Aggar Tum Na Hote 21st January 2022 Written Update

Aggar Tum Na Hote episode starts Niyati races to sit in the vehicle, she shouts she realized he would not leave her, however she is stunned to see that the driver seat is unfilled, she calls out to him prior to getting out, Niyati begins shouting his name, yet he is mysteriously gone, she detects a man strolling while at the same time chatting on his telephone, she imagines that it is him so ponders where he is following leaving the vehicle.


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Aggar Tum Na Hote episode starts Niyati races to sit in the vehicle, she shouts she realized he would not leave her, however she is stunned to see that the driver seat is unfilled, she calls out to him prior to getting out, Niyati begins shouting his name, yet he is mysteriously gone, she detects a man strolling while at the same time chatting on his telephone, she imagines that it is him so ponders where he is following leaving the vehicle.

Saira is tied when the companion illuminates Shugun that their men have arrived at Niyati and Abhimanyu, and she will before long get the news that the two of them have been isolated after which she can take off from that house, Saira figures out how to escape from the bonds, similarly as the companion closes the call, Saira hits her in the dot with a pole, hearing her cry the other companion additionally comes out however Saira figures out how to overwhelm her prior to figuring out how to flee from the house.

Niyati pursuing the kid calls Abhimanyu for what reason is he leaving, she is stunned when it is another person, Niyati apologizes when the kid answers that on the off chance that she makes it happen, it is a misstep and he faults this is every one of the young ladies know since they then, at that point, make a video to acquire compassion, Niyati apologizes by and by so the individual leaves, Niyati ponders where he has gone, she thusly surges back to the vehicle.

Niyati entering the vehicle sees the portable and mouth peddler, Niyati considers how he could leave with it, she has a go at calling with the versatile, yet it says that the number is turned off, Niyati thinks there is just one spot where he might have gone.

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Saira is continually running, when she at long last stops to slow down and rest, Saira is stunned to see that she has arrived at Lucknow, she thinks she really wants to tell Niyati the whole truth, both of the companions of Shugun are battling faulting each other for the explanation Saira figured out how to flee.

Mr Panday is continually training individuals to ensure that his child doesnot figure out how to leave the city, Shugun is sitting when her versatile rings, Amma jee requests that she check whether it is their Munna however she answers her companion is calling her, she leaves to answer the call and inquires as to for what reason are the reaching her at regular intervals, the companion uncovers that Saira figured out how to flee and she will arrive at the Panday house whenever, and on the off chance that it occurs, the whole arrangement of Shugun would fizzle.

Mr Panday is standing when unexpectedly there is somebody yelling his name uproariously, requesting him to come outside, he is truly baffled to hear the voice when Ram alongside Sulochana show up on the front entryway, seeing them both Gajender settles the score more incensed.

Niyati arriving at the inn of Shugun, is continually calling Abhimanyu requesting that he come out, both the companions question why is she here, Niyati answers she is certain that Abhimanyu would have come to their lodging, so inquires as to whether he is here when the two of them answer he isn’t at their inn, Niyati indeed questions when they guarantee he isn’t with them, Niyati gets some information about the whereabouts of Shugun when they illuminate she personally has gone to the place of Abhimanyu, hearing which Niyati is left stunned.

Gajender sees Ram out of resentment, but Amma je is pleased to see him, Ram additionally strolls directly to her contemplating the previous minutes which were spent in the town, he looks for her endowments when Amma jee shouts that she has missed him a ton, embracing him makes reference to that her eyes were anxious to see them both and they have settled on the ideal choice coming to Lucknow, Ram pondering the video where Abhimanyu is proposing to Shugun answers they needed to come and not in light of the adoration however want to secure his little girl.

Ram goes to take a gander at Shugun who is remaining in the corner, he looks to her in enormous displeasure, she doesnot know how to treat, strolls straight towards her, Ram acclaims Gajender for doing the best, he previously constrained them to play out the Gouna of his girl, Mr Panday thinks about the day when they carried Niyati to their home as the lady of the hour of Abhimanyu, Ram answers and presently this young lady, he shouts he never imagined that Gajender can stop so low.

