Naagin 6 18th June 2022 Written Update

naagin season 6 hotstar episode begins with Pratha in tears saying my baby has gone from this world before conceived so the opportunity has arrived for me to meet her. She strolls toward pthe consuming fire then she sees her grandma Payal once more and thinks whether Shiv Ji is calling her to Naag sanctuary?


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naagin season 6 written update begins with Pratha in tears saying my baby has gone from this world before conceived so the opportunity has arrived for me to meet her. She strolls toward pthe consuming fire then she sees her grandma Payal once more and thinks whether Shiv Ji is calling her to Naag sanctuary?

She considers putting Payal in the Naag mahal. Mehek tells Shiv Ji that she killed Pratha’s girl as I probably am aware she might become Shesh Naagin on the off chance that she is alive that is the reason I made Pratha drink poison through Jailer.

Pratha hears it in shock. Mehek says you can do nothing Dadi and you didn’t assist me with becoming Shesh Naagin and you left Urvasi massi as well, presently Urvashi Maasi, and I will lead on this world. Mahek says she is the shesh Naagin and it’s not possible for anyone to overcome her. She consumes photographs. Pratha sees snakes and figures she can’t battle with Shesh Naagin and leaves from that point.

Pratha gets back to the fire where she tells Shiv Ji that she forfeited her powers for her affection and there is no bitterness and I lost my better half then likewise there is no misery except for she murdered my girl and how might you allow this terrible to occur and you pick me a Shiv vardani then the way in which you let this wrong happen to me? She commits to Shiv Ji to get the powers of shesh naagin and to get back at individuals who deceived her.

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Mehek awakens and sees Rishabh is working. She goes to him. Rishabh eliminates her hand and tells her that he will break the new arrangement. Mehek says you’re changed and you’re not in that frame of mind during Pratha time. Rishabh tells her he wants to acquire more. Mehek lets him know the weather conditions isn’t great. Rishabh leaves saying he couldn’t care less. Urvasi takes Mehek with her and shows her arrangement to carry drugs into the country to demolish the country. She asks will she help her. Mehek concurs. Urvashi tells her she will make her meet her accomplice. Somebody thumps on the entryway from a shut room.

Pratha rings the sanctuary chime. Heavenly messenger sees Pratha and says I know you’re alive as Amrit falls on your mom’s stomach when you’re in her belly. Pratha inquires as to why he made Mehek Shesh Naagin. Heavenly messenger says it’s predetermination. Pratha expresses it’s in my fate and you need to let me know a method for getting back my power.

Farishta says new Shesh Naagin should say she is prepared to leave her powers multiple times then no one but you can get back your powers however for what reason will Mehek penance her power. Pratha says I need to become Shesh Naagin to get back at them for my girl’s demise and it’s the commitment of a mother and I will become Shesh Naagin.

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Urvasi educates Mehek concerning her accomplice and tells her his fixation is his baby. Zain calls his baby. His baby lets him know he can’t come there. Zain lets him know that he will meet his accomplice at the line. Police actually take a look at drugs van.

naagin 6 cast Mehek changes go her snake structure and smack them then they escape with medications and reach to the line. Urvasi advises Mehek to make watches don’t see them. Mehek smacks the officers at the boundary. Then, at that point, they meet one looked at man. Zain tells they need a major spot for business. Urvasi warmly greets Zain and lets him know this time Changistan will overcome India.

Reem and others feel cheerful seeing the gems. Rishabh tells this gems is for return gifts to my accomplices. Mehek inquires as to why he is giving pay-offs. Rishabh says it’s required in the development business. Urvasi tells they need to call Zain and her baby as well. Worker illuminates baby is absent. They track down her close to a locked room.

Urvasi cautions Reem to not allow the baby to go close to the locked room. Heavenly messenger calls Mehek and advises her that she really wants to battle with the Yati bear to save the country. Mehek asks who will save her.

Farishta tells her it’s her obligation as he came for herself and Pratha additionally confronted this sort of challenge. Later Urvashi advises Mehek to enquire about land subtleties from Rishabh. Mehek tells she is stressed for her life. Urvasi tells her she can overcome Yati.

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Mehek says it is quite difficult. Rishabh calls Mehek to go to the party with him. Mehek goes with him. Urvasi tells Reem that Singh isn’t noting calls and this Zain is eating me for land. Jwala stops Rishabh’s vehicle and requests a lift. Mehek denies however Rishabh concurs.

Jwala tells she is a crystal gazer. Mehek requests that she tell her fortune. Jwala says you will bite the dust soon in a couple of hours. Mehek requests that Jwala leave from that point vehicle and feels stressed. Rishabh requests that she not stress as we will return giving greeting cards. Journeying individuals run seeing Yati.

Recap – Pratha to confront Yati.

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