Pishachini 16th November 2022 Written Update

Pishachini episode begins with Pavitra, Sudhakar and Shikha getting back. Sapna embraces Sudhakar and Pavitra. Bubli inquires as to whether she's fine. All of a sudden, Sudhakar expresses Kanika on seeing Pavitra's auntie. Kanika presents herself as Kanika Sharma, the cleric's more youthful daughter and Pavitra's auntie.


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Pishachini episode begins with Pavitra, Sudhakar and Shikha getting back. Sapna embraces Sudhakar and Pavitra. Bubli inquires as to whether she’s fine. All of a sudden, Sudhakar expresses Kanika on seeing Pavitra’s auntie. Kanika presents herself as Kanika Sharma, the cleric’s more youthful daughter and Pavitra’s auntie.

Sudhakar says that Kanika is the genuine Nashak, which stuns the Rajputs. According to sudhakar, yet Go obliged Pavitra. Sudhakar says that Go was professing to be Nashak in genuine he was Maha Pishach, which stuns the Rajputs once more. Sapna goes to Shikha and cries, embracing her, having a miserable outlook on what has been going on with Shikha.

Shikha requests that her family let her be and goes to her room. Bubli has sympathy for Shikha’s destiny. Pavitra asks Bubli not to say that. She says that more terrible might have occurred with Shikha in the event that Go’s reality hadn’t emerged. Shikha goes to Rani. She tells Rani that she has come to free her and asks what she can offer her as a trade off.

Pavitra goes to Sudhakar to treat Sudhakar’s injuries. Pavitra sees as Sudhakar furious and asks what occurred. Sudhakar says that Pavitra misled him. There, Shikha asks Rani how she can believe that she won’t go after her in the wake of being delivered. Rani says that Shikha needs something that no one but she can do consequently to free her.

So she needs to trust her and free her, as she has no other choice. Here, Pavitra tells Sudhakar that she realizes that he is irate that she didn’t inform him regarding Go’s reality prior to going with him. Pavitra says that whatever occurred, occurred forever. He contacted her when she really wanted him.

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She says that she didn’t actually realize that he hung sparkle powder on her duppata. She says that he likewise concealed it from her. Sudhakar says that both are unique and what he did because of his anxiety for her, yet she can’t legitimize her demonstration. He says that she went into the wilderness with Maha Pishach, who had proactively killed many individuals regardless of being familiar with his reality.

Sudhakar says that he would have faulted himself for his entire life, assuming anything had happened to her. Pavitra says that nothing can hurt her when she has her granddad’s security safeguard and a defender like her auntie and, in particular, a decent spouse like him.

There, Rani requests that Shikha approach the tree. Rani says that once Shikha approaches the tree, the branches will catch Shikha and its hang on her will slacken. She will emerge from the tree and afterward will save Shikha utilizing her power. Shikha goes close to the tree in Pishachini serial. The tree’s limbs catch Shikha and Rani emerges from the tree.

Shikha requests that Rani free her. Rani utilizes her power and pulls liberates Shikha. Rani tells Shikha that she never sold out anybody and says that she saved her. Shikha reminds Rani that she likewise saved her and requests that Rani satisfy her commitment and give her what she needs. Rani asks what she needs.

Here, Sudhakar requests that Pavitra guarantee that there won’t be any insider facts between them from now on. Pavitra guarantees. Sudhakar says that he won’t ever allow anybody to hurt Pavitra. There, Shikha tells Rani that she needs to see Pavitra’s dead body like she saw her adoration, Go’s dead body.

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She says that Pavitra killed him. She expresses that notwithstanding being Maha Pishach. He is the main individual who contacted her heart and showed her delightful dreams which can never be satisfied simply because of Pavitra.

She requests Pavitra’s passing to retaliate for Go’s demise. Here, Pavitra and Sudhakar dance sincerely and develop close. Vidya and Kanika interfere with their second. Vidya inclinations Pavitra and Sudhakar to come to hear the otherworldly story that Nashak will describe.

Kanika wraps up recounting a heavenly story. Sudhakar says that it’s late and attempts to leave with Pavitra, yet Vidya stops them and desires Kanika to recount another story. Pavitra and Sudhakar come up with a rationalization and run from that point. The following morning, Sudhakar awakens and finds Pavitra resting putting her head on his chest.

Pavitra likewise awakens. Pavitra embraces Sudhakar’s arm and requests that he battle with her. Sudhakar prods her, saying that she generally battles. Pavitra and the last option ends up being furious. Sudhakar says that he was kidding and concurs with Pavitra that there is no battle from this point forward. In the interim, Rani is sitting inside the well and doing some puja. She is holding Sudhakar’s mala and it bursts into flames. She says that her hazardous game will start now.

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