Apnapan 16th November 2022 Written Update

apnapan episode begins with Sonali recieving a message from Pallavi. Everybody really look at the message and gets stunned to see her admission video. Sonali says that it's obviously false. Somebody attempting to approach her. She yells Pallavi's name. Pallavi comes there. Sonali erroneously falls on Pallavi's feet.


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apnapan episode begins with Sonali recieving a message from Pallavi. Everybody really look at the message and gets stunned to see her admission video. Sonali says that it’s obviously false. Somebody attempting to approach her. She yells Pallavi’s name. Pallavi comes there. Sonali erroneously falls on Pallavi’s feet.

Pallavi asks Sonali the amount she stoops low? This is her actual face. It’s uncovered before everybody. Sonali gets stunned to track down Karonika, Mayank and Nick there. Sonali attempts to chat with Nick yet he stays away from her. Karonika that she did a misstep by admitting her wrongdoing to her. She saw that Pallavi recording her admission.

To that end she remained silent there. Her sibling endured a ton in this 17 years. She hurted her sibling as well as her loved ones. Mayank attempts to go after Sonali yet Karonika stops him. Mayank protests that he would not accept that video since he confided in her aimlessly. He was in prison as a result of her. She destroyed his life.

Nick asks Sonali doesn’t she play a major show there? He too played a major show with her. Their wedding is a phony one. Its a shock. Nick says that she played with him as well as Karonika and Mayank. What was her take on herself? Assuming she conceal Manayak in lodging it’s hard to fing him?

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Each inn has a CCTV camera. That’s what she disregard. He adds that his significant other Pallavi left in mandap without saying anything. And he was harmed. He learns reality after see her admission video. She made misconception between them. He requests her to say who is Badal’s dad? Sonali specifies Moniker. Nick yells it’s untruth.

Nothing occurred between them 18 years prior. He questioned for what reason is Pallavi showing this much prefer not to him? He comprehended it now that Sonali plays a show to isolate her from him. In view of her Sustenance and Unforgiving didn’t get their mother’s adoration. Sonali is unyielding in her stand that he is his child.

Nick adds that reality could come out one day before everybody in apnapan serial. She doesn’t actually figure what he did yesterday? He was sorry to Badal for take his examples without his insight to take DNA test. Badal is Mayank’s child. He shares with Badal that she made him as her phony dad. Yet, he thought about him as his child. Sonali apologize to Nick and uncovers him that she found out about her pregnancy.

She needed to cut short her child however time elapsed. He requests her to apologize to Pallavi. Pallavi objections that she left her new conceived child without leniency. She isn’t merited being his mother. She returned to make misconception between her children for her necessities. Pallavi lifts her hand to slap her. Badal stops her by saying she might have birth to him however she instructed culture to him.

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Badal tells Sonali that he chose to remain with his mother. He was sorry to Mayank and tells him that he needed to remain with his mother. Karonika says that she informed to police. Pallavi embraces Badal. He asks her to don’t leave him. He joins Pallavi with Nick. Pallavi apologize to Nick for misreading him. He was sorry to her and communicated his joy to her. They gets glad to see their childrens joyfully together.

Afterward, Pallavi says to Nick that she is glad to back to her room. She grievances that he will begin wrecking the room. Nick says that he will begin his underhandedness in the future. Sustenance comes there and prods them. Pallavi objections that he was claiming to be a decent spouse even in the phony marriage.

Be that as it may, he neglected to be a decent spouse. He tells her that he just loves Pallavi in his life. Pallavi objections to him that he did many assistance for Sonali. He believes that should do likewise for her as well. She constrained him to do leg back rub to her.

She requests that Nourishment uncover anything he did to Sonali. Sustenance upholds her and makes counterfeit story. Pallavi requests him to thoroughly take care of her as well. Nourishment snaps their photo together. Nick and Pallavi invests a quality energy with one another.

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Precap; Bharkha will ask Nourishment does she adore Ishaan? Ishaan will uncover to Nourishment that he thinking about Bharka as his companion however cherishes Sustenance.

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