Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Update

pandya store episode begins with Dhara gathering her sack to take off from the house. Gautam shows up and he begins to gather his pack. Dhara asks Gautam what he is doing. Gautam says that he realizes that Raavi can't off-base Shiva and there's no undertaking among Raavi and Arnab.


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pandya store episode begins with Dhara gathering her sack to take off from the house. Gautam shows up and he begins to gather his pack. Dhara asks Gautam what he is doing. Gautam says that he realizes that Raavi can’t off-base Shiva and there’s no undertaking among Raavi and Arnab.

However Suman and Shiva’s indignation is legitimate subsequent to seeing the report. That’s what he says in the event that Suman ousts Dhara, he will likewise take off from the house alongside her as he guaranteed her to accompany her in her euphoria and distress.

Gautam holds Dhara’s hand. The last option says that it’s not chance to contemplate them, yet about Raavi-Shiva. She says that finding reality with regards to Raavi’s report is important. In the mean time, Rishita finds out if Raavi Pandya had a fibroid or a baby evacuation activity.

She additionally asks who marked the report. Nithin actually takes a look at the report and is stunned to understand that it’s a similar report he traded with the phony one. He becomes restless. He says that it’s not his sign and he can’t play out any activity as he is a lesser specialist.

Here, Dhara tells Gautam that the way that Suman got injured, so she ought to take off from the house, he won’t accompany her. Gautam won’t break his guarantee to her. Dhara says that she knows very well the seven commitments of the wedding. That’s what she says assuming the two of them take off from this house now.

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This house will drop out and the relationship will be demolished. She requests that Gautam stay to keep her and Raavi joined to this house. And she keeps him from denying by giving her swear. She says that Raavi is miserable and she will attempt to deal with her and requests that Gautam handle Suman and Shiva, since no one but he can do this.

And she says that they’re the significant variable which keep this family joined together. She embraces him. Dhara guarantees Gautam that she in all actuality do nothing which will demolish the family. Gautam says that he realizes that she can never be off-base.

He jokes that he will likewise insight interestingly the way in which it will feel subsequent to tossing his better half out of the house as he just saw this in motion pictures. They hold each other hands, investigating each other’s eyes. They share an embrace while Ishq hai plays in the BG.

Gautam brings Dhara ground floor. Dhara cries, recollecting her recollections in the house. Dhara staggers. Gautam holds her. Dhara hears Chiku crying and goes to take him. In any case, Suman stops Dhara and says that he isn’t her kid to take him with her. She requests that Shweta take Chiku, yet Shweta doesn’t move. In this way, Dhara goes to the room. Dhara carries Chiku with her and says that she’s accepting Chiku with her as his grandparents gave his obligation to her.

Shweta acts and says that she can’t survive without Chiku and requests that Dhara stay back. Krish reminds Shweta that Dhara is Chiku’s caretaker. Shweta says that Dhara is caretaker of Chiku’s cash, not Chiku. Krish reminds Shweta that she’s in the house on the grounds that Chiku is with Dhara.

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He says that Shweta will be out of the house when Chiku will be detracted from Dhara. Shweta feels that there will be less issues assuming Chiku goes with Dhara. Shweta requests that Dhara take great consideration of Chiku.

Dhara shares with Krish that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea his opinion on her after what occurred. She says that he was and will continuously be her favorite. Krish embraces Dhara feeling profound and guarantees her that she won’t remain outside the house for a long-lasting in pandya store written update.

Dhara tells the Pandya siblings that one of them ought to continuously be at home as Shweta is new to the house and doesn’t know it all. She requests that they deal with them. Dhara contacts Suman’s feet to take endowments. Dhara tells Gautam to deal with the family as she’s leaving everything, at his obligation.

Gautam asks her not to leave. Dhara embraces him. She gets profound, taking a gander at Shiva, who has his face turned the alternate way and recollects her recollections with Shiva and the Pandya siblings. Dhara starts to leave.

Yaadon ki baaraat miserable adaptation plays in the BG. Dhara is going to step outside the house, Raavi additionally joins her. Dhara and Raavi take a gander at one another. They get out of the house all the while. They pivot and contact the ground. And they take a gander at one another and begin to leave.

Suman and Pandya’s siblings look profound while Shweta sneers. Gautam carries Dhara’s bag to Dhara. Shweta understands that Rishita isn’t in the house. She develops restless about whether Rishita went to the medical clinic to track down reality.

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Precap: Rishita telephones Dhara and says that nobody in the emergency clinic can recognize the mark on the report. She says that something is off-putting. Dhara expresses that there were two specialists. She requests that Rishita go to the ultrasound test space to track down the senior specialist. Rishita masks as a ward kid and perspectives the CCTV film. She sees Dhara conversing with the senior specialist and afterward she is stunned to see Shweta in the recording.

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