Naagin 6 26th June 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha show a thing or two to hooligans while praising her birthday with Jwala and her companions. She lets the young lady know that they need to disprove individuals that they are lionesses. She lets hooligans know that she is Shesh Naagin. Reem records her mother's statement of regret video for Zain and asks her for what valid reason she is getting frightened.


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naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha show a thing or two to hooligans while praising her birthday with Jwala and her companions. She lets the young lady know that they need to disprove individuals that they are lionesses. She lets hooligans know that she is Shesh Naagin. Reem records her mother’s statement of regret video for Zain and asks her for what valid reason she is getting frightened.

Afterwards, Urvashi says it’s expected to contact Rajesh Pratap Singh to get the land for Zain. Reem says you’re a naagin why you’re getting terrified. Urvashi expresses it’s past and if you have any desire to assist me with then looking for a method for reaching Rajesh Pratap Singh. Mehek comes there and says compelling reason need to look for a way as he is coming here to go to our party. Urvashi feels cheerful. It’s shown Rajesh Pratap Singh is doing his exercise.

Urvashi requests that Mehek trap Rajesh in her magnificence to get the land as I heard he is attractive. Mehek says you’re failing to remember that I’m hitched to Rishabh. Urvashi says he didn’t acknowledge you as his significant other. Priyanka attempts to definitely stand out. Rajesh requests that she not take a stab at telling her he is locked in. He considers his fiancee and tells her that they are leaving for Rishabh’s party in the evening.

Afte that, Chanda goes to a locked room hearing commotions. Urvashi slaps Chanda and cautions her to not enter this hall. Reem ponders what is in that locked room. Later at Night Reem takes the keys to that locked room from Urvashi’s space to track down the mystery of that room. She drops keys slamming into Rishabh.

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He inquires as to why she looks pushed. She oversees him by saying a few untruths. Reem opens the locked rooms. She lits a flame and strolls towards moving a wheelchair. She asks who’s he. Reem sees Rishabh and asks how he came inside as she saw him heading outside. He attempts to go after her. Urvashi takes out Reem and locks the room.

Furthermore, Urvashi slaps Reem and questions why she opened the room. Reem inquires as to why that individual looks like Rishabh? He can’t be Rishabh. Urvashi says it’s a secret mystery. He is Shakti, twin sibling of Rishabh. Urvashi says Shakti is something contrary to Rishabh and he is desirous of Rishabh and needs to prevail upon him.

When the boxing trainer prevented Shakti from winning Rishabh utilizing incorrectly deceives then Shakti killed him. Urvashi says Rishabh used to do kinship with Sia and she proposed to Rishabh and could do without Shakti. Reem inquires as to why Shakti is secured in a room.

Moreover, Urvashi says Shakti called Sia as Rishabh. Sia meets him and finds he is Shakti. He asks impulse she adores. She lets him know she cherishes Rishabh then Shakti killed her and Seema sees all that and lets him know that she concealed Shakti in a room and tells the world that Shakti is dead and Seema lets him know that he can get back at Rishabh once the opportunity arrives and I get to know it when Seems goes to meet Shakti and I told it to Mehek and she utilized him like Rishabh in Samaira murder and caught Pratha. Reem acclaims her mother’s arrangements. Urvashi requests that she avoid Shakti as he is frantic.

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Meanwhile, Rishabh envisions that he is appreciating with Pratha on her birthday. He emerges from his creative mind. He contemplates why he is pondering Pratha even after she fouled up to him. Mehek goes to him and tells Rajesh pratap showed up with his sister Divya and fiancee.

Rishabh says that set is for his fiancee. Anya and her sister discuss Pratha. Rishabh cautions them to not discuss Pratha. Reem asks her Mom how they made Rishabh can’t stand Pratha. Urvashi tells she tells her later. Companions of Rehan inquire as to whether he is truly dating Rhea. He concurs.

Thereafter, Rishabh sends Mehek to get the adornments he purchased to present to Rajesh’s fiancee. Mehek carries it and shows it to Urvashi. Urvashi says Rajesh should give us land any other way Zain will kill us. Rishabh invites Rajesh Pratap Singh. He acquaints his sister Divya with him. Rishabh requests that they come. He lets them know he won’t come alone. Rishabh goes to get the gems set. Rajesh Pratap Singh enters the party with Pratha who’s in her new symbol. Everybody gets stunned seeing Pratha.

