Naagin 6 13th August 2022 Written Update

naagin season 6 Episode begins with Mahek asking her companions, how is she looking? They praise her. Mahek tells that she is going to Newyork to sign a few papers, for Rishabh's benefit. The companion commends her. Mahek tells that Rishabh never needed to see her in white dress and that is the reason she is wearing these garments, and came in this symbol.


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naagin season 6 Episode begins with Mahek asking her companions, how is she looking? They praise her. Mahek tells that she is going to Newyork to sign a few papers, for Rishabh’s benefit. The companion commends her. Mahek tells that Rishabh never needed to see her in white dress and that is the reason she is wearing these garments, and came in this symbol.

Pratha takes a gander at Rishabh’s edge in the party which tumbles down. She picks it and gets mournful eyes, reviewing his words as the casing tumbles down. Mahek comes to her and asks what’s going on with she? Pratha says this casing tumbled down. Mahek confesses to her that there is a mystery room in this house and requests that she come.

She remembers to toss her inside, and says let Shakti do what he needs. Pratha thinks she caught wind of the privileged insights behind the locked entryways which shock us. Mahek requests that she come. Shakti hears the lock opening sound and says Deepika. Mahek opens the entryway. Pratha heads inside.

Shakti is stowing away and says my Deepika came. Mahek sees Pratha’s scaling skin and thinks similarly as twilight showed up on her, her naagin symbol is uncovered. She assumes she is Pratha and not Kiara. She does without locking the entryway.

Shakti strolls towards Pratha. Yeh tere galliyan plays… Mahek thinks she is truly Pratha, that implies she is alive. Urvashi comes to Mahek. Mahek says she saw something which stunned her. Urvashi says first we will cut the cake, time is slipping away. Everybody applauds Mahek and sings blissful birthday.

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Mahek is going to cut the cake, when they hear creature thundering sound. Urvashi says this is some creature sound. Mahek thinks Pratha is doing this. All at once abruptly the tempest comes and the things tumble down. Urvashi sees the twilight falling on Mahek and requests that everybody go out.

She asks Mahek what she needed to say. Mahek says Kiara is Pratha. Urvashi says I know and she transforms into Pratha. Pratha inquires as to whether she got shock. Mahek asks who was there, whom I secured in the mystery room. The snake woman is another person, Shakti conceals seeing her. Pratha says everybody will come here in 1 min and you will become Naagin rather than Hina.

She says she will peruse a mantra and they will get freeze and fail to remember everything. They come inside and get stunned seeing Mahek as half naagin. Pratha freezes everybody. She clears Mahek’s misconception and says I am Shesh Naagin and not you. Mahek says last time you was saved, however not this time.

She says I will consume you and spits fire from her mouth. Pratha counter goes after her on her and says you are not sister, but rather a disloyalty. She says you have killed my better half, my child, my trust, kept me in the deception that my significant other is a disloyalty. However you was selling out. She says today I will get payback for everything.

After that, She goes after Mahek as snake Mujhe Dushmanon ko nahi chodna plays… ..Pratha says I won’t give you simple passing. She says you will live and will pass on another demise day to day. Pratha takes Mahek in her tail and pushes her on the ground. She loosens up everybody.

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Everybody comes to Mahek and tracks down her on the floor. Urvashi comes there. Mahek murmurs to her that Pratha is alive and will kill me. Urvashi gets strained. In the room, Mahek lets Urvashi know that she had a major battle with Pratha. Urvashi says it materialized as we talked about that. Mahek says she will see her.

She peruses in the book and tells that whoever weds Shesh Naag will be more impressive than Shesh Naagin. She says Shesh Naagin weds Shesh Naag. Yet on the off chance that she was unable to wed him, then, at that point. Whoever weds him will be Shesh Naag Rani. She says then Shesh Naagin will have safeguard Shesh Naag rani.

