Bigg Boss 15 24th December 2021 Written Update

Umar and Nishant fun with Tejasswi and Devoleena over planning breakfast. They interest for ghee. Tejasswi says to Umar that he never kept her a need along these lines she won't give her ghee. Karan says Tejasswi shares the ghee as per her comfort.


Bigg Boss 15 24th December 2021 Written Update on

Day 83 at 10:45 AM ; Umar and Nishant fun with Tejasswi and Devoleena over planning breakfast. They interest for ghee. Tejasswi says to Umar that he never kept her a need along these lines she won’t give her ghee. Karan says Tejasswi shares the ghee as per her comfort.

11:15 AM; karan denounce Tejasswi for bringing ghee for Rakhi and Devoleena. Pair contends with one another. Karan claims that Tejasswi is playing a game. Tejasswi protect herself and says she don’t have any game. Karan gets chafed with Tejasswi and tosses the stuffs irately.

12 PM: Karan converses with Tejasswi and says she slights him a great deal. He counts her mix-ups. Tejasswi apologizes. Rakhi imparts to Abhijit and says her affection for Tejasswi is over in light of the fact that she is again conversing with Karan later so much occurred. She likewise guarantee that Karan and Tejasswi don’t cherish one another.

3PM; Abhijit dance in towel. Prisoners giggles on Abhijit’s wildness.

3:30 PM; Umar share a discussion with Rakhi.

Umar uncovered to Rakhi that in the sack task Tejasswi was playing from both the side notwithstanding he alarmed her. Rakhi gets shocked. Rakhi choose to defy Tejasswi later. There, Tejasswi and Karan share a discussion with one another. Karan observe Tejasswi’s point guileful post she guaranteed that assuming Umar isn’t keeping her second need than she will play for Nishant.

Ahead, Pratik says to Shamita that Rakhi was truly stung. Shamita leaves.

Tejasswi prepares and Karan talks with her with regards to the happened task. The two attempts to demonstrate that both were solidly in the assignment. Karan observe Devoleena wrong. Tejasswi side Devoleena. He gets maddened with Tejasswi when she referenced that Devoleena was vulnerable in the assignment.

6:30 PM; Tejasswi choose to play independently. Karan concur with Tejasswi. The two of them choose to sort out their disparities outside the house. Rakhi requests that Tejasswi cook the food as she is eager.

7 PM; Karan and Tejasswi choose to avoid each other for next 26 days. They embrace one another.

7:30 PM; Karan says to Tejasswi that she admitted her adoration for him. Tejasswi denied. Karan gives a cheek kiss to Tejasswi. Tejasswi says regardless of whether she has admitted than it was only a slip-up and he shouldn’t become invigorated.

9PM; Inmates gains from Bigg Boss with regards to Christmas celebration. Rakhi gets an opportunity to take any 4 prisoner with her for the party. Rakhi select Tejasswi, Umar, Devoleena and Pratik.

Karan peruses the licious task. Shamita and Karan turns the culinary expert for the errand. Detainees prepares for the assignment.

Nishant, Rashami and Umar finishes the smorgasbord for Rakhi, Tejasswi, Devoleena and Pratik. Rakhi, Tejasswi, Devoleena and Pratik partake in the party. Shamita, Rashami, Karan, Abhijit and Nishant watches them from outside.

Devoleena, Rakhi, Pratik and Umar gets invigorated seeing Snowflakes. Rakhi, Pratik, Devoleena expresses gratitude toward Bigg Boss for the party. Bigg Boss send licious hamper for left detainees as well.

Abhijit becomes annoyed with Rakhi for not calling him for the party. Umar attempts to comfort Rakhi. Further, Tejasswi asks Karan for what reason he was not coming to the entryway when she was calling him. She guarantee he wasn’t keen on paying attention to her. Karan sits mum.

12:30 PM: Rakhi imparts to Umar that Abhijit is stunned on the grounds that she took his name. She adds she gets a kick out of the chance to make others envious. Rakhi guarantee Karan was disturbed too post she took his name.

Afterward, Umar tells to Rashami that he isn’t preferring Tejasswi and won’t extra her next.

Day 84 at 8 AM; Inmates awakens and dance.

9PM; Abhijit inquires as to whether she can wash his garments. Devoleena will not help Abhijit.

9:15 PM; Clock rings for Rakhi and Shamita. Rakhi grievance to Bigg Boss that Shamita continues resting and sit idle.

9:30 PM; Tejasswi requests that Nishant be her companion for rest of the week.

Abhijit requests that Devoleena wash his garments. Devoleena deny once more. Pratik guarantee room is smelling. Rakhi blows up on Umar for not tidying up the parlor. A short time later, Rakhi asks Tejasswi not to cook as she don’t cook well.

11 AM; Devoleena requests that Abhijit take care of his responsibilities by his own.

11:15 AM: Nishant and Shamita imparts a discussion to one another. Karan goes along with them later.

1 PM; Rashami protest to Rakhi that she is side-coating her. Rakhi says she is blowing up on Devoleena for heling Abhijit.

4:15 PM; Devoleena requests that Abhijt look for another person help to clean her garments.

10:15 PM; Rakhi and Devoleena share a discussion with Umar and Rasahmi. Rakhi says that pair utilizing each other for the game. Episode closes with Nishant telling to Tejasswi that he would rather avoid Devoleena as she intrudes on his battle with Pratik.

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