Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Update

naagin 6 episode begins with Anmol, Tara, Urvashi, and Rudra's folks commending their prosperity. Urvashi guarantees Siyali to cause her to get her privileges. Rithwik comes to Anmol's home out of resentment. Anmol's companion illuminates Anmol that Rithwik is here. Anmol sends Siyali to oversee Rithwik.


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naagin 6 episode begins with Anmol, Tara, Urvashi, and Rudra’s folks commending their prosperity. Urvashi guarantees Siyali to cause her to get her privileges. Rithwik comes to Anmol’s home out of resentment. Anmol’s companion illuminates Anmol that Rithwik is here. Anmol sends Siyali to oversee Rithwik.

Siyali meets Rithwik and lets him know that Anmol could do without him. Rithwik doesn’t trust her. Rudra meets Anmol and tells her that he is heading outside. Rithwik comes there and stands up to Anmol and Rudra why they are undermining him. Rudra stops him and lets him know that they are locked in and cautions him to leave. Rithwik unfortunately sees Siyali and leaves.

After that, Siyali follows him and lets him know that he merits a superior young lady. He requests that she come for a tea date tomorrow. Siyali says she can’t come out in view of her grandmother’s recommendation. Rithwik demands her to come. Prathna hears their discussion.

The following day, Urvashi and Pathali examine Pratha and Prathna will design something against us so we should watch out. They examine about Anmol’s Mehendi. Rithwik considers Siyali and tells her that he is hanging tight for her outside. Siyali goes to meet him without telling anybody.

Meanwhile, Urvashi requests that Anmol take Siyali help in arrangement. They notice Siyali isn’t at home. Anmol’s companions say she might go out with Rithwik. Urvashi sees Siyali leaving with Rithwik. That opportunity another Rithwik arrives there and asks where is Siyali. Urvashi thinks Naagin takes Siyali and goes out to save her granddaughter.

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Rithwik stops the vehicle in the disconnected spot and plays with her. Urvashi comes there with Naagmani and lets him know that she will uncover his genuine character utilizing Naagmani. Siyali attempts to stop her. Urvashi reprimands her and says she purchased this Naagmani out to save her.

Afterwrds, Urvashi puts Naagmani on Rithwik head however he didn’t change. Urvashi acknowledges he isn’t Naagin. She chides her granddaughter, advises her to never emerge, and advises him to come to their place if he has any desire to meet her. They leave.

Pratha and Prathna face Rithwik why he helped them and ask who’s he. Though, Rithwik says he has similar rationale as them. Pratha asks what he implied. He takes them with him to show something. Urvashi gets back and chides her granddaughter. Patali sees Naagmani with Urvashi and slaps her for taking it out.

Furthermore, Rithwik makes Pratha and Prathna meet his father Rajesh Pratap Singh. Rajesh says my father requested that I trust you in every case except you believed Suhasini not my father and our vengeance and point are something similar. Pratha apologizes to Rajesh for not supporting him when he wants his assistance.

Urvashi says Pratha and Prathna can do nothing as they didn’t have the foggiest idea where we concealed Rishabh. Patali says actually, don’t take out Naagmani from this house. She leaves. Urvashi cautions Siyali to not go out and allows her to call Rithwik to their home. Rithwik holds hands with Pratha and Prathna and lets them know that their retribution is something very similar.

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Moreover, Suhasini inquires as to whether he met his father. He says she is his loved ones. She requests that he fail to remember Anmol and requests that he let her know if he prefers anybody. He says he loves Siyali however her granny could do without me.

Urvashi comes there. Suhasini proposes for Rithwik and Siyali marriage. Ahead, Urvashi says they can think later and leaves. Suhasini ponders how might Urvashi deny her proposition. Rithwik meets Pratha and Prathna. He lets them know he is effective to make Suhasini against Urvashi and advises them to execute their arrangement.

Pratha and Prathna head inside. They change like Urvashi and Patali in naagin 6 written update. They examine killing Rithwik. Suhasini hears their discussion and remembers to eliminate Urvashi from her way. Pratha and Prathna change like Suhansini and Rithwik. They talk about eliminating Urvashi from their way close to Urvashi. Urvashi hears it and chooses to kill Suhasini.

However, Later Urvashi calls Suhasini to meet her. Urvashi remembers to shoot Suhasini. Suhasini comes there and infuses medication into Urvashi which makes her powerless then she attempts to kill Urvashi with her gun. Patali hits Suhasini with a pole. She lets Urvashi know that she returns her approval by saving her.

Urvashi expresses gratitude toward her. She shoots into Suhasini’s the two arms and leaves. Rithwik comes there with Pratha and Prathna. Suhasini requests that Rithwik help her yet he denies it. Pratha says your grandson would rather not help you and this is the consequence of your awful work. They leave. Suhasini passes on.

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In Naagmahal, Pratha gives water to Prathna seeing she is hacking. Prathna says they didn’t have any idea where they concealed Rishabh and how to clear Rudra’s questions. She says she will not become Shesh Naagin once her vengeance is finished.

Pratha says she also thinks something very similar yet it didn’t work out so it’s great assuming they embrace their Naagin the situation. Pratha sees Payal close to her grandma’s photograph. She requests that Prathna wear those anklets as they safeguard her. Prathna requests that she wear it however Pratha denies it and orders her to wear it. Rudra misses Prathna.

To sum up, Rudra’s folks meet him and let him know that Prathna isn’t right for himself and lets him know that Anmol is right for himself and he gets Anmol’s property as well. Rudra says he needs no property and he won’t leave the individual who attempted to hurt his folks. He leaves.

Sanjana lets her better half know that they need to take their portion of the cash in the wake of selling Naagmani. She sees Ranjeet is occupied in talking and asks with whom he is visiting. He tells her he is talking with Urvashi and acclaims her. Sanjana could do without it. Prathna enters somewhere where she gets frightened and tumbles down from the precipice. Snakes encompass her.

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