Naagin 6 26th February 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 episode begins with Ritesh requesting that Pratha have food. Pratha denies and she sees calls from Mayank and figures trust he doesn't return here. Ritesh takes care of food to Pratha. Mayank observes it and put-downs Pratha's personality. Ritesh cautions him to not talk along these lines and he lets Pratha know that he is definitely not a decent accomplice to her.


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Naagin 6 episode begins with Ritesh requesting that Pratha have food. Pratha denies and she sees calls from Mayank and figures trust he doesn’t return here. Ritesh takes care of food to Pratha. Mayank observes it and put-downs Pratha’s personality. Ritesh cautions him to not talk along these lines and he lets Pratha know that he is definitely not a decent accomplice to her.

Mayank inquires as to whether he is romancing with his fiancee and asks the amount she will get for a day. Ritesh slaps him and cautions him to apologize to Pratha. Pratha requests that he leave him. Ritesh gets down on Security and tosses him. Chachi tells Rhea that Ritesh is battling for Pratha. Rhea asks Ritesh for what reason he is responding this way for specialist?

Ritesh says he called us with names and I will kill him assuming I at any point saw him. Rhea inquires as to why he caused a situation for an ordinary laborer. Pratha tells she will leave in the wake of completing her work and she tells she wants cash to deal with her Dad.

Rhea tells she will not get any cash. Pratha tells the amount she wants cash. Rhea focuses him and Pratha. Ritesh yells at her. Seema and Urvashi come there. Urvashi requests that he toss out Pratha. Rhea tells he needs to pick either her and Pratha in Naagin 6 episode.

Urvashi attempts to control Rhea. Ritesh becomes irate and he requests that Rhea apologize to Pratha for causing a situation. Rhea denies and inquires as to whether she is thoroughly taking care of cash. Ritesh attempts to stop her however Rhea slaps him and requests that he wed Pratha and what’s the requirement for marriage proceed to have a special first night. Ritesh lifts his hand yet Seema stops him.

Ritesh denies wedding Rhea. Rhea inquires as to whether he began loving Pratha. Ritesh says OK I like her and he holds Pratha’s hand. Seema requests that he leave Pratha and hand and lets him know that he need to wed Rhea and she lets him know she will toss out Pratha.

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Ritesh stops her and tells her he needs to wed Pratha not Rhea as he wished to wed a straightforward young lady. Seema slaps him for offending her raised. Ritesh says each time I paid attention to you yet not this time so don’t compel me and I will not wed Rhea. Mehek assaults Rishabh.

Seema says I saw the world and Rhea was right that this sort of young ladies are behind cash and in the event that you wed her, I will abandon you and I won’t allow you to go into my home. Ritesh inquires as to whether she will wed him. Rhea consents to wed him assuming that he tosses out Pratha. Ritesh says Rhea is behind cash and she doesn’t have sense of pride and he forgets about with Pratha.

In Naagin 6 episode, Ritesh requests that Pratha not stress as they can live cheerfully. Pratha tells she simply cherishes her Dad and not anybody. Ritesh tells he will share her concerns. Rishabh gets back in a harmed state. Ritesh requests that Pratha apply salve. Mehek sees Rishabh and ponders how he got saved. Pratha cleans his hand. Rishabh checks her out. Mole from Rishabh’s hand gets taken out. Mehek sees it and thinks so he isn’t the one.

Mr Gujral is the person who’s with a mole on his hand and he manages foe country individuals and guarantees them that he will complete their arrangement and lets them know that nobody can gets their 20 individuals group. Ritesh asks what befallen him. Rishabh tells a little mishap and he asks where is he leaving on the evening. Ritesh tells he is going out with Pratha as he needs to wed her.

Rishabh inquires as to whether he lost it and he requests that he come inside however he denies it then Rishabh takes Pratha inside and questions what’s her objective to enter their place. Pratha tells she is doing the occupation for her father. Rishabh gives her a check and requests that she let Ritesh know that she doesn’t wed him.

Pratha tells she isn’t that sort of young lady and she figures nothing can get her confidence and she is going to leave then her Dad calls her and tells her their home proprietor has tossed him out. Pratha guarantees him she will set all that then she figures how might she set everything and she sees the actually look at given by Rishabh.

Rhea cries severely. Urvashi requests that Seema accomplish something. Appears concurs. Rishabh comes to Rhea and guarantees her that he will settle everything and he requests that Reem prepare. Urvashi sees Mehek and gets some information about her better half. Mehek tells she has barely any insight into him. Urvashi tells she knows what’s going on between them. Mehek passes on requesting that she manage her significant other. Pratha enters inside.

Rishabh inquires as to whether she needs to wed his sibling. Pratha tells no and I would even prefer not to work here. Ritesh brings Pratha’s father. Pratha’s Dad tells her Ritesh tackled their concern. Rhea says she dismissed you when you helped her in Naagin 6 episode.

Ritesh says happy I helped them however I will not wed you without a doubt. Seema goes into to the mystery room and lets her significant other know that Ritesh needs to wed Pratha and he denies to wed Rhea so I will drop the marriage. Mr Gujral lifts her holding her neck.

Mehek comes to Shiv sanctuary and implores him to show her method for tracking down a subsequent Asur. Mr Gujral says everybody feels you’re the head however we realize that I’m the person who causes you to do what I plan and you’re toy to me so head outside and let everybody know that this marriage is required and behave like you’re proprietor yet I’m the proprietor and we need to perform the two relationships today itself and I follow my Mom sastras so these relationships are required and I will sell our country during this marriage so set yourself and sort out for the marriage.

Pratha is going to leave however Urvashi stops her maxim Seema will show her something new. Rishabh and Ritesh requests that she leave Pratha however she denies and admonishes Ritesh. Appears comes there. Urvashi requests that she show something new to her frightful child. Seema slaps Urvashi. Mr Gujral behaves like controlling her. Seema says I can’t bear it assuming anybody focuses my child and you’re my child that is the reason I’m permitting your other girl to wed my child and your spouses character is awful so quit pointing my child.

Mr Gujral says he is a pastor who safeguards the country. Seema says they are the person who safeguards the country. Rishabh requests that Seema control. Seema asks Urvashi where her significant other went leaving his little girl’s marriage. Rishabh lets Ritesh know that it’s occurring a result of him. Ritesh tells he will just wed Pratha. Rhea lets Seema know that she is breaking their bonds by offending their Mom. Rishabh lets them know he will wed Reem. Seema says I’m not halting you and it’s your decision and Ritesh will wed his affection Pratha.

Precap – Pratha says I am Naagin, who has come to save the world and kill Asur.

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