Naagin 6 22nd May 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha going to Rehan's room. Rehan is going to draw nearer to Ambika. Vivan thumps on the entryway and upsets him. Rehan sends him then he attempts to draw nearer to Ambika. Ambika asks what's happening with's he. Rehan takes steps to destroy her in the event that she doesn't pay attention to him. Pratha records all that to uncover Rehan.


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naagin 6 today full episode written update begins with Pratha going to Rehan’s room. Rehan is going to draw nearer to Ambika. Vivan thumps on the entryway and upsets him. Rehan sends him then he attempts to draw nearer to Ambika. Ambika asks what’s happening with’s he. Rehan takes steps to destroy her in the event that she doesn’t pay attention to him. Pratha records all that to uncover Rehan.

She reviews how she recruited that young lady. Rehan attempts to drive himself on Mika however Pratha stops him. Mika leaves from room seeing a snake. Pratha gets back. She requests that Rishabh emerge and plays the video against Rehan. Rehan tells Pratha is outlining him wrongly. Rishabh slaps him for partaking in the party leaving his mom.

Pratha says you will remove him from home seeing the verification of how he acted mischievously with Ambika. At this time, Rishabh requests that Pratha take off from the house. Pratha inquires as to why he is tossing her out. She calls Ambika to tell how Rehan made trouble with her. Ambika tells Pratha gave her cash to tell against Rehan. Rishabh asks how might she get it done. He tosses her out. Pratha leaves in shock.

After that, Seema comes to Pratha and says you killed Raynaksh and very soon you will hear Rishabh’s passing information and in these 2 days I will get the Amrit Kalash and you simply have 24 hours. She leaves telling she can’t stand tears. Pratha sits close to the seat. She cries reviewing her minutes with Rishabh. Rishabh likewise cries. He breaks their photographs.

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Pratha sees Shiv ji’s photograph and inquires as to why it worked out. She turns and sees Ambika. Ambika apologizes to Pratha and advises her that she misled save her folks. Pratha says they need to realize that we can become lionesses with regards to our regard and they will get their discipline I actually have 24 hours and first I will save my country then I will save Rishabh and his mom.

At this time, Rishabh sees his photograph with Pratha. He harms himself by breaking the glass. Reem comes to Rishabh’s room. She ties her saree part of his fabric. She requests that he continue on and attempts to draw nearer to him. Rishabh stops her truism I’m a hitched man and I won’t ever swindle Pratha so leave here. Reem leaves. Rishabh comes ground floor seeing Rainaksh battling with Seema.

Rishabh asks what occurred. Seema gets out whatever’s your significant other’s concern with us. She requests that Rainaksh show how Pratha hurt him. Rainaksh shows his wounds and lets them know that Pratha concealed his mother in the mandir by taking her from me in naagin 6 upcoming twist. Rishabh inquires as to why Pratha needs your Mom. Rainaksh says Pratha needs to malign Seema. Seema says she will accompany him to the sanctuary. Rishabh says he will go with them.

Meanwhile, Seema in tears says she is feeling frightened that she might lose her companion Chanda. Rishabh guarantees her that he will bring Chanda home. He gets some information about Chanda’s area. Rainaksh enlightens him concerning the area. Rishabh leaves.

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Seema tells Rainaksh that Rishabh will take care of our responsibilities as snakes can’t stop him as he is the spouse of Shesh Naagin. Rainaksh inquires as to whether he discovers reality while coming. Seema lets him know she will kill him.

Afterward, Mehek lets Pratha know that the air is changing and we have 4 hours to save the country. Then, Pratha requests that Chanda recall where her Mom concealed the Amrit Kalash. Chanda expresses it’s in the focal point of the earth. Pratha says it implies Ujjain sanctuary where we are. Mehek tells her she looked through wherever in the sanctuary however I tracked down nothing.

Most importantly, Seema comes to Rishabh’s room with milk and explains to him that don’t have the foggiest idea why Pratha dislikes me. Rishabh says he will deal with her once he met her. Seema blends poison in his milk. Rishabh tells he will break every one of his relations with Pratha bringing her companion home. Seema says thanks to him and requests that he drink milk however he declines. She demands him to drink. He drinks it for her.

Rishabh tells her he will bring Chanda. Seema lets him know she will go with her as she can’t hear assuming something happens to him. He goes to prepare. Seema figures toxin will begin working post 6 hours and today he will bite the dust subsequent to assisting me and nobody will with saving him. Pratha implores Shiv Ji to show her method for saving the country. She drones Shiv Ji’s name. Shiv Ji shows her place. They go to the spot and track down the imprint.

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Moreover, Pratha says Amrit Kalash is in the Patal Lok. She says she will get the Amrit Kalash. Mehek says it’s unsafe as your powers are coming up short on Grahan time. Pratha says she wants to make it happen. Mehek reviews her Mom exhortation and inquires as to whether she is doing Tandav. Pratha says she will make it happen. Mehek says it can cause judgment. Pratha says I will do the tandava and will get gifts from Shiv Ji.

After that, Rishabh passes on to sanctuary with Seema and Rainaksh. On the way, Rishabh feels sleepy inclination. Seema asks him what occurred and lets him know that she can comprehend how he feels realizing that his better half can hurt him as well. Mehek and Chanda prepare Pratha. Pratha performs Tandav what breaks her environmental elements of her.

Point of support falls on Mehek and Seema. Pratha doesn’t stop her Tandav. Opening gets opened. Mehek lets Pratha know that she has 7 minutes to bring the Amrit Kalash in any case she gets secured in the Patal Lok. Mehek requests that Pratha guarantee her that she will get back securely.

To sum up, Pratha guarantees her that she will get back to save the country. Pratha enters the Patal Lok. Mehek eliminates the point of support. Rishabh compasses to the sanctuary with Rainaksh and Seema. Pratha takes Amrit Kalash.

Precap – Rishabh implodes on the floor heaving the blood. Seema requests that Pratha give her Amrit Kalash to save her significant other. Pratha gives her Kalash. They blend poison and empties it into the Yamuna.

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