Kaamnaa 13th June 2022 Written Update

kaamnaa written update begins with Sakshi empowering an agitated Holkar who's stressed over Niharika. He says it was only a reason when he told that he needed to come there for food. He says that he came there for harmony as he can't quit stressing over Niharika's life and her future.


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kaamnaa written update begins with Sakshi empowering an agitated Holkar who’s stressed over Niharika. He says it was only a reason when he told that he needed to come there for food. He says that he came there for harmony as he can’t quit stressing over Niharika’s life and her future.

Niharika comes there with youngsters and Sakshi looks for Manav. Niharika says Sakshi that Manav went out for some work and will be there soon. She expresses gratitude toward Sakshi for dealing with the children and says that she was there for them when their own moms were not with them. Manav comes there with Malti astonishing all.

Yadhu gets blissful seeing her and inquires as to whether she will remain with them. Manav says OK and includes that from now they all will remain together. Manav acquaints Niharika with Malti who acclaims Ayesha to be a developed young lady for her age. Niharika tells her that her girl is no less who is dealing with everybody with such a consideration and concern. She showers acclaims on Sakshi and Sakshi requests that she stop by applauding her. She takes Malti to set up her.

Manav stops Sakshi and inquires as to for what reason did she take off from without illuminating at Holkar’s House. Sakshi has a go at concocting some rationalization yet Manav comprehends that she understood left and says that they may be troop yet she’s the top of the troop.

He says that they were all ready to find Niharika simply because if her and asks her to never see herself as alone. Sakshi gets overpowered. Manav gifts Sakshi and requests that she open it. Sakshi opens it to find a music box and likes it a ton. She says thanks to Manav and Manav leaves.

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Sakshi tells herself the Manav is a mind-blowing beat and gets stunned with her thought process. Manav comes to Malti to help her lift a pack. She favors Manav and Manav requests that she keep showering her favors on him for his entire life and he would succeeds anything.

He says that he coerced her to come to the house yet gets some information about Sakshi. He says that in the future both she and Sakshi are her obligation and he will do anything for them. Malti gets cheerful and favors him with sad eyes. Manav says he can’t stand tears. Sakshi witness everything.

Malti says that she realize that she presently cherishes Manav as she can see it in his eyes. Sakshi becomes flushed and consents to it and Malti goes to see them get all together. Sakshi requests that Niharika get hitched once more and Niharika messes with her.

She says that she lost seven years of her life in jail and she felt choked out all in view of her adoration in kaamnaa serial story. And she says she’s content with her life now and needs to move in her business. She says that they are her family and Ayesha additionally says that Manav deals with her like his little girl and Yadhu calls her Didi. Sakshi again lashes out.

Ayesha gets Malti’s call who examine about Sakshi and Manav’s relationship. They again start their preparation however chooses to not wreck it like last time. They initially choose to cause Sakshi to consent to their desire. Akanksha calls Vaibhav however he cuts the call. Vaibhav picks it when she calls once more and says that he’s with Niharika.

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Akanksha gets baffled and thinks that Manav was better who satisfied every one of her desires without her asking it. Manav sees Holkar having medication and gets some information about it. Holkar says regarding his medical issue which he stowed away from all and asks some help from Manav. He says he’s continuing his medication as he needs to live with his girl. He requests Manav’s hand for Niharika stunning Manav.

Precap : Yasgu, Ayesha and Sakshi will play a game where Yadhu gets blindfolded and contacts Sakshi’s hand. He will distinguish her promotion his mom and Sakshi gets profound. Yadhu will find out if she would turn into his mom and Akanksha will observer everything.

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