Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Update

bhagya lakshmi full episode begins with Balwinder seeing Dadi and Ayush coming from inverse headings. He stows away. Ayush sees Dadi and says I was missing you. Dadi requests that he scan young lady for him, else he will be lone wolf. Ayush requests that she scan a decent young lady for him. Dadi inquires as to whether I have no work and goes. He inquires as to whether you are not my Nani.


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bhagya lakshmi full episode begins with Balwinder seeing Dadi and Ayush coming from inverse headings. He stows away. Ayush sees Dadi and says I was missing you. Dadi requests that he scan young lady for him, else he will be lone wolf. Ayush requests that she scan a decent young lady for him. Dadi inquires as to whether I have no work and goes. He inquires as to whether you are not my Nani.

Balwinder hears them. Lakshmi thanks the God for taking care of the circumstance, for saving Ahana’s commitment. She then, at that point, expresses gratitude toward God and says in the event that Ahana had not come, then how might have saved Rishi from markesh. Rishi comes to her and calls out to her. She requests that he say. He says I need to…

She asks would you say you are fine? Rishi says I simply needed to say. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi for what good reason she came? He asks Rishi not to fall in his snare once more and consistently recollect that she double-crossed us. Rishi requests that he proceed to give him 5 mins. Ayush says he can’t leave him with her in any event, briefly.

Rishi requests that he go and inquires as to whether she is fine. Lakshmi says I am fine as I had the buttermilk. She says it works wonder for herself and it assuages acridity. Rishi says I am discussing you and not about buttermilk. He says you are seeing great, so don’t make jalebis. Lakshmi says no, I am not making jalebis.

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Malishka comes there and asks what you said in court that you are here today moreover. Lakshmi says truth and says she said truth. She says truth resembles a sunrays which can’t be covered up and emerges. Malishka says hear another reality and tells that Rishi and she will join in the midst of her tricks. She requests that Rishi come. Rishi says I am with Lakshmi and needs to converse with you. Malishka says she is not any more in your life and requests that he come. She takes Rishi from that point to his room.

Rishi requests that she leave his hand. He inquires as to for what reason did she bring him here, as Ahana’s commitment is occurring first floor. Malishka asks what has been going on with you? Rishi says I will ask you infront of everybody. Malishka says I brought you from infront of Lakshmi. She asks did you see as you would prefer?

She says you was conversing with that characterless young lady. Rishi yells enough and asks her not to converse with him in this tone and furthermore in this language. She holds his hand and says I will bring down my volume and says you are expressing this for that young lady, who cheated with you. Despite the fact that she remained in your room. She says who am I?

She says I am hanging around for yourself and you have changed for that modest young lady who has demolished your family’s regard. Rishi yells enough and says I am not a little youngster to fall in anybody’s snare. He says Lakshmi haven’t demolished my family’s regard, yet rather save my loved ones.

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Malishka inquires as to whether she saved your regard by getting pregnant with driver’s child. Rishi says Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, however Ahana is pregnant. He says Lakshmi haven’t lied anything.

Bani rubs Rano’s feet. Rano acclaims her and put-downs Lakshmi. Bani kneads her feet firmly. Rano requests that she really do sit ups. Bani requests that Neha knead Rano’s feet. Neha rejects. Bani kneads her feet once more. Rano ponders balwinder’s maxims and admonishes Neha. Malishka asks who expressed this to you, that Lakshmi.

She says Lakshmi is pregnant and you are falling in her snare. Rishi says Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, however Ahana is pregnant. Malishka says Ahana isn’t pregnant. Rishi says Ahana let me know this, infront of the Judge. He says now Lakshmi will remain with us in this house for 2 additional months, and says I don’t see who told balwinder about Lakshmi’s pregnancy.

She says somebody enlightened him concerning this and he came to guarantee over the child. He expresses somebody from our family is giving him data and I will find out. And he says you realize me and afterward likewise saying this. He says I am as yet her better half and tells that he feels regretful for anything Lakshmi heard from everybody.

He asks her not to complete any word against Lakshmi from now onwards and says in the event that you don’t see then don’t have the foggiest idea what to tell you. Malishka thinks Lakshmi generally wins, and supposes in the event that Balwinder comes here and tells about me, I will be out and Lakshmi will be here. She remembers to stop Balwinder and give him cash.

