Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Written Update

Pratik lets Rajiv know that you continue to joke yet when I do it then you blow up, don't sit on me. Avoid me. Rajiv says I was kidding. Pratik says I don't care for this joke. Rajiv says don't get set off. Rakhi asks Ritesh who right? I'm here to deliver retribution on somebody. Ritesh asks who? Rakhi behaves like Julie and pushes him from the seat. Ritesh giggles. Rakhi acts had. Rajiv requests that she eat something. Ritesh says I am frightened of her.


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Day 65
9 AM
Pratik lets Rajiv know that you continue to joke yet when I do it then you blow up, don’t sit on me. Avoid me. Rajiv says I was kidding. Pratik says I don’t care for this joke. Rajiv says don’t get set off.

12:15 AM
Rakhi asks Ritesh who right? I’m here to deliver retribution on somebody. Ritesh asks who? Rakhi behaves like Julie and pushes him from the seat. Ritesh giggles. Rakhi acts had. Rajiv requests that she eat something. Ritesh says I am frightened of her.

12:30 AM
Devotional cries and tells Ritesh that I needed a family, I needed to get hitched soon and have kids however I had liabilities. I had psychological weight, I simply required somebody to deal with me however I squandered an excellent stage, I was unable to trust decent individuals. Ritesh says you simply must be cautious next time. Devotional says I put time in a relationship yet he couldn’t have cared less with regards to me. I can’t confide in individuals without any problem. Ritesh says I was a party individual yet I met a young lady, she was my first love however she passed on. She really focused on me. A pleasant individual would come into your life and he would deal with you. You realize Rakhi and I are unique yet we appreciate each other’s conversation. Rakhi tells Nishant that I am frightened with regards to another lady in his life. Nishant says I don’t think so.

5:45 PM
Karan inquires as to whether she enjoys him or would she say she is doing this for the show? Tejasswi embraces him and says for what reason would you say you are asking me that? Is it true that you are certain with regards to me? Karan says I became hopelessly enamored with you a little. Tejasswi says a bit? Karan snickers.

7:45 PM
Abhijeet tells Rashami and Karan that I will request that Bigg Boss give us the cash back or toss somebody out of the house. Rashami says you ought to ask Bigg Boss right now as it were. Abhijeet says you will uphold me? Rashami says OK. She carries him to the camera. Rashami lets Devo know that we lost 3 lacs yet nobody got wiped out so Abhijeet will whine about it. We will revolt against that. All prisoners begin messing with him. Rashami says Abhijeet is our chief. They all plunk down to show they are revolting. Karan snickers. Devotional sits with them. Rashami says Abhijeet is definitely not a decent pioneer.

10:30 PM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet to generally doubt Rashami. She will fault you for little things, don’t confide in Devo too. Abhijeet says I don’t confide in her. Rakhi says she needs you to say something wrong so she can affront you. Abhijeet says I will stay away from her.

12 AM
Rakhi lets Ritesh know that for what reason was Devo being enthusiastic with you? Ritesh says she resembles my sister, she was enlightening me concerning her past. Rakhi says she will swindle you in the game, she is making you a passionate dolt. Ritesh says I can’t change my tendency for a game, I can’t be impassive when she is sharing with regards to her past. Try not to be over-defensive. Rakhi says they continue to trick you yet I am with you.

12:15 AM
Ritesh tells Rakhi that I am not a player, let me do what I am. Rakhi says they don’t pay attention to you. Ritesh says don’t ensure me, simply play your game. Rakhi says you don’t offer your perspective. Ritesh gets up from the bed and says you are a challenger so don’t instruct me.

1:45 AM
Rajiv lets Rashami and Umar know that you both are pretty individuals. He tells Rashami that Umar is a decent specialist, he procures well, he looks delightful so you would be cray to not date him. Rashami says you continue to offer him to me. Rajiv says Umar would be a bonehead to not date you, he lets Umar know that she is sweet, pretty and decent. Rashami says how about we bother Abhijeet. She conceals Abhijeet’s pony sculpture.

2:45 AM
Abhijeet goes to his bed and sees his pony sculpture missing. He asks others around however nobody knows.

Day 66
8 AM
The detainees awaken to the tune kaal. They all dance.

10:30 AM
Rakhi favors Umar and says thank you, God. Kindly make Umar’s voice fine.
Abhijeet lets Ritesh know that somebody took my pony sculpture. Ritesh says we will grumble about it.

