Naagin 6 14th May 2022 Written Update

naagin season 6 hotstar episode begins with Pratha remembering to examine with Mehek about Nevla. She hears the hints of Samaira. She goes to Rehan's room and inquires as to whether he is beating Samaira. Samaira emerges from the washroom and misleads her that she fell in the restroom. Pratha goes out contemplating such countless issues around her.


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naagin season 6 hotstar episode begins with Pratha remembering to examine with Mehek about Nevla. She hears the hints of Samaira. She goes to Rehan’s room and inquires as to whether he is beating Samaira. Samaira emerges from the washroom and misleads her that she fell in the restroom. Pratha goes out contemplating such countless issues around her.

She comes first floor and witnesses Seema reporting the commitment of Anya and Raynaksh the following day telling they are enamored. Mehek explains to Pratha why she feels Raynaksh came here with intention. Pratha says he is Icchadari Nevla and I saw his genuine face. Mehek enlightens Pratha concerning their Mom words with respect to Nevla.

Afterwards, Raynaksh tells Anya that Pratha Bhabhi is sweet. Anya says she becomes more acquainted with what’s adoration seeing Pratha and Rishabh however I didn’t figure I can get my affection as dislike Pratha. He tells she is pretty as well and takes her.

However, Mehek lets Pratha know that he can’t get matured and his detecting and it is high to hear ability. Pratha requests that her way stop him. Mehek tells they can kill Nevla by going after Nevla’s eyes. Pratha lets Mehek know that they need to save Amrit Kalash from Seema by getting data from Chanda.

Pratha meets Chanda and gets some information about the past to meet her child. Chanda says Bunnu knows it. Pratha doesn’t get who’s Bunnu. Mehek tells it’s great that she getting her memory back. Pratha comes clean with she will cause Chanda to uncover before everybody at the commitment party, and will uncover Seema.

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Raynaksh lets Rehan know that he will deal with his Mom with Anya. Rishabh brings Lalith home. Seema sends Rishabh to get water. During that time she warms Lalith that she will kill Rishabh on the off chance that he doesn’t quiet down. Lalith looks stunned. Rishabh gives him water.

Rishabh asks Pratha for what reason she looks tense with Raynaksh’s entrance. Pratha tells she feels Raynaksh isn’t great and his number likewise not working. Raynaksh comes there thumping on the entryway.

Furthermore, He lets Rishabh know that his number is changed and he is illuminating them as he is locked in to his sister. Rishabh lets him know they feel a little unsure about him and Anya is cherishing you no more. Raynaksh says thanks to Pratha for giving him his Mom and Anya. While, Rishabh requests that he drink with him. Raynaksh denies and leaves.

Raynaksh available for potential emergencies illuminates Bunnu that he is taking care of his responsibilities. He gets frightened seeing the rodent trap box. Raynaksh sends that trap box with Anya. He changes to his Mongoose structure and eats that food. Raynaksh sees Anya and embraces her giving a rose. He figures Naagin will perceive the way I will take Chanda infront of her eyes.

The following day everybody wishes Seema and Lalith for their commemoration. Raynaksh tells he will leave with his Mom post commitment. Mehek cautions Pratha in Raynaksh matter. Pratha tells her that she will prevail upon Raynaksh with her arrangement.

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Seema sits with Lalith on the stage. She lets him know that she will accomplish what she wants today. After that,Pratha lets them know she coordinated treat for themselves and advises them to remarry. Seema denies however Rishabh makes them concur. Pratha plays the old photographs. Mehek brings Chanda ground floor.

Everybody gets stunned seeing the nearby photograph of Chanda with Lalith. Rishabh questions Lalith why he is near Chanda. Chanda gets streaks. Rishabh requests that Seema respond to him. Pratha requests that he track down it from Chanda. He questions Chanda to come clean with him and questions who is she. Chanda stands up saying, spouse. Rishabh asks what.

Most importantly, Chanda tells she is the spouse of Lalith. She requests that Lalith tell them in naagin 6 today episode. Rishabh inquires as to whether she knows it. Seema says it won’t be in like that and she failed to remember her memory then the way in which you trust her words. Rishabh says they may be concealing it from you as she recalls his name and on the off chance that this is reality then this commitment can’t occur.

Moreover, Pratha says they can’t do this commitment. Then, Raynaksh says he can’t care a lot about the commitment. Rishabh cancels the commitment. He requests that Raynaksh leave taking his Mom. Raynaksh takes out Chanda.

Chanda asks who’s he. Raynaksh tells he will murder her child in the event that she doesn’t uncover reality. Chanda inquires as to whether Rishabh is her child? Raynaksh concurs and gets some information about the spot of Amrit Kalash. She lets him know that she will take him there and requests that he take her to Northside.

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He begins the vehicle however it won’t move as a result of Mehek. He goes behind her to go after her. Pratha beats him and lets him know that she will not permit him to take Chanda maa. He requests that she stop him in the event that she would be able. Pratha secures him in a fire circle. She requests that Mehek leave taking Chanda. He goes after Mehek. Pratha holds him. He battles with her and lets them know they can’t stop him. He leaves taking Chanda.

Anya cries. Seema consoles Anya telling her she will converse with Raynaksh. Anya expresses she to consider it. Raynaksh requests that she show him the way. She concurs. Seema calls him and inquires as to whether he tracks down reality. He tells her Chanda is uncovering him. Raynaksh sees petroleum is finished. He stops at the bunk. Seema lets Pratha know that she will get Amrit Kalash and will destroy the country.

Raynaksh goes to the call of Seema and asks her what occurred. Seema tells Pratha needs to chat with her Mom in regulation. Pratha requests her to not uncover the area from Amrit Kalash. Chanda tells she needs to inform them to save Rishabh from Naagin Seema. Raynaksh lets Seema know that he will fill poison in Amrit Kalash.

Seema tells he will toss that Kalash in the Ganga stream which will destroy the country then I will kill your Mother in regulation and your better half. Pratha cries saying she got crushed. Seema leaves telling she can’t stand tears.

Precap – Pratha kills Raynaksh. Seema considers new snare.

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