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Neelam converses with Anjana. Anjana tells that they simply need Ahana. Ahana requests that Gautam converse with his folks. Anjana apologizes to Lakshmi for every one of some unacceptable platitudes. Lakshmi says don’t apologize to me, you are my senior. She says you resemble Mummy ji to me.

Anjana says don’t have the foggiest idea what is your reality, however at whatever point I meet you, I feel harmony on a basic level and don’t feel that you do anything amiss with anybody. Lakshmi requests that she favor her. Anjana says my gifts are with me.

Dadi gets invigorated seeing the rasgulla and requests that Lakshmi give 8-10. Others won’t allow her to eat. Dadi takes it herself and drops rasgulla on Gautam’s garments. Ahana says she will get his garments cleaned. Karishma prods them and requests that they go.

Lakshmi thinks why light is gone, inverter ought to have begun at this point. She says commitment will begin in bhagya lakshmi upcoming story. Rishi comes there holding the flame. Lakshmi asks did you switch off the light and says you realize that today is Ahana’s commitment. Rishi says no, I didn’t turn it off, great light went, I can address you now.

She asks what you need to say. He says sorry. She says it isn’t required. He says it is a little word and expresses gratitude toward her for accomplishing such a great deal for Ahana and his loved ones. Lakshmi says on the off chance that you was on my place, would have done likewise. Rishi asks with what mud you are made?

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Gautam requests that Ahana comprehend. Ahana says she can’t conceal her past. She says you enlightened me concerning your past, and I acknowledged it. She says she would rather not conceal a single thing from his folks, and says on the off chance that anybody comes to know reality later, how we will respond? Anjana hears her.

Rishi inquires as to whether reality could never have emerged, then, at that point, what might have occur? Lakshmi says it will occur following 2 months. He feels remorseful and says my family was chiding you and you was quiet. And he says your eyes were taking a gander at me, when Balwinder was hauling you. He says your eyes were telling that Balwinder’s case was off-base and I…

He says I broke your trust and says I truly felt that some reality is covered up and sound came from my heart that Lakshmi can’t do this. Lakshmi says then additionally you didn’t hear your heart sound. He says I can feel, what you was feeling. He says I care for you, infact even at this point. And he says I think because of my inner self and family response, I thought it is your shortcoming, however I believe that I ought to have addressed you and asked you once when everybody was provoking you.

Ahana lets Gautam know that everybody loves and trusts her and inquires as to whether she will stow away. She says I was involved with some person. She requests that he proceed to tell them. Gautam says no.

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Ahana says this reality will be with me generally, as I am pregnant with that person’s child and I have chosen to keep this child. She inquires as to whether he feels that they will acknowledge her child, as they stay in London. Gautam says I can’t lose you Ahana. Anjana comes inside the room hearing them. The two of them check her out.

Lakshmi requests that Rishi fail to remember it and asks him not to feel awful. He inquires as to whether you can neglect. Lakshmi says it is extremely challenging to fail to remember the word assaults. She says when everybody was insulting me, they didn’t have the foggiest idea about reality. Rishi says I am discussing myself.

He says I couldn’t say whether we will be together in future or not, however I need to apologize to you. He says you said nothing. Lakshmi expresses out loud anything that I did is for Ahana, she resembles my sister. She says even I have barely any familiarity with what’s in store. And she says we will talk later and go out. She says she will bring something. Rishi inquires as to whether she is fine?

Lakshmi says I was not fine previously. She stops him and signs him at his hair. He signs her to set his hair. She sets his hair with her hand. Melody plays. He says you halted me for this. Lakshmi says you said unfortunately I didn’t say much obliged.

She expresses gratitude toward him for supporting her when balwinder came, when everybody was against her. Rishi says that is the reason I could stand infront of you and can apologize to you. He expresses gratitude toward God for making everything fine and goes.

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Lakshmi considers Rishi standing firm for her regard infront of Anjana. She grins. Balwinder bounces inside the kitchen. Lakshmi hears the sound and checks. Balwinder holds Lakshmi and the utensils fall on the ground. Rishi hears the sound and thinks back.

Precap: Rishi requests that Lakshmi show her foot. Lakshmi asks him not to contact her foot. Rishi guarantees that he won’t allow anybody to raise finger on her regard. He vows to remain by her and backing her. Lakshmi embraces him. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and comes inside. Anjana requests that everybody ask Ahana, and says nothing has occurred because of Lakshmi. Rishi says this is truth, Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, however Ahana is pregnant. Everybody is stunned.

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