Naagin 6 8th May 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 cast Seema sending Chanda to the sanctuary with her mom and she traps Lalith. He gets drawn to her. Lalith says we didn't realize that evening goes to be dull night for us. Nageswari and her daughter assume out Kalash to position it in a protected spot. Tara comes there with Chanda. She cautions her to give the Kalash. Nageswari denies.


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naagin 6 cast Seema sending Chanda to the sanctuary with her mom and she traps Lalith. He gets drawn to her. Lalith says we didn’t realize that evening goes to be dull night for us. Nageswari and her daughter assume out Kalash to position it in a protected spot. Tara comes there with Chanda. She cautions her to give the Kalash. Nageswari denies.

Tara causes her to get gone after with her falcon’s group. Nageswari changes to her Naagin structure and connected those hawks. Chanda takes cover behind shrubberies. Birds leave from that point. Tara assaults Naageswarir from behind. Nageswari leaves the Kalash, and some Amrit from Kalash falls on her daughter’s stomach.

Naageswari believes Pandit’s forecast is valid and my subsequent granddaughter will be an exceptional one. She requests that her daughter take Amrit Kalash to a protected spot. She locks Tara with her power. Chanda follows her and observes where she concealed the Kalash. Tara sees Chanda understanding her and thinks to knows it from her. Naageswari leaves her final gasp.

After that, Chanda gets back and notification Seema caught her significant other by having illicit relationship. Chanda says you sent me instead of you to trap my significant other yet you neglected to accomplish Amrit Kalash and I realize that spot and won’t ever enlighten you. She attempts to leave from that point.

Tara gets back and requests that Chanda come clean where Naagin concealed the Kalash. Chanda denies. Seema hits her with a container and makes her oblivious. She lets her Mom know that she will track down reality from Chanda. Lalith says Seema enraptured Chanda for a long time and I didn’t have any idea where she concealed her. Pratha inquires as to whether he is familiar with Kalash.

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He tells he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Mehek and Pratha meet Professor. Teacher cautions them to be cautious for the following 7 days as Dark night is again coming and these individuals will attempt to destroy our country. Seema plans with outsiders that they need to utilize the dull night to destroy the country. Rishabh guarantees to the higher authority that he will save the country. Teacher requests that they observe the Amrit Kalash quickly as Shesh Naagin’s power going to get debilitated in obscurity night. Lalith hears Seema’s discussion.

Rishabh gets somebody’s call. Rishabh meets Lalith. Lalith lets Rishabh know how Seema is arranging a major assault against their country. Meanwhile, Rishabh points a firearm at him and lets him know that he becomes acquainted with that he is a deceiver from his mom. Seema comes there and starts her acting. Rishabh cautions him to give up. Pratha and Mehek come there. Lalith runs from that point. Rishabh follows him. Seema lets Pratha and Mehek know that they can do nothing to her.

After all, Lalith lets Rishabh know that he is misconception him and requests that he pay attention to his words. Rishabh denies. Lalith takes steps to commit suicide by hopping from the structure in the event that he doesn’t pay attention to reality. The police show up there. Pratha requests that he pay attention to his Dad words. Lalith is going to uncover Seema’s reality however she pushes him from the structure. Everybody encompasses him. Rishabh takes him to the medical clinic.

Rehan and others talk against Pratha. Samaira requests that then not discuss her. Rehan sends her to get cashew. She gets Cashew and notification they are watching the rear photographs of young ladies. Samaira slaps him.

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Pratha goes up against Seema why she attempted to kill her better half. Seema says you came to kill Asur’s and I’m helping you. Pratha says you’re the genuine Asur not him. Seema says Rishabh will kill him. Pratha says Rishabh will kill you on the off chance that he tracks down your reality. Seema says days will change and Joe you love your better half yet one day you will push your significant other as well.

Rishabh calls Seema. Seema converses with Doctor and gets some information about her better half. Specialist tells he is out of risk. Mehek lets Pratha know that they need to get the Kalash.  cast of naagin 6 Pratha sends Mehek to Chanda’s room. She sees Samaira is crying and asks her what occurred. Samaira says Yash isn’t going to calls and I want him. Pratha reviews her guarantee to Yash that she will deal with Samaira. She asks what occurred.

Samaira tells Rehan is having illicit relationships with many. Afterward, Pratha embraces her and consents to help her in her choice. At this time, Rehan sees them. Later he makes trouble with Samaira. Pratha takes care of good to Chanda and requests that she determine what occurred in obscurity night.

Seema comes there and applauds saying she is going about her responsibilities. Pratha cautions her to uncover her one day and tells her that she will join Rishabh with her organic mother by causing her to recover her memory. Seema tells she will not get frightened of her dangers. Pratha is going to change to her shake structure. Rishabh comes there.

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In addition, Seema considers Rishabh and lets him know that he gets a decent daughter in law for her as she is accomplishing such a great deal for Chanda. Rishabh tells he needs to work on something for Chanda. Seema lets Pratha know that she has an unexpected treat for her. She takes Chanda with her and makes her meet Raynaksh saying he is her child. Chanda contacts that individual and lets them know he can’t be her child as he is only 2 years of age. Seema says he is grown up.

He tells her he is her child. Chanda in tears embraces him. Seema asks Pratha how she loves her shock. Raynaksh thanks everybody for dealing with his mom. He lets them know he will take her with him. Pratha figures she can’t allow him to take her in any case. She stops him telling they are associated with Chanda. Moreover, Rishabh requests that Raynaksh stay with them for this evening. He concurs and takes her inside. While going inside his hand contacts Mehek.

After that, Her hands become red. She ponders why it occurred with his touch. Pratha checks Mehek and thinks how her skin got scorched. Then, at that point, she tells Mehek that Chanda is recapturing her memory and we need to observe truth from her before Raynaksh takes her. But somebody hears their discussion. Mehek remembers to go into Chanda room from back however somebody goes after her. Pratha thinks who went after her.

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Raynaksh comes there and tells his touch copied her sisters skin despite everything she needs to meet his mom. Pratha says I know that you’re not child of Chanda and lets him know that she is shesh Naagin. But Raynaksh tells her that he is Icchadari Nevla who’s adversary of them and tells her that she will not get the Kalash. While, Pratha says he can’t stop her. Both battle with one another. To sum up, He goes after her and tells her that Nevla generally prevails upon snake and cautions her to avoid Chanda.

Precap – battle among Pratha and Naksh. Pratha remembers to think carefully to win the fight

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