Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update

kumkum bhagya episode begins with Rhea getting a call. She requests that everybody check whether there is Prachi's moving video with Sid. She peruses the message that Prachi crossed all constraints of disgrace. Ranbir and Prachi are stunned. Everybody watches the video. Ranbir breaks his telephone out of frustration.


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kumkum bhagya episode begins with Rhea getting a call. She requests that everybody check whether there is Prachi’s moving video with Sid. She peruses the message that Prachi crossed all constraints of disgrace. Ranbir and Prachi are stunned. Everybody watches the video. Ranbir breaks his telephone out of frustration.

Afterwards, Pallavi asks what’s going on with him. Ranbir says he won’t leave media sources. Alia expresses think with a cool brain, in this video, Prachi is hitting the dance floor with you and Sid so individuals misjudged the situation and question Prachi’s personality. Ranbir says they are condemning, why should they compose hogwash?

Ranbir says he will record a body of evidence against the paper. Rhea says numerous news gateways shared the news so it’s great assuming that we demonstrate them they are off-base. Ranbir says he hasn’t arrived to demonstrate them and how might they venture to do attack our family’s protection. Pallavi says she needs to pass on some place as it’s an affront to their family alongside Prachi. Ranbir attempts to say something.

After that, Pallavi stops him and admonishes him for not pondering their family notoriety. She says their family notoriety is in question as a result of him, Sid, and Prachi. Pallavi says till now we are in news due to our accomplishments yet presently we became tattle content. Ranbir says who needs to kill Prachi may be behind this criticism and I won’t leave them.

Pallavi says nobody can break a family except for it happens when there is a break in the family and we have that break in light of Prachi’s pregnancy so presently stigmatizing us is simple. Ranbir says she can’t talk along these lines. Pallavi takes Prachi with her. Ranbir attempts to stop Pallavi. Pallavi requests that he handle Ranbir.

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Furthermore, Vikram requests that Ranbir stop however he doesn’t and leaves. Dida feels discombobulated. Vikram holds her and requests that Aryan call Specialist. Pallavi takes Prachi to her room. She chides Prachi for moving intimately with Sid. She calls Prachi a terrible individual who couldn’t care less about them. Prachi attempts to make sense of for her that she sat idle yet Pallavi doesn’t tune in.

She requests that Prachi shut up and requests that she call the correspondent and lets them know that you will wed Sid and not having an extra marrital illicit relationship with Sid. Prachi is going to take the telephone. Dida takes the telephone from Pallavi and tells Pallavi that Prachi won’t call anybody. She leaves taking the telephone. Pallavi follows her. Aryan hears it.

On the way, Ranbir ponders everything in kumkum bhagya written update. Aryan calls Ranbir and illuminates him that Pallavi is venting her dissatisfaction at Prachi. Meanwhile, Prachi comes there and takes the telephone. She tells Ranbir all is well. Ranbir doesn’t trust her and takes a u-go to home.

Pallavi requests that Dida return her telephone. Dida calls Vikram. Vikram asks her what occurred. However, Dida lets him know Pallavi is ordering Prachi and faulting her for everything. Vikram asks Pallavi what she did. Pallavi says Prachi did a slip-up and we are confronting this maligning in light of Prachi. Dida says you can reprove Prachi yet you can’t point her personality.

Pallavi asks Dida for what reason she is taking Prachi side? Ahead, She uncovers to Vikram that she requested that Prachi let a columnist know that she is wedding Sid and not having an extramarital illicit relationship. Vikram requests that she quiet down. Ranbir gets back. He asks her what occurred.

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After that, Rhea says everybody is addressing mother despite the fact that she is attempting to take care of the issue. At this point, Pallavi says express gratitude toward God basically Rhea figured out me. Ranbir tells Pallavi that those articles are paid one. He says he will call Pradeep and socks him.

Rhea tells Alia that she might get uncovered assuming Ranbir calls Pradeep. Further, Ranbir calls Pradeep. Alia requests that Prachi call the Journalist. Thereafter, Ranbir stops her. Rhea reproves Prachi for harming Kohli’s name.

Moreover, She inquires as to whether she is partaking in the criticism. Though, Ranbir requests that Rhea not include and tosses the seat. In addition, Pallavi says everybody knows the answer for this issue, she says she will perform Sid and Prachi marriage soon so media will deliver a conciliatory sentiment letter.

Additionally, Rhea says Prachi needs to apologize to us as she maligned our name via conveying Sid’s kid. Prachi requests that she quit pointing her pregnancy. Afterwards, She uncovers to everybody that Rhea is lying and she isn’t conveying Sid’s kid. Sid gets stunned and alarms her. Prachi reviews Mihika’s life is at serious risk. Ranbir asks Prachi what’s she talking about.

Ahead, Prachi says Rhea is calling me characterless yet I’m saying Rhea is characterless. At this time, Alia requests that she not change the subject. Prachi says she feels Rhea isn’t conveying Ranbir’s child. Rhea says mind your words and doesn’t redirect the subject.

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To sum up, Prachi says she is moving accurately. She requests that Rhea have a DNA test to demonstrate that she is conveying Ranbir’s child. While, Rhea gets strained. Prachi figures she accomplished something useful and along these lines, everybody will understand what Rhea is stowing away.

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