Naagin 6 29th May 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha and Rishabh performing Shaanti havan. Beeji says she saved this Shaanti Havan for their tranquility. Rishabh ponders Seema's words that she gave him poison. Pratha holds his hands telling she is with him. Reem gets some information about his mother. He tells her the telephone isn't interfacing.


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naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha and Rishabh performing Shaanti havan. Beeji says she saved this Shaanti Havan for their tranquility. Rishabh ponders Seema’s words that she gave him poison. Pratha holds his hands telling she is with him. Reem gets some information about his mother. He tells her the telephone isn’t interfacing.

Mehek calls Pratha to the side and tells her they need to go there. Rishabh and his relatives watch the news that the pandemic is finished for the time being. Rishabh contemplates how everything changed for the time being and which Kalash they are discussing. He goes to the room. Pratha and Mehek leave the room. Rishabh sees the tails of the snake and asks what occurred.

Afterwards, Mehek and Pratha meet the teacher. Teacher overlap his hands infront of them and because of them for saving the country from the pandemic. Pratha holds his hands. Teacher detects some risk is coming toward Pratha and cautions her. Pratha tells nothing can happen to her when she has Rishabh with her.

Anya and her sister plan with the family that it’s better assuming they give free space to Pratha and Rishabh. Everybody goes out. Anya requests that Pratha get ready supper for Rishabh. They leave. Rishabh stops Pratha and requests that she prepare telling she has a shock. Pratha emerges and she feels blissful seeing their photographs on the projector. Rishabh sentiments with her.

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He makes her rest on the couch. Lights go off and she is missing for some unknown reason. Rishabh looks for her. Pratha yells saying she is here. Rishabh goes in like that and notification Seema holding Pratha at knifepoint. Rishabh demands her to leave Pratha. Seema says she won’t leave the individual who grabbed everything from her. Rishabh demands her to leave his significant other.

After that, Seema lets him know she will uncover the mystery of Pratha to him. Rishabh asks what’s just confidential. Seema says Pratha is Icchadari shesh naagin. Rishabh asks what’s she talking about. Seema compromises Pratha that she will kill her in the event that she won’t change to her genuine structure.

Furthermore, Rishabh says there isn’t anything in like that. He requests that she not hurt Pratha. Seema requests that Pratha uncover her mysterious. Pratha makes Seema tumbles down from the structure. Everybody encompasses Seema. They take her to the emergency clinic in naagin 6 upcoming twist.

At the medical clinic, Doctor tells Seema went into a state of unconsciousness. Rishabh demands Doctor to save his mom. Specialist concurs. Pratha upholds him. He tells her he can’t loathe her despite the fact that she attempted to kill him. Chanda considers Pratha and tells her that she believes her should know the mystery of Rishabh’s experience growing up.

Pratha asks what’s it. Rishabh calls her. Pratha disengages the call telling her she will call her later. Chanda figures Pratha should know it. Later Rishabh feels hypnotized seeing resting Pratha. She awakens. The two of them shares their thought process during their most memorable gathering.

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Rishabh lets Pratha know that he is a spy alongside a military official that is the reason he wedded her however he began adoring her with time. Pratha embraces him. He guarantees her that he won’t conceal a single thing from her and he requests that she not conceal any privileged insights from him. Pratha looks on for concealing her genuine personality. Rishabh kisses her. They perfect their marriage.

The following day, Mehek prods Pratha and tells her that she is glad for her. Mehek says you need to live typical yet you can’t live in that frame of mind as you’re shesh naagin. Pratha says you’re valid, I will uncover reality to Rishabh Ji and I need to carry on with a typical existence with him and I can’t conceal this mystery from him so I need to leave my powers or he has to know my genuine personality.

Mehek cautions her to avoid it. Pratha tells her she will forfeit her powers on the full moon night. Mehek goes first floor. Chanda advises Mehek that she needs to impart confidential to Pratha with respect to Rishabh’s introduction to the world.

Mehek requests that she tell her yet Chanda rejects telling she wants to tell to Pratha. Reem calls her mother and offers her condition. Urvashi requests that she continue on with Ritesh. Reem curses Pratha’s satisfaction. Mehek cautions her to not ponder her sister in like that.

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Rishabh embraces Pratha. He tells her that he will join his work the following day and we have today to appreciate. Pratha lets him know that she needs to come clean with him about her before she will do it on a full moon night. Rishabh requests that she tell him. He goes to the cabinet and takes the Shesh Naagin book. He asks what’s in that book. Pratha attempts to take the book.

Rishabh faces Pratha about her reality. Pratha requests that he give her some time letting him know she will change soon. Rishabh takes the book and notification it’s about the existence of a Shesh Naagin. Pratha demands him for quite a while to come clean with him. Rishabh tosses the book and inquires as to whether she is swindling him by concealing his way of life as naagin.

He swears on their adoration and requests that she let him know who’s she. Pratha tells she is Naagin. Rishabh says you bamboozled me, he cautions her to not show her face to him. She demand him to pay attention to her.

Precap – Angel cautions Pratha about her choice however she is resolute to get her affection. Pratha penances her affection yet Rishabh swindles her with Mehek. How Pratha will deal with it.

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