Pratha sees individuals with whom she needs to get payback. Rishabh shows the jewelry to Rajesh. Rajesh requests that he present it to his fiancee Kiara. Rishabh goes to his fiancee and gets stunned seeing Pratha. He reviews his minutes with Pratha and drops the accessory while giving it to Kiara. Both touch it simultaneously. He feels her as Katha. She expresses gratitude toward him taking the neckband. Rajesh says Kiara is from London and he lets everybody know that she is his rabbit’s foot. Pratha takes Chanda’s favors.

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Afterwards, Urvashi says Kiara is Pratha. Mehek says it can’t be as I saw her last customs. Ritesh, Rehan, and Vivan talk about something similar. Rhea inquires as to why they look strained. They don’t say anything. Rishabh thinks she is Pratha however she is tricking Rajesh by concealing her past and he thinks to not pamper his arrangement. Anya says Bhabhi. Kiara lets them know she didn’t get it. Mehek opens google and notification many subtleties of Kiara. Mehek says she can’t be Pratha if not the way in which I can become Shesh Naagin.

Urvashi inquires as to whether she is lying. Mehek denies. Rishabh demands Rajesh to give him an arrangement. Rajesh concurs. Mehek and Urvashi remember to converse with Rajesh about their property. Rehan’s companions trap one young lady saying they need to enlist her for their short film in naagin 6 upcoming twist. She consents to act and goes with them. Pratha sees them. They take that young lady with them. Pratha saves her from them.

In addition, Mehek and Urvashi talk with Rajesh about the site Zain needs. Rajesh says he will chat with Rishabh. Mehek says it’s an arrangement from their side. He says he will see and goes aside. Divya lets them know she handles her sibling’s matters as she is his legal advisor as well and requests that they see the property. Rehan lets Urvashi know that he will deal with Divya to cause them to get the land. Urvashi concurs and cautions him to begin away from his girl. He pursues Divya. Pratha returns and lets Rajesh know that nobody is intrigued to chat with her.

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After that, Rishabh calls Mehek to accompany Kiara. Mehek says she seems to be her sister. Urvashi tells they organized a decent treat for her. Mehek reports everybody to partake in the party. She hits the dance floor with Rishabh. Pratha hits the dance floor with Rajesh. Rishabh sees Pratha and reviews their previous minutes. Rishabh gets some information about the arrangement. Kiara/Pratha says she won’t leave without him. Rajesh says he needs to invest energy with his fiancee and leaves telling they can discuss the arrangement later.

In the night Urvashi and Mehek look for Kiara’s data. Pratha says thanks to Rajesh for his assistance. Rajesh says he is assisting her with getting her payback for Jwala. He passes on requesting that they take a rest. Pratha expresses gratitude toward Jwala and tells her that she saw dread in Mehek. Mehek says appears as though she is Kiara however I need to preclude my uncertainty. Pratha requests that Jwala rest telling she will arrange for how to get payback. Pratha sees ger foes on the PC. Mehek keeps an eye on her from the window.

While, Rajesh embraces Pratha and sentiments her. Mehek figures she can’t be Pratha as she can never Romance with others as she cherishes Rishabh. Mehek figures one individual can assist her with finding whether she is Pratha or Kiara. Rajesh changes to the female snake. She asks Pratha for what valid reason she didn’t take one more structure to get her payback. Pratha says they need to feel the apprehension about seeing me and this evening I will get back at my most memorable foe.

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Additionally, Urvashi is going to take food to Shakti. At this time, Reem tells she needs to meet Shakti again as he is attractive. Urvashi takes her to give food to Shakti. Shakti gets hyper and falls on account of his cups. Urvashi says she tied him in view of last evening’s occurrence. Shakti inquires as to why she didn’t come here to satisfy her commitment.

Reem asks whom he is alluding. Urvashi says he is discussing Mehek. Shakti holds them for replies. Urvashi says your Seema mother kicked the bucket today itself. He weeps for his mother and leaves them. Reem asks his Mom for what valid reason she lied. Urvashi says she advises it to move his consideration. She requests that he not cry. Shakti cheerfully says he is glad for Seema’s demise as she secured me in this room such a long time and God will rebuff her. Urvashi says you’re Kameena.

To sum up, Shakti says I knew it and I’m cheerful about her passing so proceed to call Mehek. Urvashi says she is hitched to Rishabh. Shakti says he couldn’t care less and it’s been a long time since I saw a delightful woman so send her if not I will come out breaking everything. They leave.

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Precap – Pratha chooses to get back at Rishabh. Shakti attempts to drive himself on Mehek. Mehek uncovers h Rishabh loves Pratha not her. Shakti sees Pratha.

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