Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 17th June 2022 Written Update

mose chhal kiye jaaye cast Veena asks the man do they have ensure about their life then why she can ready to give ensure about the TV show. She further tells the man she cant guarantee him about anything. And she then requests that her PA return the store the man they have given her.


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mose chhal kiye jaaye cast Veena asks the man do they have ensure about their life then why she can ready to give ensure about the TV show. She further tells the man she cant guarantee him about anything. And she then requests that her PA return the store the man they have given her.

She then, at that point, asks her PA is she have some other gathering. Her PA focuses at Saumya. Veena goes to her room. Saumya follows her. Veena requests that she advise her what she needs to say. Saumya presents herself however Veena gets some information about for what reasons she is here.

Saumya tells that she can give life to a story which she is composing. Veena requests that she inform her how she is certain and requests that she tell the purpose for her words by demonstrate to her. Saumya tells that she composed a renowned show and tells it’s name. Veena tells her it’s her past and requests that she take the content.

Which is on the table and requests that she demonstrate it by making changes in that content. Saumya changes the content which Veena likes it. Veena then, at that point, requests her to compose a scene in view of a content in the span of twenty minutes and says she will take rest up to that point. Saumya begins composing a content.

In Oberoi manor Harsh hollers Armaan that he conversed with all the legal counselor’s and they generally let one know thing that it’s difficult to isolate a mother from her children particularly when they are excessively youthful and they need to hold on until they grow up.

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Armaan tells Harsh nothing comes effectively and the one that comes effortlessly called as good cause. He gives good cause to individuals yet won’t be the one to be in the less than desirable end. Prisha comes there. He tells that he will do everything possible to overcome Saumya and for that he wants her assistance. Prisha consents to help him which satisfies Armaan.

Veena wakes up and sees Saumya is infront of her and taunts her asking is she is still here. She then, at that point, takes a content from Saumya’s hand and peruses the scene composed by Saumya and gets dazzled by it. She advises Saumya that she is prepared to recruit her.

Yet there are not many circumstances and tells her that she will make changes in the scenes at whatever point she needs to likewise tells her name won’t be referenced on the grounds that her work job is only an associate author not the primary essayist. Saumya gets stunned however reviews Goldie’s words about her requiring cash to battle against Armaan who will give her difficult situations. Saumya consents to Veena’s circumstances.

Later Saumya spoils her child’s and plays with them. She then, at that point, begins composing the scenes Veena requested that she compose it. Malini brings nourishment for Saumya and the last option requests that she fend that off she will have it after she completes her work. Malini declines and feeds her Saumya saying she is her child. The following day Armaan and Prisha while heading to some place on the vehicle. Prisha learns through her mom that Saumya is heading off to some place taking the child’s with her.

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Armaan lets Prisha that know he going to do will place Saumya in additional difficulty and kisses her hand for being there to help him. Saumya and Shilpi arrives at the clinic. The auto cart driver tells he don’t have a change so Shilpi goes to bring it.

Saumya gets a call from Veena who requests that she roll out certain improvements in the scenes which she sent it to her. Saumya demands that she will converse with her in couple of moments however Veena undermines her with the compensation so mose chhal kiye jaaye serial cast Saumya secures the carriage where the child’s are kept and begins noticing down the focuses Veena is saying in her journal.

Prisha covers herself and opens the buggy then, at that point, leaves the spot. The carriage begins moving towards a bustling street. Saumya gets stunned seeing it so she drops everything from her hand and goes to stop the carriage before the child’s gets injured. Armaan comes there and prevents the buggy from moving further. He admonishes Saumya for being untrustworthy.

Individuals out and about encompasses Armaan and Saumya. Saumya protects herself saying she locked the buggy yet dont know how it opened all alone. Armaan impels the group against Saumya. The group begins denouncing Saumya for being flippant. Armaan asks Saumya what is the need to bring the child’s out. Saumya educates him regarding the child’s inoculation plan.

Armaan tells that he is concerned to leave the child’s with her as she showed everybody her reality about her untrustworthy way of behaving. Shilpi sends the group away from that point. Armaan tells that he will take the child’s with him.

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Saumya rejects reminding him about the court request however the last option reminds her the request states he gets one hour ordinary. He then, at that point, takes the infants with him. Saumya tells Veena the purpose for her detaching the call. Veena cautions her to not to wreck both her own life and expert life. She additionally requests that she send the last duplicates by following day.

Prisha lets Armaan know that she was concerned however she realizes he will be there so nothing will happen to his child’s. Armaan tells he will allow nothing to happen to his child’s except for Saumya will pay for all that for conflicting with him. Saumya sits to compose a content. She locked the carriage and considers how it get opened and thinks why she is having an inclination somebody is following through with something but she neglected to track down it and looks on.

Precap: Goldie puts a camera with the children and tells Saumya she can ready to watch her all child’s moves. Armaan lets Prisha know that they must be more cautious now and fills her it’s in regarding their timing. Prisha locks Saumya inside the room and goes to the child’s in her hidden look. Saumya requests the individual who locked her to open the entryway and cautions the individual to not to contact her child’s.

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