Urvashi says Swayamvar is going on at a hazardous spot, inside the red entryway of the naag mahal. Urvashi says she isn’t terrified and this moment likewise she is at serious risk. The snake women will seek Shesh Naag Rani. Barkha tells that she will win. naagin season 6 cast Mahek says Shesh Naag rani will be the one, who battles with risk or on the other hand assuming that she is the peril herself.

Naagin Damiyanti comes to Shesh Naag and inquires as to why he coordinated his marriage outside the red entryway. He says Naag Rani will be the person who finds bliss even in a tough situation times. Pratha comes there and battles with Mahek. All the snake women, seeing them battling. Shesh Naag hears the sound and goes out.

He sees Mahek on the floor. Mahek gets up and requests that Shesh Naag save him. Pratha says you can’t participate in this swayamvar. Mahek inquires as to why, and inquires as to whether Pratha will choose, when you have welcomed everybody.

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She inquires as to whether there is various standards for Shesh Naagin or other Naagins.  Shesh Naag says rules are same for everybody, even Mahek can participate in Swayamvar. Mahek says opportunity has arrived today. She heads inside. Pratha grins and says I realize you will come here, you have done a serious mix-up and can’t go from here.

Mahek comes inside and converses with her Nani’s casing. She says she will become Shesh Naag Rani. She approaches the red entryway. Shesh Naag comes to the Swayamvar with Damiyanti, Pratha and others. Pratha says now Swayamvar will begin, and tells about the opposition between the naagins. She says whoever arrives at Shesh Naag, will become Shesh Naag Rani.

She plays the knife. A weighty breeze comes there. They come outside to contend. Mahek pushes them down. She then, at that point, goes after the naagins with fire. They also assault Mahek. Mahek is unaffected and assaults the Naagins. Pratha says just Mahek and Barkha will go to the following round, as all the naagins are crushed. She shows the magma and says whoever strolls on this and arrive at Shesh Naag, will become Shesh Naag Rani.

Then, She says you need to stroll on the magma and prevent the other from arriving at Shesh Naag. She starts the round. Both Barkha and Mahek begin strolling on the magma. Mahek arrives from the start and strolls towards Shesh Naag. Shesh Naag stops her and expresses last round is remaining, when you win it, then just you will win the swayamvar. Mahek thinks for last round, she needs to battle with Pratha. Pratha goes towards the red entryway.

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Mahek asks for what reason would she say she is going there? Pratha opens the red entryway. The red light falls on everybody. Pratha lets Mahek know that this entryway is opened for her, and says you need to battle with the fear, which is poison and is confined in this laal manzar.

She says you need to confront Nashika. The snake women, tell that whoever finds in her eyes, is the fate of stone. They tell that Nashika is confined since 100 years, as she had made numerous naags and naagins transform into stone. Pratha says you need to battle with death, before triumph. She inquires as to whether she needs to ease off then can ease off. Mahek will not ease off and heads inside.

She says I will battle with any dread and will win. Pratha requests that she head inside and win from Nashika. Mahek heads inside. Pratha reviewing conversing with Shesh Naag about her arrangement. Shesh Naag says Shesh Naag can wed just Shesh Naagin. He says he liberated her from their marriage as she needed to wed Rishabh, and he, when all is said and done, made brahmachari vow.

He says he can’t wed at this point. She says she needs to rebuff Mahek, with the goal that she becomes stone and her spirit longs like she is longing for Rishabh and her child. Shesh Naag says assuming she wins. Pratha says she won’t win, as she needs to confront Nashika.

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Mahek goes inside apprehensive. Nashika is standing and goes after Mahek. Mahek becomes snake and slithers. Nashika tosses the things at her. Mahek stows away and figures I will not search in her eye, but rather will make her see red light, as she was unable to see seeing the red light.

Nashika says somebody came here following 100 years, I will kill you and requests that Mahek emerge. She pushes the pot. Mahek gets up and shuts her eyes. Pratha figures now Nashika will obliterate you.

Precap: Mahek becomes Shesh Naag rani and lets Pratha know that she has played this game. She deceives Pratha that her girl is alive and confines her in the harmed trap to kill her.

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