Naagin 6 12th February 2022 Written Update

Naagin season 6 episode begins with In the long term, Pandit, Buddhis, and Aghoris are talking about among themselves why the Professor called them and what's will change. At regular intervals the world will change and this gathering is required. Professor comes to the gathering and tells everybody world will change in 2020.


Naagin 6 12th February 2022 Written Update on

Naagin season 6 episode begins with In the long term, Pandit, Buddhis, and Aghoris are talking about among themselves why the Professor called them and what’s will change. At regular intervals the world will change and this gathering is required. Professor comes to the gathering and tells everybody world will change in 2020.

They don’t trust him. Professor tells he is determining what he saw. Woman Astrologer asks what he saw. Professor says computation showed the risk and I went to the sanctuary where the privileged insights are covered up and the tiger is going to assault me yet Naag devatha saved me and I found in the sanctuary that we are going go to deal with the issue.

At the lab, researcher shows the strong fluid to outsiders they arranged to assault Bharat. Everybody passes on the conversation without paying attention to the teacher’s words. In 2020 Rival country individuals blend that fluid in stream water and individuals who utilizes that water falls debilitated and it’s become pestilence. In Jan 24, 2020 Aghori and others meet Professor and asks what he found in sanctuary and how to stop this plague.

Professor says I saw amruthamadhan and I asked Naagin who will safeguard us. Holy people asks who will save them. Professor says Ichaadari sesh Naagin who lives close to Neelgiri shiv sanctuary can save us and she will come to render retribution for country not really for hers. They requests that how call shesh Naagini as it’s extreme. Professor says he will call the sesh Naagin with assistance of universes best snake charmers.

Snake charmers make an honest effort to call Naagin. Snake’s assaults them. Professor says she didn’t come and send her workers to assault us and he thinks snake charmer flopped then he sees the picture and tells two things can bring her here one is Shiv Ji and other one is the dirt of mother land. He holds soil and asks snake charges to play then Naagin comes out.

Professor and his team feel cheerful. Naagin inquires as to why they called her. Professor tells she wants to render retribution of nation and there are 20 deceivers who are the justification behind lakh of individuals demise and Sesh Naagin is expected to control it so you need to come to kill them to track down the antitoxin in Naagin season 6.

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Pratha advises I’m Naagin who came to render retribution. Her Dad asks her tell with feel. Pratha tells who will tell these lines and today is first day of my work and I will go on you to outing in the wake of getting compensation. Her father says these are little naming tasks and reminds her with regards to her union with Mayank.

Professor lets Sesh Naagin know that you can’t see the swindlers faces like previously and this time you need to track down 20 backstabbers to render retribution. Teacher sends message to guard authorities about the risk to the country.

Rishabh saves the child alongside the banner. Officials acclaim him then they examine about pandemic and asks him for what reason he look natural. His Dad tells he is Guljal grandsons and my child who is serving country like his granddad. Eve mysteries attempts to prod Pratha however they quit seeing Naagin.

Naagin sends Pratha and leaves with those young men saying she will send where they ought to have go. Pratha tells her naming. Another side Naagin beats those eveteasers. Pratha gets her compensation.

In Naagin season 6, Security will not permit the educator’s men inside and he runs and attempts to provide Rishabh with the paper of message when they are leaving in Jeep however Rishabh receives half message as the watchmen holds the men. Rishabh sees the paper that the nation is at serious risk and to save it. Educator men races to escape from security and he asks Pratha for a spot to stow away and he conceals the excess message in Pratha’s sack. Rishabh sees them however neglects to get him.

Professor men gets injured. Police let Pratha know that there is escort business occurring in the structure you’re coming and we realize that you came for naming however you want to come to the station to give an assertion. Puneeth tells Bhooth stories. Dadi inquires as to why he is telling Bhooth stories in marriage house.

Risabh gets back to house and lets them know he was occupied working. His Dad tells nation is first and you’re following your granddad steps joining military. His more youthful child tells he is following his means wedding the young lady he decided for him. Dadi lets them know they need to go to the sanctuary for pooja.

Pratha available to come in to work lets somebody know what occurred at naming focus. Her Dad comes to room and tells he feels she will land great position. Pratha inquires as to why he talks like stargazer some of the time. Mayank calls Pratha and she lets him know she will call him later. Her Dad inquires as to whether she enjoys him. Pratha tells work is vital to her. He requests that she visit sanctuary for uplifting news.

She denied however passes on to sanctuary subsequent to getting the call. At sanctuary Pandit recounts story. Ritesh taunts his story however Risabh stops him Ritesh says Mom loves Urvashi that is the reason she is getting us wedded to her little girls. Seema meets Urvashi. Professor lets Naagin know that she will meet the swindler in right time. Seema asks Urvashi for what good reason her girls didn’t came. Urvashi tells they are occupied in wedding works.

Seema tells this sanctuary is renowned for couple and in the event that they perform pooja together, they will be bound for 7births. Pratha and Rishabh performs pooja in a similar time. Pandit sees Pratha hands and tells she will change the fortune of individuals for great in Naagin season 6. Pratha tells helping his Dad is sufficient to her.

On the way, Rishabh and Ritesh meets with a mishap seeing snake and they yells for help when they tumbles off bluff edge. Pratha attempts to help Rishabh holding his hand however Rishabh hand slips from her hand and he tumbles down. Pratha gets stunned.


Precap – Professor lets Shesh Naagin know that one of the trickster have counterfeit leg. Pratha shows up at Risabh house. Seema looks stunned.

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