not have the option to excuse himself of not doing anything in spite of realizing that Urvashi is at serious risk. He starts to leave.

Furthermore, Rajjo remains on Arjun’s way and won’t allow him to go out and that excessively alone. Arjun says that he will not go alone. He says that Rajjo will accompany him as she saw Urvashi last. He says that Rajjo will assist him with tracking down Urvashi. At this point, He leaves the house hauling Rajjo with him, holding her hand while the Thakurs stand stunned.

Arjun and Rajjo sit in the vehicle. Rajjo goes near Arjun while assisting him with wearing the safety belt. Raabta tune plays in the BG. She attempts to get the jug which is lying close to Arjun’s feet. Arjun forestalls Rajjo. Rajjo occupies Arjun in talks and gets it the jug in Rajjo serial.

Then again, Urvashi’s folks consider telling about the moneylenders to the police, however drop that thought subsequent to understanding that the Thakurs can quit helping them in the wake of knowing reality. They trust that Arjun will save Urvashi by paying the payoff.

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Kalindi thanks somebody via telephone. Kalindi then tells Rough that their mystery might have uncovered today, however fortunately Urvashi got seized at right time. She embraces Rough. Then again, Pushkar visits Manorama. He says that Urvashi got what she merits and says that he will do same with Rajjo without offering any kindness. Pushkar is stunned to see Manorama moving her fingers. He leaves.

Rajjo and Arjun arrive where Urvashi got abducted to get any piece of information. Rajjo opens the vehicle entryway for Arjun. The last option admonishes Rajjo. Arjun feels torment while standing Rajjo attempts to help. Arjun reprimands her and asks her making an effort not to turn into his stick. Rajjo says that she attempts to turn into his help.

Arjun requests that Rajjo let know if she recollects that anything without with nothing to do. Rajjo remembers something and requests to see the CCTV film that police showed. Arjun and Raajo watch the CCTV film. Rajjo requests that Arjun zoom it. Arjun obliges. Rajjo shows to Arjun the pink tone chuntri attached to the vehicle. Arjun says that this variety Chunri is utilized in a sanctuary in Tulsipur. They choose to go there.

On the way, Arjun gets the assessor’s call. The assessor says that the vehicle subtleties they gave is seen in Tulsipur’d thruway and they’re coming. Arjun says that they’re additionally going there. Rajjo says that they ought to converse with the minister of the sanctuary that they will visit as the chunri in the video appeared to be recently made one, so the cleric would recall gor whom he made. Arjun acclaims Rajjo for giving him splendid thought. He turns out to be calm acknowledging what he is doing. Rajjo grins.

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Arjun and Rajjo arrive at the town to track down the cleric’s home. Arjun staggers. Rajjo holds him. Rajjo imagines that Arjun will reprove her and says that he made her house keeper, so she’s simply going about her business. Arjun says that he was going to say thanks to her. Rajjo holds Arjun’s shirt to assist him with strolling.

They find the cleric’s home locked and asks the townspeople and discover that the minister headed off to some place. The residents encourage Arjun and Rajjo to take a room in the close by Dharamshala to remain for the night as it’s excessively cold. In Dharamshala, Arjun and Rajjo compelled to share a room as there’s just a single room is accessible. Arjun says that Rajjo is his significant other when the secretary misjudge the idea of their connection

Precap: Rajjo deals with Arjun. Arjun shoes the vehicle photograph to the cleric and tracks down its area. Arjun and Rajjo go to that spot alongside police and Chirag. In any case, they don’t track down anybody there. Urvashi’s folks show to the Thakurs a video they got from an obscure number. In that video, the criminal shoots Urvashi. The Thakurs are stunned to see this.

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Language: Hindi

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