Meet 16th April 2022 Written Update

meet serial written update starts with Shanty asks Meet for what reason does he can't stand her to such an extent. Shanty tells Babita, I am your senior siblings child how could you trust that however you are not to blame on the grounds that even Dad didn't converse with me from that point forward in light of the fact that he thinks I am making contrasts among him and his sister.


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meet serial written update starts with Shanty asks Meet for what reason does he can’t stand her to such an extent. Shanty tells Babita, I am your senior siblings child how could you trust that however you are not to blame on the grounds that even Dad didn’t converse with me from that point forward in light of the fact that he thinks I am making contrasts among him and his sister.

Babita says my bhaiji is confronting such countless issues, kindly converse with him Shanty, and get him here I need to apologize, and really at that time I will find a sense of contentment, Shanty says he won’t come you if it’s not too much trouble, come as well. Babita says we should go. Raj says Babita stand by lets think once. Babita says not today, we should go Shanty, Meet says kindly trust me I am not lying and Meet Ahlawat you trust me right, he leaves.

Raj says to Meet, assuming you have believe that you are correct, don’t step aerobics go to Meet Ahlawat accomplish something that he doesn’t free confide in you. Meet Ahlawat sits in his vehicle and thinks Meet has changed.

Meet goes to his vehicle and requests that he open entryway, Meet Ahlawat leaving, Meet seats in vehicle strongly. Meet Ahlawat says put safety belt, Meet says I won’t initially talk, Meet Ahlawat continues to increment volume so he doesn’t pay attention to her, Meet going to bang her head. Meet Ahlawat stops vehicle and recoveries her. Meet tells him, you think I am lying. Meet Ahlawat says you can’t get it done at the same time, Meet says when you say you trust me why this yet. Meet gets call so she leaves. Meet Ahlawat leaves.

Meet arrives at home in an auto and sees Meet Ahlawat’s vehicle and sees Shanty’s vehicle as well. Meet Ahlawat strolls in welcome Abhay. Babita says pandit gave the date of marriage after 7days. Abhay expresses it’s to early we will not get time to make arrengements.

Meet Ahlawat tells him we shouldn’t defer it even Shnaty and Isha will likewise get time to know one another and I am sorry to your for everything occur and we guarantee this will not repeat. Abhay expresses out loud whatever are you saying we are family, it’s alright. Meet Ahlawat strolls to Meet says I want to converse with you and take her outside.

Meet gets out whatever are you there still some left prevent this connection from occurring, do you believe I’m lying and erroneously denouncing him. Meet Ahlawat says OK I trusted you when I vehicle yet when you were chatting on your remote then you got a call from obscure number and you know what its identity was, it was Deep and I realize you meet him, yet you didn’t let me know now you quit concealing things for me, I realize you believed Isha should get hitched to Deep that is the reason you are charging him and everybody was in shock, they are holding up inside to satisfy your obligation for family kindly do or make no new wreck in any custom please and strolls inside.

Babita doing pooja of Shanty. Meet strolls to them and says it’s my entitlement to do pooja of him, assuming no one have any issue so could I at any point do. Raj says alright you can do it and Babita to give him thali. She give and leave. Meet shares with Shanty I need to do tilak so for that kindly approached and expresses murmurs to him fail to remember that considered taking Isha to your home in next 7 days I’ll draw out reality with regards to you.

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Shanty says the reality of the situation will surface at some point, let me let you know one thing I’m Scorpio and it will be risky for you so avoid this Scorpio. Meet Ahlawat strolls to them. Babita ask what are you talking. Meet doesn’t say anything. Shanty says at last she has acknowledged me and was saying she is so cheerful and saluting me. Abhay shares with Babita don’t stress they were simply getting along and undermine Meet. Meet says I saw very well everything. Babita shares with Abhay how about we examine for later capacity. Meet Ahlawat thinks I realize that grin she is considering something, I’m stressed over that.

Meet Ahlawat debris her will you let me know happening to you. Meet expresses out loud whatever do you mean. Meet Ahlawat says I realize that shrewdness grin so let me know what are you arranging against Shanty. Meet says sush and say nothing take a gander at me with adoration and begin playing with Meet Ahlawat, she takes cash from his wallet. Meet Ahlawat says this much love and less of cash why so.

Meet expresses if next time you leave me some place so I ought to have cash currently listen recall one thing this shouldn’t rehash. Meet Ahlawat says let me know one thing are you going to make an issue in the upcoming capacity. Meet says issue couldn’t say whether it’s been made by Mr or Mrs. Meet Ahlawat and you are failing to remember one thing I tackle issue and take off. Meet Ahlawat says she befuddled me now.

Masum gets out whatever do you mean you permitted Meet to do pooja of Shanty however why. Ragini says Meet adjusted her perspective. Babita says OK she did all that no one constrained her. Masum says you fail to remember all that how Meet disregarded Shanty how are you gusy so idiotic in written update of meet. Ragini says on the off chance that she disapproved of connection, why she wouyhave done Pooja. Raj says I think she understood her mix-up and need to tell everybody she is heartbroken and I figure we ought to allow her opportunity. Masum says alright fine in the event that you think, I simply trust she make no new show.
Meet strolls in. Babita discussing the adornment and every single subtleties of program. Masum says your thought is great yet I figure we ought to accomplish something other than what’s expected recollect the way that my companions spouse proposed her, he put ring in her beverage and afterward he proposed. Ragini gets out whatever on the off chance that Isha swallow the ring with drink no I can’t face challenge. Sunaina says after all Isha like natural product juice. Slam says how about we do it regularly.

Raj says this thought is hazardous I figure we ought to accomplish something that everybody recall. Masum says OK this ought to be important and draw out the consideration of everybody very much like our Meet who takes all the consideration. Meet says this is correct, I have a thought for that I want a string. Ragini ask Sunaia to brind. Meet take the string and request that Meet Ahlawat present your hand and take one rupee coin too she bind to it and opposite finish of string she tosses it on first floor and go there. Masum says now you will pull bhai up. Meet says no I’ll send my trust down and send the ring through the string and it goes pits completely in his finger.

PreCape: Babita ask Meet Ahlawat truly do Meet have truly acknowledged Shanty or she is. Meet Ahlawat says don’t stress she will do nothing she has acknowledged him. Meet assaults a dance bar says no one will move. Shanty takes a gander at Meet and get stunned. Meet says you have saved my 6 days and kick him to prevent him from running and says come everybody is holding on to see your genuine faces.

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