11 AM
Rakhi lets Abhijeet know that we need to break a gathering. Abhijeet says we can keep Rashami on our side. Rakhi says Devo has apparitions in her. You went gaga for her too. Abhijeet says she is only a companion. He says Rashami and Devo should battle. Rakhi says they counterfeit their kinship. Rashami agrees with Shamita’s stance. She says Shamita has selfish phantoms in her. Abhijeet giggles.

12 PM
Karan lets Abhijeet know that you don’t pay attention to individuals when you are incorrect. Abhijeet says I dislike that. Karan says individuals think you are pompous. Abhijeet says will you continue to converse with me? Karan says I am simply conversing with you, you don’t pay attention to other people. Abhijeet says I am tuning in. Karan says you are making certain individuals feel off kilter, in case certain individuals have made sentiments about you then you ought to settle them. Abhijeet says you are correct however I will show my shadings. I won’t revile till I am attracted to that point. Karan says you are simply making individuals feel awkward. Abhijeet says it should be Rashami witch.

Shamita tells Nishant that Abhijeet was Rashami a witch at the present time.

3 PM
Karan tells Pratik that I made statements that I shouldn’t have. I’m upset for those. I’m pleased with you so I need to apologize. I won’t direct those frightful sentiments toward you. Pratik says basically it’s a beginning, I am sorry as well. They shake hands.

4 PM
Karan peruses the undertaking where the Non-VIP individuals will get an opportunity to win insusceptibility. Just a single detainee will win it. There will be 6 rounds and in each cycle, 2 Non-VIP individuals will go in the admission room. One VIP room will be there and the Non-VIP individuals will discuss why they ought to get saved. The VIP part will pick one between them then in the following round, the following Non-VIP part will challenge another Non-VIP part. Shamita and Pratik will begin the assignment and the VIPs will pick when they need to go.

4:15 PM
Devotional lets Ritesh know that you ought to go in the first round on the grounds that then it would appear as though I have resentment. Rashami says Pratik is playing reasonably. Ritesh says don’t be frightened Devo.

4:30 PM
The gong plays and the first round begins.
Pratik-Shamita: Devo asks Pratik for what reason she ought to be designated? Pratik says she surrendered in the errand. Shamita says I had a physical issue, don’t say all that. Pratik says she doesn’t allow individuals to talk. Devotional asks Shamita for what valid reason Pratik ought to be designated? Shamita says Pratik isn’t in every case reasonable, I have seen him in the OTT. He was completely changed in this week, I don’t have the foggiest idea what he is playing at present. Pratik says she figures I ought to consistently agree with her position really at that time I would be considered as a companion.

Shamita says when Nishant wasn’t supporting you, I was the one remaining with you. Devotional asks Pratik what’s his solid point? Pratik says she generally surrenders. Shamita says he doesn’t show at least a bit of kindness, every one of my companions left however I am as yet remaining here. Pratik says I let go of things however I don’t. Shamita says you keep feelings of spite lie don’t as well. The round closes. Devotional says I will save Pratik here as I was unable to interface with Shamita. Shamita says you are bringing individual sentiments once more, haven’t you watched the show?

Devotional says I have seen Pratik and he looked more legit than you. Shamita says you imagine that? You have a superior relationship with him so you are picking him. Devotional says the issue is you can’t hear no. Shamita says I can’t contend, she leaves. Devotional says she demonstrates it everytime.

Shamita lets the prisoners know that she is consistently out of line. Devotional lets Shamita know that you likewise upheld Vishal however I am being unjustifiable assuming I saved Pratik? Pratik says Shamita that you don’t offer perspectives. Shamita says I am not playing the game according to your guidelines. You are really childish, proceed to sit with your companion Devo. I know your example, another young lady comes and you leave your companion for that young lady.

Pratik expresses what? Shamita says you continue to run behind new young ladies, we are not visually impaired. They have all discussed your example. Rajiv says we as a whole realized Pratik would be picked.
Rashami tells Devo that I would have picked Pratik over Shamita moreover. Devotional goes to Shamita and says we can sit and talk assuming you need. I don’t have anything individual against you, I just felt you were off-base in the game. Shamita says fine.

Tejasswi says Pratik is VIPs top choice. Rakhi says dislike that.

5:15 PM
Pratik lets Nishant know that the following VIP will be Abhijeet.

7 PM

Pratik picked Karan to contend. Rashami turns into the tyrant for the errand.


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