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    Imlie 7th September 2022 Written Update

    imlie episode begins with Malini calls a performer to engage Cheeni. Entertainer arises a doll. Cheeni asks who is it. Malini says Imlie's future. Entertainer vanishes doll and transforms it into a debris. Cheeni to her rudest self yells what did Khali Mali/Malini do with Imlie. Malini says not yet, however in the event that Cheeni doesn't comply with her, she will see her mom's fury.
    Saltfeed   -  September 5, 2022
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    Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Update

    imlie episode begins with those locals discarding Chini and Aryan saves her. And Imlie feels eased seeing that. One of the residents comes to caution Aryan however he punches him. Different men apologize to Imlie and leave in dread. Chini says she realized Aryan will act the hero.
    Saltfeed   -  August 4, 2022
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    Imlie 20th July 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Aryan standing quiet. His family advises him to stop Imlie. Arpita says Imlie and Aryan are deficient without one another so the two of them ought to end the matter by saying 'sorry' Aryan doesn't answer and Imlie likewise feels broke.
    Saltfeed   -  July 19, 2022
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    Imlie 19th July 2022 Written Update

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    Saltfeed   -  July 18, 2022
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    Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Update

    imlie written episode begins with the NGO laborers conversing with Narmada. They ask her for what valid reason Imlie has acquired an anonymous child the house without illuminating the police or anybody. Its against regulation and not legitimate. Narmada says that child was crying alone so they brought her home. Arpita stops the laborers saying they cannot remove the youngster from them effectively yet they should converse with Imlie and Aryan before that. Arpita and Sundar go to track down Imlie in the house.
    Saltfeed   -  July 8, 2022
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    Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Imlie conversing with the child with her stammering voice. Aryan gets diverted hearing that and he tells her not to talk like that with the child. Imlie inquires as to why? He answers that reviews say on the off chance that they converse with child in stammering voice, the child likewise begins stammering in the wake of growing up.
    Saltfeed   -  July 7, 2022
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    Imlie 7th July 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Imlie telling Aryan not to fault himself as she doesnt have any protest against him. She cherishes him the most. Aryan expresses as a result of his ineptitude he was going to lose her and their youngster. He feels remorseful and embraces her firmly.
    Saltfeed   -  July 6, 2022
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    Imlie 6th July 2022 Written Update

    imli written update episode begins with Imlie and Aryan lying on the ground. Aryan is oblivious and Imlie can't move. Jyoti comes there to see them. She expresses hey to Kairi otherwise known as Imlie. She then goes to Aryan and weeps for him.
    Saltfeed   -  July 5, 2022
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    Imlie 5th July 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Imlie seeing that the hooligans are attempting to give infusion to Aryan and choose to kill him. Imlie begins her theatrics saying these liquor are not excessively viable. She is as yet not intoxicated. She breaks a container and every one of the thugs come to see what's going on. Imlie continues to yak about the nature of the beverages and says she can demonstrate it by making them drink.
    Saltfeed   -  July 4, 2022
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    Imlie 4th July 2022 Written Update

    imli written update begins with Aryan has been taken inside a dull room. Aryan figures how to know the genuine hijacker's name. He requests a seat to sit yet the thugs chuckle at him. They close the entryway yet he breaks it by kicking it. He then designs decisively how to go after them. And he moves his situation and some way or another eliminates the blindfold. He beats one thug and requests the genuine criminal's name.
    Saltfeed   -  July 3, 2022
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    Imlie 2nd July 2022 Written Update

    imlie written episode begins with Jyoti asking Aryan where is Imlie and for what valid reason she won't the sanctuary. Aryan says she is taking rest so for what reason does Jyoti generally dislike that? Jyoti answers Imlie should go out during pregnancy. She shouldn't take rest constantly. Imlie comes and says Jyoti is correct, she will go with them. They open the entryway and out of nowhere discover a few thugs who are pointing firearm at them. Everybody gets stunned and Imlie cuts the thug's hand with blade.
    Saltfeed   -  July 1, 2022
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    Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Update

    imli written update begins with Imlie saying she will show Jyoti's video to everybody to demonstrate what sort of a companion she is. Imlie plays the video and gets stunned on finding Jyoti wishing blissful birthday to Aryan in the video. Jyoti says she is glad to get a closest companion like Aryan who joined her and Harry and gave them haven to remain in his home.
    Saltfeed   -  June 30, 2022
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    Imlie 30th June 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Imlie holding Aryan's hand and they get ready for a dance. Narmada advises her to be cautious and advises her and Aryan to deal with one another. They embrace her and Gudiya gets desirous. She tells Nila that Imlie is standing out and joy. Nila says Imlie's satisfaction will evaporate when she will realize that her own town companion Kairi is presently attempting to allure her better half. Aryan, Imlie begin moving on Payar Ki Ye Ek Kahani Suno melody. Jyoti looks for Kairi and Harry thinks she actually has no clue about that Imlie is Kairi as it were.
    Saltfeed   -  June 29, 2022
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    Imlie 29th June 2022 Written Update

    imli upcoming story begins with Kairi petitioning God. She says today is Aryan's birthday and she needs to make her statement to him by uncovering Jyoti. She petitions God for his prosperity. Aryan comes and searches for Imlie, he says she probably been failed to remember that today's his birthday. Kairi erroneously says she knows it's his birthday. Aryan ganders at her and she says she got ready for his birthday so she has thought regarding that.
    Saltfeed   -  June 28, 2022