Pandya Store 20th November 2022 Written Update

pandya store episode begins with Gautam boisterously asking Dhara and Raavi where they will go. Dhara says that she will go to Hardik's home and will take Raavi alongside her. Dhara won't send Raavi to her auntie's home in this condition as her auntie will insult Raavi. Gautam will not allow Dhara to go to her folks' home taking her gear.


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pandya store episode begins with Gautam boisterously asking Dhara and Raavi where they will go. Dhara says that she will go to Hardik’s home and will take Raavi alongside her. Dhara won’t send Raavi to her auntie’s home in this condition as her auntie will insult Raavi. Gautam will not allow Dhara to go to her folks’ home taking her gear.

Afterwards, He says that he confides in Dhara and Raavi. Hearing this, Suman insults Gautam. The last option recommends Dhara and Raavi remaining in his companion’s home. Raavi declines. She says that she’s a procuring lady, they can a house for lease.

Suman insults Raavi. She says that Raavi and Dhara need to show to everybody that she’s mistreating her girl in-regulation. Gautam says that it’s difficult to effectively track down a house for lease. He attempts to persuade Raavi to remain in his companions’ home. Raavi says that she has dignity.

She says that she chose to take off from the house and in the future she will settle all alone and continue on all alone. Gautam says that he realizes that Raavi is mindful, yet he is stressed over her. Dhara shares with Gautam needn’t bother with to be stressed. They have accept on themselves and truth needn’t bother with anybody’s help.

After that, Gautam requests that they stay at home and gives the lease till they track down a house for lease. Raavi rejects. Not set in stone to remain in a similar road and same area by taking a house for lease and live with their heads held high. Gautam tells Raavi that the house he is discussing is toward the finish of the road and requests that she go there and give lease assuming she needs.

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Furthermore, Raavi embraces Gautam expressing gratitude toward him. Suman insults Gautam for supporting Raavi and Dhara rather than his sibling. Suman requests that Krish sack Gautam’s pack and gives it to him, so he can likewise take off from the house with them. Krish says that Gautam is doing well. Suman chides Krish and requests to see Shiva’s condition.

Dhara gives Chiku to Gautam and heads inside. Dhara goes to Shiva and asks what kind of human he is. She says that his significant other had an activity, yet he didn’t even once thought often about her and asks how she’s rather he harmed her. Dhara says that she’s embarrassed to raise Shiva. Shiva says that he is embarrassed to have given Dhara his mom’s status.

Moreover, Krish yells requesting that Shiva shut up. Shiva yells at Krish advance notice him not to meddle in his matter. He yells that he has no more affections for Raavi, not in any event, sensation of disdain. Shweta accepts Nithin’s message that Rishita is enquiring about Raavi’s report in the emergency clinic. Shweta becomes restless and curses Rishita.

Dhara shares with Shiva that she won’t ever pardon Shiva for what she did in pandya store written update. Suman says that she won’t likewise ever excuse Dhara’s mix-up. Dhara leaves the house crying and recollecting Shiva’s destructive words. Dhara accepts Rishita’s home.

Meanwhile, Rishita requests that Dhara say the highlights of the specialist who did Raavi’s activity. Dhara expresses that there’s no utilization of it presently as they’re going out. Rishita asks Dhara and Raavi not to take off from the house till she returns. Dhara requests that Rishita get back.

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Rishita will not allow Raavi to take off from the house for the mix-up she hasn’t committed. She says that nobody can’t perceive specialist’s moan in the medical clinic. She says that something is off-putting. Dhara expresses that there were two specialists one senior, one junior. Junior specialist said that Raavi pregnant and the senior said that Raavi had a fibroid subsequent to really taking a look at her. She says that they met the senior specialist in the ultrasound test room.

Rishita contends with the medical caretaker at the gathering requesting to show the CCTV film of the emergency clinic. The medical attendant rejects as it’s exceptionally private. Rishita causes a situation there. The medical attendant requests that the ward kid take Rishita out. Rishita says that she will go without anyone else. Nithin is watching this stowing away.

Shweta shows up to the medical clinic. Rishita neglects to see Shweta. Nithin is terrified of losing his employment. Shweta consoles him and requests that Nitin be ready. She encourages him to go on leave for some time. He concurs. In the mean time, Rishita pushes the ward kid who takes her out and runs inside the garments evolving room. The ward kid goes inside that space to get Rishita. The last option hits that ward kid. He Raavi takes the garments of a ward kid and wears it.

There, Dhara and Raavi leave in an auto while Yaadon ki Baaraat miserable adaptation plays in the BG. Here, Rishita goes to the CCTV film room. She misleads the individual who is accountable for CCTV film that specialist requested the CCTV film and requests that he view the recording of the date Raavi got owned up to the emergency clinic He obliges. Rishita finds in the CCTV film.

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Precap: Dhara sees the photograph of Nithin with Shweta in the collection and asks Shweta’s mother what his identity is. Shweta’s mother says that he is Nithin, Shweta’s close buddy. Dhara is stunned to realize this. Rishita tells Raavi that specialist Nithin with whom she talked was frightened. Dhara says that he deceived them that Raavi is pregnant. Dhara adds that he is Shweta’s close buddy. She says that Shweta caught them till now, however in the future they will trap her.

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