Kaamnaa 16th May 2022 Written Update

kaamnaa written update starts with Akanksha remaining in the workplace is recording when she asks Neha how might she avoid the youngster who she brought forth and, surprisingly, really focused on seven years, she doesnot even reserve the privilege to meet him as it has been truly since a long time ago she heard him call her mom.


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kaamnaa written update starts with Akanksha remaining in the workplace is recording when she asks Neha how might she avoid the youngster who she brought forth and, surprisingly, really focused on seven years, she doesnot even reserve the privilege to meet him as it has been truly since a long time ago she heard him call her mom.

Akanksha inquires as to whether she plays bombed the part of a mother she acknowledges that she is noticeably flawed yet this doesnot mean he would remove the option to meet her main child for a solitary gathering. Neha goes about as though she is crying which stresses Mr Holkar who attempts to think what has befallen Neha.

She is sorry to Akanksha saying she didn’t realized this was a major issue any other way she would have dropped the gathering. Sir advised her that she was going to come however she didn’t have any acquaintance with it. Vibhav in the house is happy reasoning the two of them have made a decent show as they are great entertainers. Neha apologizes. However Akanksha demands meeting her child Yatharth.

Yatharth is sitting in his room while the photographs are consuming. Sakshi mam is likewise remaining over the oven while the milk bubbles over. Malti aunti comes makes sense of this is what is going on as she is as yet suspecting about the previous occasions of her life. Which isn’t correct when she should continue on in her life. Sakshi mam acknowledges she is talking reality. Yatharth is attempting to open the entryway however can’t. He even calls the house laborers for help yet they donot come to his call.

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Mr Holkar requests that Neha leave. He makes sense of that the individual she is accusing is the CEO of his organization. And his choice are based exclusively to improve the organization and he has left his own life to the side. Akanksha says she is continuously going to petition God for his better future. And felt truly pleasant subsequent to seeing his home. Yet with the colossal houses there is a ton of forlornness. Which they can’t end. Sakshi mam is getting fretful while cleaning up.

Akanksha in the workplace makes reference to that regardless of who comes in the existence of a kid. They can never satisfy the need of a mother. Manav out of nowhere gets a call from the specialist in his home who is getting some information about the keys to the rooms. He specifies that he has them in his pocket when they request that he rush since there is smoke coming from the room of Yatharth and he can’t open the entryway.

Manav in the vehicle requests that the driver drive quick when he asks for what reason is Akanksha calling him over and over. He calls the specialist mentioning him to quickly come to his home yet the specialist illuminates he is in Mumbai for a meeting. He can’t hear Manav so closes the call.

Manav arrives at his home where he catchs the furniture prior to racing into the room. He rapidly gets Yatho in his arms, training them to request that the driver start the vehicle however all of a sudden they see a specialist remaining in the house. She illuminates the kid needs emergency treatment so he should put him down. Manav places Yatho while the specialist begins checking. She asks who is Akanksha.

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She fights against eminent loss uncovering she is the mother of Yatho, Akanksha asks assuming her child would get fine to which the specialist makes reference to he is just oblivious in view of breathing in the smoke. He will awaken when the oxygen level increments. While she is additionally going to give him an infusion to loosen up his lungs. Akanksha goes about as though she is stressed, Manav is sobbing while Yatho at long last awakens subsequent to hacking, the two of them breath a moan of alleviation.

kaamnaa cast Yatharth removes his cover mentioning Manav to request that she leave, Akanksha requests that Manav make Yatharth wear the veil since he isn’t well, Manav standing inquiries Kumar how could it work out, he answers Yatharth consumed somet5hing in his room, and it got locked. They made an honest effort to open it and, surprisingly, called him. However he would have gotten oblivious due to the smoke. The specialist inquires as to for what reason was neither of them present with their child. Akanksha uncovers she doesnot live here, Manav illuminates they are separated.

Sakshi mam is extremely fretful in her home. When Malti aunti asks what occurred. So Sakshi mam makes sense of she is feeling truly strained so will proceed to meet Yatho. Malti aunti shouts nothing will occur assuming she goes there as she should now continue on in her life. In light of the fact that in that book there is only pressure and issues so she should close it. And not drag everybody to return to that equivalent book.

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Sakshi mam demands Malti aunti to remain silent else as she is as of now broken and doesnot know how much this world will break her. She begins crying while at the same time discarding the sack in the mean time Malti aunti consoles her. Manav is with yatho. While the specialist inquires as to whether he is fine. Manav questions what was what he consumed. Yatho requests that he request that she leave since. In such a case that she left one time why does she return over and over. The specialist shouts these are awful habits.

Manav likewise encourages him to chat with deference. Akanksha shouts that now his dad is additionally present with him so he should simply listen that she truly misses him when the specialist requests that Manav accompany her briefly, she illuminates that there is a great deal of outrage filled in his child and he should deal with him if not Yatharth could accomplish something much more perilous, she can see he is truly furious with his mom.

The specialist recommends that he should have somebody who stays with Yatharth consistently, Manav is continually taking a gander at Akanksha and Yatharth when the specialist encourages him to first end the doubt in quite a while mind, Manav goes to see the specialist off.

Akanksha is sitting alongside yatho making sense of that she truly misses him and needs to be with him consistently, she subsequent to awakening believes that he would come to her however he isn’t living with her, she inquires as to whether he can pardon her when Yatharth answers that he won’t ever excuse her nor does he need to chat with her.

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Akanksha is on the call with Vibhav who can hear eveyrhting, he doesnot feel pleasant when she shouts, she is living with him however simply needs to see her child. Manav is with the specialist who guarantees him that Yatharth would be fine, Manav reviews how Sakshi mam likewise encouraged him to either employ a babysitter or call his Grandmother, he demands the specialist to propose a caretaker when the specialist answers they recruited a babysitter for their kids who she thinks would be ideal for Yatho, she consents to send Yashoda to his home tomorrow.

Akanksha binds to appease yatho however he leaves out of resentment, Manav comes into the house, Akanksha makes sense of that she realizes she has committed a few errors which can never be remedied yet presently yatho lives with him and it is upto him to ensure that he doesnot his mom, who can say for sure this hatered could degree to every one of the ladies later on, the emotional wellness of Yatharth is in the possession of Manav, she demands to meet him tomorrow and even looks for consent to remain in his home this evening yet Manav answers it wouldn’t be alright assuming they are together.

Precap: Yatharth while resting in the bed requests that Manav not permit his ex to tremendous their home. Manav calls Malti aunti who uncovers Sakshi has consented to get hitched and presently he should recommend an appropriate proposition.

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