Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd July 2022 Written Update

kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey written episode begins with Anubhav declining to take off from his obligation towards Gungun. Akriti yells shut up and hits Anubhav. The last option attempts to quiet her down. He requests that she not make any longer scene. Akriti says that she will tell everything to Charudatt. Anubhav says that it won't transform anything.


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kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey written episode begins with Anubhav declining to take off from his obligation towards Gungun. Akriti yells shut up and hits Anubhav. The last option attempts to quiet her down. He requests that she not make any longer scene. Akriti says that she will tell everything to Charudatt. Anubhav says that it won’t transform anything.

He reapects Charudatt, however this time he will pay attention to his heart. Charudatt trained him to take off from his obligation. Gungun is additionally his obligation and he will satisfy it, assuming she definitely dislikes this, they should part away. Akriti yells that he will figure that and not him out.

Gungun telephones magistrate and says that she needs to discuss the individual who grabbed and gave Anubhav to the fear mongers. Official says that she needs to discuss Ranvijay. Gungun stunned that magistrate knows about this. She inquires as to why they didn’t capture Ranvijay.

Magistrate says that they have captured him, however he got bail because of absence of evidence against him. He asks how Gungun know this and in the event that she has any verification against him. Gungun says that the casualty told her and asks what’s the greatest evidence than this. She adds that Ranvijay made misfortune her as well. Chief asks what misfortune. Gungun says that she will deal with. Gungun demands magistrate to help her again to get Ranvijay captured. Chief says that he will see what he can do.

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The chief calls an official and orders to resume Anubhav’s case and take his assertion. The official says that Gungun and Anubhav deceived them, they aren’t a couple. Gungun herself pronounced it in the honor service. He adds that Anubhav’s better half’s name is Akriti. Chief is stunned to know this. However he requests to return Anubhav’s record once more and see whether truly Ranvijay is engaged with this or it was finished by Anubhav and Gungun. He requests to bring the case record to him.

The official calls Ranvijay’s father and says that Anubhav’s case is returned. He can do nothing as this time official is taking care of the case. He additionally says that Gungun requested that magistrate resume the case. Ranvijay’s father gets down on Ranvijay and informs him regarding something very similar. He chastens Ranvijay. The last option says to allow him three days that he will make everything fine.

At the Kulshreshths Charudatt reprimands Anubhav for discussing divorce in this house. Anubhav says that he can’t conceal reality any longer. Goli inquires as to whether everything Anubhav said to two days before isn’t reality. Anubhav says that it was a misconception. He says that somebody requested that Gungun disappear from her and he feels that Charudatt is that individual.

Charudatt inquires as to whether Gungun told him. Anubhav comprehends that Charudatt did this. He says that Charudatt fouled up. Charudatt says that he will do everything in his likelihood to make Gungun away from him. Anubhav says that Charudatt can’t do this. Chandru chides Anubhav for opposing Charudatt for Gungun with whom he has no any connection.

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Anubhav says that Gungun is his beginning and end. Sunanda reminds Anubhav that Akriti is his significant other. Anubhav says that he remembered it. He says that he knows that he is fouling up with Akriti, so he needs to separate from her. Charudatt takes steps to toss him out in the event that he discusses separate. Anubhav says that he is prepared to acknowledge it assuming this is his discipline for cherishing.

Sargam, Chandru and the excess family chasten Anubhav supporting Akriti while Golu and Ankit support Anubhav. Charudatt feels that Gungun educated Anubhav regarding his solicitation and incited him against her. He chooses to never pardon her for that in kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey upcoming twist. Chandru and Sargam share with Charudatt that they will consent to anything choice he will take on Anubhav’s matter.

Charudatt cries and says that even his sibling and this house child in regulation began to oppose him. Chandru requests that Charudatt preclude him from going out. Anubhav says that they have zero control over his heart, nobody can isolate him from Gungun. Charudatt inquires as to whether that young lady is everything for him, his family and relations have no incentive for him.

Anubhav says that when a man sees his passing extremely nearer to him, the meaning of life changes for him. He says that his passing can come whenever. And he needs to leave his existence with Gungun and not feeling choked. He inquires as to whether he didn’t return alive. He asks whom they will reprove, on whom Akriti will guarantee her privileges.

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Anubhav says that Gungun saved him. He will constantly recollect this and love. Akriti shares with Anubhav to do what he feels right and says that she will do what she feels right. She adds to not fault her for that.

Anubhav asks what she will do. Akriti says that time will say this. She attempts to leave. Nithi stops her. Anubhav says that Akriti won’t say such grandiose talk without thinking and asks what she will do. Akriti concurs with Anubhav and says that she thought something.

All of a sudden Anubhav gets call from a man who claims himself as Mumbai investigator and requests that Anubhav come Mumbai the following day as his case is getting returned. Anubhav inquires as to why it’s getting resumed. He says that Anubhav needs to come here to know this. It was uncovered that this individual is a faker.

Anubhav shares with his family that Mumbai police called him to Mumbai for his case resuming. Family asks why they called him. Golu says that perhaps to take his assertion. Chandru asks how he knows this. Golu says that since he realizes that whom police thinking him.

Charudatt says that Anubhav will not go to Mumbai. Anubhav asks what is his shortcoming in the event that police called him. Akriti says that he is to blame, on the off chance that he hadn’t taken Gungun Mumbai, everything could not have possibly occurred. Golu says that Akriti will comprehend. Who is the guilty party assuming he contemplates anything more than Gungun. Ankit says that they realize she generally dislikes Gungun, however here the matter is unique.

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Charudatt asks what the matter is. Golu says that he will get to know it. Akriti still blmaes Gungun for police getting back to back to Mumbai. Sargam inquires as to why Gungun doesn’t allow them to leave calmly. Chandru says that it is actually the case that Gungun saved Anubhav. Anubhav says that it would be better in the event that. She had let him as he got enough of his life stunning his loved ones.

Precap: Anubhav telephones Gungun and says that Mumbai police called him, so he is going to Mumbai. Gungun says that she is likewise coming. Ranvijay says his man to kill Anubhav and afterward Gungun will vanish of distress.

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