Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd June 2022 Written Update

kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey Charudatt saying that Anubhav will not go anyplace leaving his loved ones. Akriti says that family is significant. Anubhav frowns at Akriti. Goli asks where Goli, Yug and Ankit. Charudatt says that they will come at night flight.


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kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey Charudatt saying that Anubhav will not go anyplace leaving his loved ones. Akriti says that family is significant. Anubhav frowns at Akriti. Goli asks where Goli, Yug and Ankit. Charudatt says that they will come at night flight.

Afterwards, Sunanda gets some information about Gungun. Charudatt cautions to not take her name. Sargam says that media is saying that Gungun saved Anubhav. Charudatt says that Anubhav was dead because of Akriti’s karma and great demonstration. He calls Gungun extortion and says that she got Anubhav dressed together as a medical caretaker Despite his advance notice. Akriti inquires as to whether she would give wrong medication to Anubhav.

The last option says to stop her garbage. Anubhav protects Gungun and says the endeavors she put to save his life putting her life in extreme danger. He asks Akriti where she was when Gungun was battling to save him. Akriti says that Gungun did this for exposure not really for him. She calls Gungun egotistical and chastens her.

After that, Anubhav yells shut up and cautions to not express a word against Gungun. Akriti contends with him. Charudatt expresses them to stop. Sargam tells Anubhav that Akriti could never have gone to Mumbai on the off chance that she could have done without him. Family safeguards Akriti. Anubhav says that Akriti has no options to criticize Gungun. Charudatt tells Anubhav to not take any choice that he will lament from now on.

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Furthermore, Anubhav says that he took this choice with all his sense. He says that main Gungun was searching for him when all left Mumbai. He says that nobody would must realize that he got hijacked on the off chance that Gungun hadn’t enrolled a police grumbling. She was searching for him constantly yet Akriti says that she accomplished for exposure. Charudatt says that he can be thankful to Gungun, yet he can’t runaway from his obligation towards Akriti.

Anubhav says that he isn’t taking off from his obligation, yet he won’t ease off from the commitment he provided for Gungun. Charudatt concludes to accomplish something before the matter leaves the hand. Opposite side Ranvijay’s father rescues Ranvijay’s.

Moreover, At Kulshreshths, family is eating together. Goli asks Golu for what reason he didn’t accompany others. He gives some reason. Sunanda communicates her happiness about eating as family after long-lasting. Akriti says that she made light nourishment for him upon specialist guidelines. Anubhav prevents Akriti from serving it to him. Sargam says that this is Akriti’s affection and care for Anubhav.

Anubhav says that Gungun didn’t have food or water for three days feeling that he would be starving as well and says that this is love. Charudatt cautions Anubhav to not take Gungun’s name. Anubhav contends with Charudatt and leaves the eating table. Charudatt says that their family isn’t together notwithstanding leaving under a similar rooftop.

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After that, The following morning Gungun is astounded when Charudatt visits her. She welcomes him, however he won’t come in saying that she will make him to leave subsequent to hearing his discussion. Gungun asks what the matter is, assuming all is great. Charudatt says that nothing is fine. He says that Anubhav has transformed, he isn’t with them in spite of being among them.

And he says that he generally appealed to God for his family’s harmony, however today his different into two section, one section upholds Gungun another Akriti. He says that Anubhav didn’t comprehend regardless of his endeavors. And he says that Anubhav doesn’t pay attention to anybody aside from Gungun. He further says that Anubhav’s demonstration can destroy his family’s regard and he can’t live after that.

Afterwards, He asks Gungun to return his Anubhav, save his family from going to pieces and save his regard in kabhi kabhie ittefaq sey written update. Gungun asks how. Charudatt says that Anubhav will come to meet her in spite of his advance notice, so he requests that Gungun disappear from him by getting hitched to the kid with whom her wedding was fixed. Charudatt says that his regard and life is in her grasp.

Gungun is reviewing Charudatt’s words. She accepts Anubhav’s call, yet she doesn’t get it. Gungun says that she’s yearning to address him, yet she will not. She says that she saw in Charudatt eyes the aggravation of his family self-destructing. She says that she can’t see Anubhav’s family going to pieces. Gungun chooses to stay away from Anubhav henceforth. In addition, Anubhav messages Gungun that he will come to her home to meet her.

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On the off chance that she doesn’t answer his call. He asks why she’s not noting her calls. Golu says that she should be drained. Here Gungun imagines that there’s just to disappear from Anubhav. She calls Ranvijay.

The last option gets strained on seeing Gungun’s call. He contemplates whether she got to realize he given Anubhav to the psychological oppressor. To sum up, He gets the call and shows his phony concern. Gungun says to stop his theatrics and inquires as to whether he comes to her home late evening. Ranvijay inquires as to why. Gungun imagines that on the grounds that Anubhav can home to her home after his family will rest. She tells Ranvijay that she some work.Ranvijay consents to come.

Precap: Gungun inquires as to whether he actually adores her. Ranvijay says that he cherishes without a doubt and he missed her parcel. Gungun inquires as to whether he can wed her. Ranvijay concurs. Gungun says that she’s additionally prepared for this marriage. Anubhav stands stunned on hearing this.

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