Naagin 6 30th July 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 episode begins with Mehek acknowledging Shakti is expecting Kiara as Deepika and reaching stop the wedding of Kiara. Rishabh acknowledges Pratha is guiltless and strolls toward Pratha. Kiara/Pratha apologizes to him. Rishabh says it was his mix-up that he didn't grasp her adoration. He tells her sorry.


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Naagin 6 episode begins with Mehek acknowledging Shakti is expecting Kiara as Deepika and reaching stop the wedding of Kiara. Rishabh acknowledges Pratha is guiltless and strolls toward Pratha. Kiara/Pratha apologizes to him. Rishabh says it was his mix-up that he didn’t grasp her adoration. He tells her sorry.

Afterwards, Kiara asks what. Rishabh doesn’t say anything. She thinks why he was sorry to her. Pratha prepares. Rishabh begins drinking wine. Shakti goes into the room. Pratha asks Rishabh what are you doing here. Shakti says I’m your affection and came to get you and I won’t allow you to wed Ranbir.

In addition, Pratha inquires as to why he appears to be unique. She over and again says he can’t be Rishabh. Shakti uncovers to her that he is Shakti, sibling of Rishabh. This evening you will be mine until the end of time. Pratha yells for help. Rishabh runs higher up hearing some commotion. Shakti says this evening nobody can stop him to get her and I might in fact kill you to get me.

Afte that, Urvashi hits him with a container. Shakti falls oblivious. Pratha says who’s he? He can’t be Rishabh as it’s not his adoration. Urvashi looks confounded. Mehek comes to her genuine structure. She lets Urvashi know that she changed herself to Kiara as I understood he suspected Kiara was Deepika. Urvashi asks what they have to do with Shakti. Mehek calls SI and requests that he capture Shakti.

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Furthermore, Pratha prepares and emerges from her room. Rishabh gazes at her. Both review their minutes with one another. Pratha think don’t know whether his affection is a gift or a revile. Mehek and Urvashi attempt to drag Shakti out. They quit seeing Rishabh. Mehek sends Urvashi to oversee SI.

She comes to her naagin structure to take out Shakti. Thereafter, Pratha comes ground floor. Rajesh guarantees Pratha to accompany her for a lifetime. Pratha sees Rishabh who is gazing at her from the gallery. They sit in the mandap.

Moreover, Urvashi oversees SI and around then Mehek brings Shakti. They take Shakti. Gowri sees Mehek and others are taking the twin of Rishabh. However, She understands they tricked Pratha utilizing the twin of Rishabh. And she remembers to illuminate Pratha.

Additionally, She runs from that point. Mehek sees her. She requests that Urvashi and Si keep Shakti in the van. Gowri figures she can’t pass on until she illuminates reality to Pratha. Mehek tears into her. Gowri falls oblivious.

naagin 6 cast Pratha trusts that Gowri will carry out their arrangement. Si and Urvashi notice the group of Gowri. Si requests that she give him cash to deal with the homicide. Rishabh thinks he neglected to figure out Pratha’s adoration. Gowri acquires cognizance. She changes to wind structure and goes to illuminate reality to Pratha.

Meanwhile, Pratha and Rajesh play out a pooja. Rishabh gazes at her in aggravation. Pandit requests that they represent pheras. Pratha believes now is the right time to execute her arrangement. She makes smoke in the mandap. She goes to Rishabh’s room.

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Thereafter, Rishabh sees Pratha’s photograph. He sees Kiara coming to her room. Shakti says Pratha. She says OK, same Pratha whom you cheated and you’re liable for the demise of our child as well. And she cuts him. She emerges from her creative mind. He says wish she is his Pratha. She inquires as to why he said it that way.

After that, Rishabh says he would rather not live and needs to meet her in the paradise. Pratha says she can satisfy his desire. She goes to wound him yet she proved unable. And she leaves telling he killed their child yet she can’t kill him. She leaves. Rishabh says Pratha. He attempts to go out yet he falls and a fire mishap occurs in the room.

Afterwards, Mehek sees Kiara entering mandap. She asks where she went. Pratha tells she has an aversion to smoke that is the reason went aside. She sits in the mandap. Pandit requests that they start pheras. Rajesh and Pratha take their pheras. Rishabh observes it from the gallery.

While, He envisions himself with Pratha in the mandap and grins. And he feels miserable. He understands he neglected Pratha’s photograph inside. And he runs inside for Pratha’s photograph. He takes the tote and notification photograph is half singed. He attempts to leave yet the support point falls on him. Pandit reports marriage is done. He requests that they take elderly folks gifts.

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In addition, Visitors notice one of the rooms is getting singed. Everybody surged higher up. At this time, Urvashi and Mehek request that somebody call the fire unit as somebody is stuck inside. Gowri who’s in the mandap like Pratha comes to her genuine structure and falls on the ground.

To sum up, Pratha comes there and asks Gowri what has been going on with her seeing her condition. Gowri signs her two and leaves her final gasp. Pratha cries seeing her. Fire detachment individuals control the fire and gets out one dead body the cot. Everybody gets stunned.

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