Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2022 Written Update

kumkum bhagya episode begins with Prachi requesting that Rhea go through a DNA test to demonstrate that she is conveying Ranbir's child. Rhea asks what are you talking about. Prachi says you questioned my pregnancy so I'm questioning your pregnancy and I feel this isn't Ranbir's child.


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kumkum bhagya episode begins with Prachi requesting that Rhea go through a DNA test to demonstrate that she is conveying Ranbir’s child. Rhea asks what are you talking about. Prachi says you questioned my pregnancy so I’m questioning your pregnancy and I feel this isn’t Ranbir’s child.

Alia says Rhea will not go through any tests. Prachi says then I will not wed Sid. Alia says all marriage game plans are finished. Pallavi stops Alia. She says Prachi is pointing at our standing, we realize Rhea is conveying Ranbir’s child so how about we clear her doubt as I don’t believe that anybody should point us.

Afterwards, She requests that Rhea go for a DNA test the following morning to close down Prachi. She says tomorrow night will be Sangeet and the following day Prachi’s marriage will occur with Sid. Rhea gets strained. Everybody leaves.

Rhea goes to her room in strain. Alia enters behind Rhea. She lets Alia know that she might get uncovered assuming she goes through a DNA test. Rhea and Alia fault one another. Rhea says she can’t take this pressure any longer and she might pass on. Alia says it’s simply a fit of anxiety. She requests that Rhea unwind and requests that she talk with her Primary care physician companion Madhurima about doing a phony DNA test. Rhea concurs and calls her.

Prachi figures this test will demonstrate on the off chance that Rhea is pregnant or not. Prachi thinks they are twins however unique in relation to one another in mindsets. She detects something and turns. She sees Ranbir. Ranbir expresses gratitude toward her. Prachi inquires as to why.

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Ranbir says you know and leaves. Prachi says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Ranbir returns and tells Prachi that he will be cheerful realizing that she is the person who will be the mother of his youngster. He shares with her she is close to his heart and leaves. Prachi feels significantly better. Prachi lets her child know that they should be with their father generally.

Sid in strain contemplates his sister. Prachi comes there. Sid chides Prachi for putting his sister’s life in extreme danger. Prachi guarantees him that nothing will happen to Mihika. She requests that he sit tight for later as Rhea and Alia will be uncovered and Mihika will be saved. And she says you will get your sister and I will get my significant other. She says she really wants Shahana’s assistance and calls her.

Alia asks Rhea for what reason she isn’t going to calls. Rhea says she doesn’t have any idea. Alia requests that she call her once more. Rhea calls her. Madhurima goes to the call. Rhea requests that Madhurima play out a phony DNA test on her. Madhurima says she will charge more in kumkum bhagya written update.

Rhea consents to pay the cash and requests that she accomplish the work accurately. Pallavi strolls in on them. Rhea drops the telephone. Madhurima acknowledges somebody came. Pallavi asks Rhea what occurred. Rhea doesn’t say anything. Alia requests that Rhea talk about her thoughts with Pallavi as she figures out you. Rhea looks on.

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Alia says Rhea can’t uncover so I’m telling you, Rhea is feeling embarrassed by Prachi’s allegations. She says Rhea will be tense until the DNA report is out. Pallavi embraces Rhea. She says compelling reason need to sit tight for later so how about we do the DNA test today itself. She goes to converse with Ranbir. Rhea reproves Alia. Alia stops her and requests that she call Madhurima to deal with the circumstance. Pallavi returns and takes Rhea with her for the test.

Prachi thinks Sid is right in his place, Rhea can do anything out of frustration. Dida cheerfully embraces Prachi and acclaims her concept of Rhea’s DNA test. Dida says Ranbir will stop this marriage once the outcomes came negative and this DNA test will settle everything.

Ranbir comes there. Prachi attempts to stop Dida however she doesn’t. Dida says Ranbir won’t allow you to leave him once he finds he isn’t the dad of Rhea’s child as he adores you. Prachi and Ranbir are lost in one another eyes.

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