Parineeti 17th November 2022 Written Update

parineeti serial episode begins with Biji telling Neeti that she had some awareness of her better half and family circumstance. Rajeev signals Neeti to uncover nothing to her. She gestures with him. Biji tells her it's generally expected arguements interfering with a couple.


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parineeti serial episode begins with Biji telling Neeti that she had some awareness of her better half and family circumstance. Rajeev signals Neeti to uncover nothing to her. She gestures with him. Biji tells her it’s generally expected arguements interfering with a couple.

After that, She could change with it. She asks her doesn’t she meet Parineet’s significant other Rajeev? Neeti questions why she know Rajeev. Biji tells her that Rajeev was here. He cherishes Parineet a great deal. She calls him. Rajeev imagines that nobody ready to save him today.

Parineet shares with Biji that time’s slipping away. She needs to take rest. Biji requests that everybody hit the sack she is additionally leaving. Parineet takes Parineet from that point. Neeti leaves from that point. Afterward, Rajeev tells Neeti that it was a rushed day to him. He saw Neeti is quiet.

Afterwards, He believes that its a quiet before storm. He going to keep away from her Neeti stops him. Neeti asks him for what reason she is acting abnormal? Biji understood Rajeev better than her. Who said about him to her?

Parineet comes there and offers with Neeti that she expressed it to her. Since she used to ask about her better half. Neeti tells her that she generally approves of it. She is her beginning and end.

Meanwhile, Rajeev attempts to be heartfelt with Neeti. She shares with him that she fears that nobody hostile stares falls on their relationship. Rajeev requests that she quit speculation like that.

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Kavitha visits Biji and ask about her wellbeing. She adds that she came to know as of late that she tumbled down. Biji says that she tumbled down yet feeling better at this point. Biji asks her well about? She imparts to her that nothing working out in a good way in her home.

Furthermore, She shares her anguish to her. She needs to perform grahshanthi pooja in home. Their time isn’t well. Biji says that everything working out positively in her home. Kavitha tells her what did Pandith shares with her. Biji recommends Parminder to play out the grahshanthi pooja in their home as well.

She would rather not see somebody hostile stares falls on her children. Parminder gestures with her. Kavitha tells her that she is leaving. Biji requests that she eat something. She denies it thinking she came to meet her and leaves.

Biji shares with Parminder that Parineet needs to play out this Grahshanthi pooja. Rajeev will sit with her. Gurinder shares with her they will do it rather than her.

In addition, Biji asks her how challenge she to talk against her choice. She is unyielding in her choice. Parineet figures how she will sit in this pooja? Neeti will gain proficiency with reality. Biji will not pay attention to her. She chose to chat with Biji to allow Tai ji to perform it. Parineet attempts to converse with Biji.

parineeti serial colors tv cast Neeti brings breakfast for her. Biji remarks on her morning meal. She questions her for what reason did she bring almond? Neeti tells her that almond assists her with getting a memory power. Biji objections that her memory power is great.

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She needn’t bother with this. Biji requests that Parineet play out the grahshanthi pooja. Neeti gets shock to hear it. Parineet requests that she let Parminder and Gurinder do it? Biji says that youths could make it happen. Neeti feels that Sanju needs to sit in the pooja.

Why she is requesting that Rajeev and Parineet sit in the pooja. She asks Biji doesn’t relatives believes should make it happen. Biji asks her does she attempting to say Parineet and Rajeev are pariahs? She adds that she will just chose what to do or not? She says that Neeti is Parineet’s companion.

Moreover, She needs to assist her with organizing everything. Gurinder believes that Parineet indoctrinated Biji. For that reason she is continuously supporting her. She fears that Biji won’t give properties to her.

Neeti asks Sanju where is he going? He tells her that he as of now take many off. He needs to go to office now to complete his forthcoming work. Neeti tells him that Biji requested that Parineet do the grahshanthi pooja. Rajeev asks her does she envious on her?

However, Neeti says that she won’t be desirous on her. Everybody likes Parineet here. When will she start like her? Rajeev guarantees her that soon she will like her. She is severe so express nothing against her. Neeti requests that he take off and remain with her. He was sorry to her and leaves.

Afterward, Gurinder gets disappointed pondering the new episodes. In the mean time, Cleric visit the house. Biji talking with him about the pooja. She applauds Parineet before cleric. Cleric requests Biji Would she say she is new daughter in law from her? Biji presents Parineet as her daughter in law.

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She gathers that Parineet and Rajeev sits into a single unit in the pooja. Neeti gets dubious hearing it. Minister portrays the ceremonies to her. Gurinder wishes to demolish her name. Neeti leaves there out of resentment. Parineet shares with Neeti that she was stucked inbetween them. Uncovering reality to Biji is inconceivable.

Neeti says that she is daughter in law of this house not her. How is it that she could permit them to play out this pooja. Neeti adds that Rajeev doesn’t merit this all. Parineet tells her that she doesn’t uncover his terrible side to anybody here. Parineet says that she will cook the prasad on the grounds that she is daughter in law of this house.

She will help her to make it happen. She won’t grab anything what hers. Neeti expresses gratitude toward her. Gurinder believes that she will make terrible name to Parineet utilizing what is happening. Neeti requests that she help her in cookings.

Parineet guarantees her to help her. Gurinder imagines that she needs to make crack among Neeti and Parineet. Since Neeti is clueless to manage without Parineet’s assistance. Gurinder acclaims Neeti to affront Parineet.

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