Naagin 6 26th March 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 cast Mehek is saying don’t know which truck is carrying the poisonous thing. Pratha with her power senses it and tells her that the red truck has it. They stop the vehicle. Mehek is about to open the truck but the Driver stops her asking what’s she doing. Mehek kills him.


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naagin 6 cast Mehek is saying don’t know which truck is carrying the poisonous thing. Pratha with her power senses it and tells her that the red truck has it. They stop the vehicle. Mehek is about to open the truck but the Driver stops her asking what’s she doing. Mehek kills him.

Pratha and Mehek open the truck and notice the truck is empty. Pratha thinks where poison went from this truck. They hear the Payal sound. Pratha tells poison is came in the form of human. Some lady walks to the river. At Chingistan Lab technician tells how their boss made icchadari Naagin with the face of Shalaka.

Pratha and Mehek stop the person from entering the river and they get shocked to see the lady is Shalaka. She tells them she is not Shalaka and Shengleera from Chingistan. Rishabh meets higher officials. He tells him his doubts are true that the enemy country is spreading the pandemic in their place. Rishabh tells him he will help them as he is getting clues in their place.

Higher officer agrees with him. His friend asks if he still doubts his wife. Rishabh says I married her to save my brother, that’s why I left my love Reem too. Reem overhears his words. Red Naagin( Shengleera) tells she will ruin their country with her poison.

Pratha I’m Shiv vardani and tells her she won’t let her harm her nation. Lab technician tells his team that their red Naagin has the power to kill Shesh Naagin. Shengleera tells her she has the power of killing her. Pratha and Shengleera fight with each other in snake form.

Rishabh notices Pratha is again missing. Term confronts him why he lied to her. Rishabh tells her he did to save his country and confesses that he loves her. Mehek wants to help Pratha but Pratha stops her. Rishabh tells Reem that he is suspecting Pratha is the cause of all problems, that’s why married her then how can I tell you to wait for me.

Reem hugs him and tell she can do anything for her. She is about to kiss him. Shengleera tries to snatch mangalsutra from Pratha’s neck but Pratha breaks her hand and tells her she didn’t leave the person who touches her Mangalsutra. Rishabh stops Reem telling her they still have time. Reem tells him she will make something special on his birthday which is on the next day and she asks him to not stop her.

He agrees. Pratha attacks the Red snake and takes poison shell from her body then she locks the Red snake in a box. Mehek tells Pratha that she has to be careful with red snake as they don’t know her strengths and don’t let her attack at your navel where you have Mani. Pratha agrees. They leave taking the red snake’s poison.

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Next morning. Rishabh sees Pratha and confronts where she went in the whole night. Pratha lies to him that she went to meet Mehek’s family and informs them that she will stay with us as we need security and she notices a lipstick mark on his coat and she confronts him about it and tells him that she will end their marriage if she finds he is having affair.

Mehek sends Rishabh from there telling him breakfast is ready. Mehek tells Pratha that she can’t love anyone. Pratha says she won’t. Mehek tells her she can’t live a normal life and reminds her about the night. Pratha goes to freshen up. Mehek thinks love is a curse for Pratha. She prays Shiv Ji for Pratha.

Pratha asks Mehek to save the poison in a secure place and they discuss about other Asurs. They think why house gents are standing at one place. Lalith flirts with red snake who comes as Shagun to treat Lalith’s condition in naagin 6. Reem thinks why they are using her decorations which she did for Rishabh. Seema asks a Psychiatrist to treat her husband. Pratha sees her and thinks she came to take her poison granthi.

Rishabh asks if they know each other. Shagun indirectly hints to Rishabh that they met each other near Yamuna river. Rishabh tells Pratha she knows about lipstick if she tells him where she went in the last night. Reem cleans his coat and apologises to him. Pratha notices them then she meets Shagun and tells her she won’t get her poison. Shagun tells her she will take it in a few hours and spread that poison in the Yamuna. Seema wishes her son. Pratha also wishes him.

Shengleera changes herself as Pratha and gets to know from Mehek that they hide poison in the Shiv mandir. Mehek thinks to inform Pratha about it. Red Naagin can’t enter the temple. Dadi and Seema insist Pratha to come to this mandir for Rishabh. Mehek thinks how to inform Pratha about it. Everyone comes to temple.

Mehek informs Pratha that Red snane gets to know where they lived get poison. Pratha asks her to not worry telling Red shake can’t enter the temple. Seema tells Pandit that her son and daughter in law will perform shiv pooja. He agree. He says Pratha to apply Vibuti to Rishabh.

She applies to his body and prays Shiv Ji to give her strength to stop red Naagin get her poison. Pandit as them to perform Abhishek to Shiv Ji. Pratha and Rishabh perform Abhishekam. Shengleera hypnotizes Rishabh brother and sends him to get her Raktha kamal from Shiv Ji. Pratha senses her trap.

Precap – Shengleera receives her poison with Rishabh help. Pratha tries to stop her from adding poison in the river then Shengleera stabs her with a knife.

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