Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 episode begins with Seema getting stunned seeing Chanda. She goes higher up and sees a fire is ejecting in the higher up. After that, Rishabh goes to save her yet he is caught in the fire. Chanda saves him. At this point, Seema inquires as to whether he is fine. Rishabh tells he is fine and asks who's Chanda. Seema and Lalith get stunned.


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naagin 6 episode begins with Seema getting stunned seeing Chanda. She goes higher up and sees a fire is ejecting in the higher up. After that, Rishabh goes to save her yet he is caught in the fire. Chanda saves him. At this point, Seema inquires as to whether he is fine. Rishabh tells he is fine and asks who’s Chanda. Seema and Lalith get stunned.

Pratha says it’s her birthday surprise. She is your Mom’s closest companion who has failed to remember her memory as she lost her child. Rishabh requests that Chanda take a rest. Everybody leaves. Pratha undermines Seema that she will uncover her soon by uncovering the mystery of past to Rishabh.

Afterward, Seema sees Chanda in her room and attempts to go into the room however the snakes stop her. Snake gets Seema. Pratha grins. Seema makes her leave it is coming to say Rishabh. She tells her that she can’t save Chanda from her.

Pratha books Seema seeing Rishabh. She takes Seema to knead Chanda’s feet. While kneading Seema feels torment. Rishabh lets Chanda know that he will rub her. Additionally, He requests that she think about him as her child. He kneads her feet. Pratha tells Seema she can’t hurt Chanda. Chanda lets Rishabh know that it’s fine. He emerges. Pratha lets him know that Seema will get ready milk for him. Rishabh expresses gratitude toward her.

Seema gets ready milk. She looks for workers. Pratha tells she makes everybody lay down with her Nidra vish. She cautions Seema. Seema leaves. After that, Mehek comes there and lets Pratha know that she is showing a decent example to Seema however why Dadi didn’t respond seeing Chanda. Pratha tells Dadi responded. Dadi goes to meet Chanda in her room.

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At the present time, She comes out seeing somebody. Pratha questions Dadi to uncover the reality of the past to save Rishabh. Dadi leaves seeing somebody. The following day, Pratha awakens and sees Rishabh getting back. She said where he went. He tells her that he went to drop Dadi off at Airport for her journey visit.

Pratha figures how to be familiar with the past as Seema sends Dadi from here. Then, at that point, she sees the Ring of Dadi and naagamahal in the mirror. She thinks their past is connected with Naagmahal.

Mehek and Pratha go to Naagmahal. They notice it’s a ring of their Grandmother. They place ring in their grandma’s photograph and that photograph opens the best approach to some give in. Where they notice a mystery room which watches by the snake. That snake doesn’t permit them inside.

Pratha performs shiv tandava to get the method of the mystery space to track down the privileged insights of the past. Snake sees her Naagmani and permits her to go to the mystery room. Mehek requests that Pratha enter inside before the entryway gets shut. Pratha enters inside.

Where Scorpios and Rats nibbled her feet. Mehek thinks why Pratha isn’t emerging. Pratha sees the case where she sees an imprint all over. Mehek alarms Pratha that entryway is getting shut and requests that she come out soon. They emerge before the entryway gets shut. Pratha shows the photograph to Mehek and comes clean with who can tell as Seema send Dadi from here.

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Mehek tells they will track down truth in naagmahal however don’t have the foggiest idea where. Pratha tells they need to pass on to home before Seema follows through with something. Lalith sees none at home. He remembers to meet Chanda yet gets stunned seeing Seema going after Rishabh through the ceiling fixture.

Rishabh acquires cognizance and asks what’s going on. Seema lets him know that Chanda is his mom and she makes her alive to know reality from her. In addition, Lalith argues her to leave Rishabh. Seema says you and your Mom broke your guarantee by giving ring to Pratha. She becomes more acquainted with that I’m Maha Asur and I won’t leave your child.

Lalith tells he has barely any familiarity with the Kalash in naagin season 6. Seema cuts the rope. At this time, The ceiling fixture falls on Rishabh. Lalith cries seeing his child. He tells he has hardly any familiarity with the amruth Kalash.

After that, Pratha and Mehek come to their genuine structures. With the result that, Pratha lets him know that they did it to cause him to uncover reality. Lalith tells Seema won’t leave him. Pratha asns what’s Seema photograph doing in the Naagmahal. At this time, Lalith tells her she is Tara, grandma of Seema.

Another key point, Lalith says it’s an account of your grandma. Pandit tells future to Naageswari that her granddaughter will turn into the Shesh Naagin yet he told her that it can’t be Mehek as she has risk with Water and he anticipated that her subsequent granddaughter can turn into the Shesh Naagin. Nageswari questions his forecast as nobody knows whom your mom conveying.

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As a matter of fact, That day Tara met your Grandmother and asks her for Naagmani yet she denies to give it. Tara requests Amrit Kalash however your grandma didn’t give it to her. Tara leaves telling she will destroy them once she gets the Kalash.

Nageswari marks their face of Tara and lets her girl know that they need to save the Amrit Kalash with their power. Pratha gets some information about Amrit Kalash and how Chanda is familiar with it. Lalith says he will tell.

Precap – Pratha battles with a moongose.

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