Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2022 Written Update

bhagya lakshmi written update begins with Lakshmi requesting that Ahana say, what Gautam said. Malishka approaches the room and stops to hear them. Ahana says Gautam said that … She then, at that point, asks Lakshmi, on the off chance that she can embrace her. Lakshmi asks did you truly tell everything to Gautam. Ahana gestures her head in arrangement and embraces Lakshmi.


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bhagya lakshmi written update begins with Lakshmi requesting that Ahana say, what Gautam said. Malishka approaches the room and stops to hear them. Ahana says Gautam said that … She then, at that point, asks Lakshmi, on the off chance that she can embrace her. Lakshmi asks did you truly tell everything to Gautam. Ahana gestures her head in arrangement and embraces Lakshmi.

Afterwards, Ahana says when I enlightened Gautam concerning my pregnancy, I figured he will deny for marriage, however he heard everything quietly and told that he prefers me. She says he said that everybody has past, positive or negative, and whatever is gone will be gone, and what is significant is today, and today we will have roka. Lakshmi asks did you tell him before roka?

Ahana says I told not long before the roka. Lakshmi is blissful. Ahana says gives up and let everybody know that it was my pregnancy report and not yours. Malishka hears her. Lakshmi gets some information about Gautam’s folks. Ahana says Gautam haven’t addressed them yet. Lakshmi says give at some point to Gautam. She says in the event that we express anything to anybody now.

Rishi will beat your ex and Ayush will dislike him. Ahana asks up to that point will you bear? Lakshmi says she grasps their outrage and tells that they will hush up, then, at that point, we will tell everybody, when Gautam persuades his loved ones. She requests that she sit tight for at some point. Ahana expresses what might be said about your sufferings?

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Lakshmi says this isn’t anything infront of my Ahana. Ahana embraces her. Malishka thinks she needs to be perfect, however she will be huge silly. She says tomorrow is a trial and I will exploit it and get you both separated. She says I will make it as the last day of your marriage, and says I will make the unthinkable thing conceivable and it will be my last triumph.

Furthermore, Rishi and Ayush come there. Malishka says she needs to converse with Rishi. Rishi says I have a vibe that something isn’t correct. Ayush requests that Malishka ask him. Rishi says regarding Lakshmi’s pregnancy, I feel that she isn’t pregnancy. Malishka is stunned. Rishi says Lakshmi isn’t silly, yet full grown and knows to deal with circumstances.

He says lakshmi knows well that on the off chance that she is pregnant with another person’s kid, judge will concede her separation and won’t give divorce settlement moreover. Ayush says on the off chance that report was off-base then she wouldn’t have bear, and would have told. Malishka says clearly. Rishi says I have an inclination that she isn’t pregnant. Ayush says I will meet you later and goes. Malishka gets some information about those reports. She thinks you think right, Ahana is pregnant.

After that, She remembers to make’s Rishi extremely upset and will bring the child’s dad here. She remembers to send Ahana away else she will destroy her game. She comes to Karishma and says I heard that Pandit ji is coming to fix the dates. Karishma says OK, kundali and dates, relations break because of this. Malishka says I know it.

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She lets Karishma know that she has conversed with fashioner about Ahana’s clothing and asks might I at any point take her? Karishma says thanks to her and says Lakshmi attempted to over-indulge Ahana. Malishka says Lakshmi will be before long rebuffed for her doings.

Karishma comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks Ahana how is she doing Lakshmi’s dupattas. Ahana likes it. Karishma says it is low and street side and asks what has been going on with your eyes. She says I have conversed with Malishka’s creator and she has a lot of good dupattas of your norm. Ahana goes from that point. Karishma requests that Lakshmi avoid her girl and says she is of rich family and is very sanskari. She requests that she avoid her and goes.

Gautam’s folks tell that great date is fixed. Neelam insults Lakshmi by implication in bhagya lakshmi telly updates. Rishi checks Lakshmi out. Dadi says we will talk everything great. Gautam’s dad says your pudina chutney was amazing, Lakshmi.Lakshmi says I will pack it. Gautam’s mom says he has disturbed me a ton requesting that I make it. Lakshmi requests that she take the recipe.

Gautam’s dad expresses out loud whatever they will say that they come to have food generally. Dadi says they are dependably welcome. Gautam’s folks says they are glad to get great bahu. They leave. Virender says bring a few desserts. Lakshmi goes to bring it. Neelam tells that she is glad for Ahana.

Ayush says I never saw Ahana fouling up, she is great. Sonia says her life is set. Virender says don’t have the foggiest idea when she has grown up. Dadi says she used to pee in her lap. Neelam says she will move and requests that Karishma get dhol nagara…

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All of a sudden they hear dhol sound. Ayush inquires as to whether he called band folks. Rishi says no. Balwinder comes inside with the dhol/band folks and moves cheerfully. Virender asks stop it. Balwinder says on the off chance that you are cheerful, you express it, in the event that we are blissful why might we at any point play dhol. Rishi requests that Balwinder leave.

Balwinder says I have come to cause uncle to have desserts. Virender tosses the desserts. Balwinder asks Lakshmi what is she doing, and asks her to avoid work in this condition. He takes the desserts plate from her hand and tastes the desserts. Neelam asks didn’t you hear what my child said, get lost from here.

Balwinder says I will leave with deference and satisfaction, with my loved ones. He requests that the men play dhol. Neelam keeps hand on her ears. Karishma requests that he proceed to show his cheapster things outside. Ayush requests that he go. Neelam requests that he take the cash and leave. Balwinder gives the cash to the band folks. Virender requests that he leave else. Balwinder says I have come to take Lakshmi and requests that she come.

He lets Lakshmi know that he won’t allow them to affront her or him. Lakshmi asks what gibberish? For what reason will I accompany you? Balwinder says no one figures out the language of affection and inquires as to for what reason did I accompany Dhol Nagara. Neelam requests that Lakshmi go out and converse with him.

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Balwinder asks who made sugarless tea and asks didn’t you have sugar? He stops Dadi and requests that she stay back and hear Lakshmi and his suspence? Rishi requests that Ayush call Police. Balwinder says let Police come and know the reality of Oberoi family. He asks whose child is in Lakshmi’s belly and says I will break the tension infront of Police.

He lets Lakshmi know that she ought to have told Rishi, and says the child in her belly isn’t of Rishi, yet of me, Balwinder Sood. Everybody is stunned. Balwinder says everybody is stunned. Virender requests that he leave. Balwinder asks didn’t Lakshmi go to Rano’s home not many days back. He says your child has made numerous’ girls extremely upset and he even made’s Lakshmiextremely upset after marriage.

Moreover, He says she needed a shoulder and I gave her. He says she was crying and I made her calm with much trouble. He says it was a twilight evening and her hair was open. Rishi couldn’t bear and gets his collar, requesting that he leave. Neelam says we acknowledge that Lakshmi is having child, so what is it that you need.

To sum up, Virender says Neelam. Neelam says child’s dad isn’t Rishi and Lakshmi is upto something from start. She inquires as to whether he wants cash. Balwinder says he don’t require cash nor their name, and says he will give his name Sood to the child.

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Precap: Balwinder lets Lakshmi know that Rishi has no faith in her. He hauls her holding her hand. Lakshmi cries. Rishi beats Balwinder and checks Lakshmi out.

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