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meet zee tv cast Meet attached with a rope to seat in a room. Manushi strolls to her at seeing you it seems as though you are dazed subsequent to seeing me, that is the manner by which is a sister connection. Meet conversed with Manushi saying I won't leave my Meet Ahlawat.


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meet zee tv cast Meet attached with a rope to seat in a room. Manushi strolls to her at seeing you it seems as though you are dazed subsequent to seeing me, that is the manner by which is a sister connection. Meet conversed with Manushi saying I won’t leave my Meet Ahlawat.

Manushi says you have no choice, so don’t burn through my time and do as I say, make a little video saying that I’m leaving you Meet Ahlawat and make him extremely upset to see your child. Manushi eliminate tape feom her face. Meet yells where is my child. Manushi says don’t be furious it’s not really great for your wellbeing and don’t stress your child is protected on the grounds that his auntie is dealing with him.

Manushi says you ought to rest you are powerless. Meet says you need to get payback. Manushi says right estimate I’m dazzled yet it need some adjustment, yes I need to get payback from both of you and my vengeance will find success just when I make both of you separated and I know you both can not live when you are separated and your child is the main connection between both of you and I’ll make you both experience the manner in which you did to me.

Manushi recollects how Meet uncovered her actual personality. Meet says you are furious on me so for what reason are you getting my child between, don’t inconvenience him kindly give me my child and Ahlawats family is additionally connected with that child. Manushi says I know how vital that child is for Ahlawats, so you will go out if this nation and leave everything here.

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Meet says I will stay put and leave my child. Manushi says do you believe your child should endure and says it’s pouring external consider the possibility that I left the child outside. Meet says I beseech you, I’ll do as I say, I’ll leave this nation yet let me see my child one time and I’ll do anything you say. Manushi says fine I’ll do yet subsequent to seeing your child you will leave this nation yes or no?

Meet gestures her head. Manushi says great, you realize I was holding on to see you ask and presently at long last I can see you currently prepare to go air terminal. Meet says I’ll really do yet first satisfy your commitment currently let me see my child. Manushi expresses quiet down you will see your child according to commitment and show her video of her child.

Meet says kindly let me meet by child he really wants me and converse with her child says areas of strength for stay will be fine and says I need to meet him in meet upcoming twist. Manushi says time is over now prepare or, more than likely you will fail to catch your plane and recollect do as I say, on the off chance that you attempt to act shrewd nobody would see your child alive that is my commitment.

Meet says I’ll do as you say yet don’t hurt my child. Manushi leaves. Meet contemplates Meet Ahlawats condition and petition God for himself and wish she would have excused him right on time to keep away from this, she remember to get her telephone and says sometime you will get to realize that anything I did today if for our child.

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Manushi strolls to her says now is the right time to leave. Everybody in corridor. Masum says this implies Meet left you deliberately. Raj yells says mind your language did you fail to remember how to regard. Meet Ahlawat recalls the video. Raj shares with him when I pick Meet for you, I realize I have picked a precious stone, she isn’t a sprinter something is there.

Meet thinks I really want to get the number which Manushi reached to show me my child so I can follow that numbers area and find my child, I really want to get that telephone in any case. Manushi says shock and Kunal strolls in. Meet loosen her hands.

Meet Ahlawat shares with Raj she let me be everlastingly. You asked us not to leave one another but rather she left me, never contemplated me briefly due to her I’ll kick the bucket everyday now, it was only a little slip-up and she demolished my life until the end of time. Babita contemplates Meet.

Manushi says Kunal will drop you air terminal. Kunal says we should go and don’t attempt to be oversmart or, more than likely I won’t leave you. He attempt to get her. Yet Meet push her and attempt to grab his telephone. Meet and Kunal begin battling. Kunal gag her.

Manushi request that Meet pass on telephone and Kunal to quit gagging her. Meet figures you can’t free this is the main opportunity to arrive at my child. Meet hit Kunal. Kunal toss stepping stool at Meet. Stockroom bursts into flames due to hamper. Manushi request that Meet give her hand. Kunal says it’s consuming how about we go from here and remove her.

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Meet Ahlawat in his room holding there photograph and says we guaranteed one another not to leave, presently you have left me so I break my evey commitment and tear the photograph. He snatch each gift and consume them.

Meet lift the stepping stool she attempt to free her leg, she yells Meet Ahlawats name. Kunal and Manushi see distribution center consuming to ground.

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