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Meet zee tv serial, Meet Ahlawat in Tej's room. Meet Ahlawat recollect how Tej responded on account of light. Meet shares with him tgis house satisfaction is in Tej's bliss, everybody experiences in seeing him in torment, we need to discover reality behind fits. He says I'll discover a way, I won't allow him to live in torment.


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Meet zee tv serial, Meet Ahlawat in Tej’s room. Meet Ahlawat recollect how Tej responded on account of light. Meet shares with him tgis house satisfaction is in Tej’s bliss, everybody experiences in seeing him in torment, we need to discover reality behind fits. He says I’ll discover a way, I won’t allow him to live in torment.

Next morning. Meet Ahlawat and Tej dozing. Meet stroll in Tej room and wake Meet Ahlawat. Get Ahlawat wakes together says thankgod we were in Tej room or, in all likelihood don’t have the foggiest idea how he might have treated himself that is the reason I chose to remain in his room. He attach his hand with Tej’s hand and says I won’t let him be. Meet says I realize you need to keep him save and he will be save like this. Tej awaken and request that Meet play. Meet says OK we will play and request that Meet Ahlawat take him out. He says how should we. She says OK we can and you have attach his hand with yours so no compelling reason to stress.

Meet Ahlawat and Tej out in market. Tej run towards tree to break leaf. Meet Ahlawat says no don’t do that I’ll purchase soem for you accompany me and he attempt to control Tej from hogwash. A ball hit Tej . Meet Ahlawat ask him is he okay and reproves a kid. His mother ask him what occur. Kid says ball hit bhaiya and he is yelling. Woman see there hand attached with one another says in the event that he isn’t well why did you bring him out.

Meet Ahlawat tgis place is for everybody so ask your child not to play in market. Aunt says children will play, what which is unusual here is your companion so take him from here, issue is with him remove him. Meet Ahlawat become’s furious and begin yelling at him. Meet request that aunt leave and says she was correct and you have turned into Tej’s protector, look according to Tej’s perspective he need to be free and kive yet you have attach you with himself, this over adoration and over care isn’t great in this manner he will feel like an individual inside prison.

Meet Ahlawat yells at Meet says I’m attempting to do which is hest for Tej in Meet zee tv serial. Meet says attempt to figure how he should feel your affection is causing you feeble and in this manner Tej wont to be fix, attempt to think what I’m talking about this way Tej will turn out to be desolate and begin living inside a room alone, what is it that you need for Tej to partake in his life or be distant from everyone else.

Meet Ahlawat recollect cheerful time with Tej and how he love experience trip and needed to go along with him for next trip. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I’m unfortunately I need to cause you to understand that approaching back to house isn’t significant, significant is to make him ordinary. Meet Ahlawat shares with her I simply need my Tej to be great I want your assistance. Meet says I won’t allow you to lament and unfastened them, she put her hand forward and says group. The two of them join there hand with Meet.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in there room on a video call with specialist. Specialist says for Tej’s situation shock treatment is given and for these situation just half odds are there you can converse with one another and choose. Meet Ahlawat says OK specialist we will tell you after conversation.

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Babita, Ragini, Raj, Anubha and Dadi in lobby. Raj compliment them and says assuming you want any assist with doing tell us. Anubha says thank you however all the arrengement are done just Meet’s dad’s photograph should be outlined. Tej doing workmanship and specialty in lobby. Sunaina bring tea for everybody. Babita says I’m extremely glad for you that your are self ward currently, work guve you bliss. Anubha says this is conceivable due to Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Tej’s jug cap fall close to table where every one of the tidbits and Ashok Huddah photograph is kept

Meet says our response can head other path as well. Meet Ahlawat says on the off chance that his condition don’t stall great we could be out with Tej in his awful condition. Meet says risk is in all things. Meet Ahlawat says same way when you get hitched to me, you definitely realized the amount I disdain you yet at the same time you took risk. Meet says now we are together. Meet Ahlawat now our marriage is effective, I gained from you generally give 100 percent exertion and the two of them choose to go on with treatment.

In Meet zee tv serial, Tej take the snacks from table and keep it with himself to eat. Raj request that Sunaina call Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Babita says you sit with Tej I’ll call them and she leaves.

Meet Ahlawat says to specialist we are prepared for shock treatment. Specialist says I’ll share assent structure simply go through it and let me know. Meet says why assent structure. Specialist says it’s significant as I let you know there are half possibilities so entire obligation will be yours. Babita strolls higher up. Meet says OK I’ll assume entire liability. Specialist says I have sent you structure.

Meet Ahlawat says OK we will return your and kindly don’t share regarding this treatment to any of our relatives. Specialist says OK and detaches call. Meet gets out whatever do you mean we will tell lie to everybody. Meet Ahlawat says we are not lying, we will simply not sahre anything with them for quite a while, it require a great deal of solidarity to take choice, mother and Sunaina won’t concur for this.

Meet says without family endowments how tgis treatment will be within the realm of possibilities. Meet Ahlawat says we will do everything with endowments and you just said kids generally have there older folks gifts, we are not saying lie we are simply deferring to let them know truth and ask her are you with me. Meet shake his hand and says generally. Babita on entryway says so this is happening with a piece of paper in her grasp.

Meet thinks did aunt have any familiarity with Tej’s shock treatment. Babita strolls to them and says I know that you both are arranging an unexpected present for Anubha’s business. Meet Ahlawat says OK you are correct. Babita says I likewise need to realize what are you arranging in Meet zee tv serial.

Meet Ahlawat grabs the paper from her hand and says it’s a shock so you will likewise know it later on. Printer begin printing paper. Babita request that he proceed to stop it. He strolls to printer and switch it off. Babita says I’m pleased with you both on account of you now she is self ward, the two of them are first floor hanging tight for you.

Ragini shares with Tej they she is mother and she is father of your companion Meet comeon welcome them. Tej get up to welcome them yet see Ashok Huddah photograph on table, he strolls to photograph snatch in his grasp and see blazes of Ashok having chance by projectile, Tej move frightened and get yelling run going, he get red tone and spill on his photograph and begin scouring.

Babita, Meet and Meet Ahlawat come ground floor. Meet strolls to Tej and gets out whatever happen what are you doing he is my dad. Tej attempt to clarify something. Meet says you attempting to tell something, what happen attempt to recollect. Tej begin yelling flee companion flee.

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