Mr Panday shouts it is enough as he immediately began accusing him, on the off chance that he can’t talk as expected then should take off from this house, Ram shouts how might he leave, holding the layer of Mr Panday, Ram says so these individuals can do anything they desire with his little girl, Gajender cautions smash to leave the coat, Shugun is truly strained.

Saira in a rush arrives at the place of Abhimanyu Panday, she affirms it from the watchmen and feels charmed that she has reached here security.

In Aggar Tum Na Hote today episode, Amma jee shouts Niyati is their little girl in law, so what is Ram talking about, Ram answers he is coming clean, she can ask her child, how he with the sweet words, caused everybody to acknowledge due to the past obligation, right made Niyati to play out the Gouna with his psychological child yet what did Abhimanyu, he subsequent to arriving at Lucknow expressed discussing love with this young lady on the lookout, rather than showing his child, Gajender is rather attempting to quiet him down, they have made this young lady sit in this house, with what right is she residing in this house, would anybody be able to tell him.

Gajender is truly baffled, Ram shouts that first his child demanded wedding Niyati and presently is this young lady his next target, Gajender requests that Ram think before he talks since he is committing an error, Ram answers that Gajender has truly violated his girl, Manaroma holding her hands demands Ram to quiet, however he will not listen illuminating she would have seen whether this happened to her girl, he requests that she think what he felt when he watched Abhimanyu proposing this young lady before the entire market, Amma jee questions what is Ram talking about, he answers he is coming clean as he even has a video.

Amma jee asks Manaroma to likewise come, they are left dazed, Ram inquires as to whether they have seen the doings of their child, he requests that they call Abhimanyu since he wants his response, and furthermore call Niyati who is bearing this all, Ram calls Niyati outside. Smash answers he won’t permit Niyati to live here any longer, and on the off chance that she will not accompany him, he will end his own life, Mr Panday gets strained, figuring what he can do now. Smash answers however he would not permit the existence of his little girl to be demolished as time passes, presently his little girl won’t live with the psychological child of Gajender. Aanad grins while every other person is strained. Slam cautions that if as a result of anybody, Niyati is hurt, he won’t pardon anybody of them.

Niyati holding the versatile peruses a contact saved as Kamna, she calls her, Kamna answers when Niyati inquires as to whether Abhimanyu returned, Kamna illuminates that her folks have come, Niyati reviews when Ram wouldn’t give her the favors, illuminating that the individual with whom she is leaving would one day make her re-visitation of them one day, Niyati in shock inquires as to whether the two of them have come, Kamna demands her to return at the earliest opportunity, they are truly irate. Niyati asks why it happened now, what will she say about Abhimanyu as they will settle the score more strained and froze.

Niyati figures she would need to cause them to comprehend subsequent to returning home, Niyati stops an auto.

The watchmen stop Saira how can she head inside, Saira uncovers that she wants to meet Niyati as she is her companion, she demands they can call anybody, she demands they permit her to meet anybody, however the gatekeeper says she needs to stand by here while he will ask them.
Yet again once more smash calls out both Niyati and Abhimanyu when Amma je answers they are not here, Daya uncovers that Abhimanyu has fled, hearing this they are stunned. The gatekeeper comes so Kinkar goes to him, he uncovers that a young lady has come who has uncovered herself to be Saira and said that she is the companion of Niyati and Abhimanyu, Manaroma hearing the name of Saira orders him to send her inside, Shugun figures what will occur assuming Saira sees her in this house.

Manaroma shouts that Niyati may have called her, however Sulochana answers they had no contact with her since numerous days, Ram shouts she may have come in view of Gajender Panday as it’s been said that the abundance of a man decides his evil doing, Gajender answers he has flown off the handle, since he doesnot even know Saira appropriately, he encourages Ram to think before he talks.

Slam going to Shugun says then, at that point, acquires her front of Gajender addressing for what reason is he not doing anything of Shugun, Ram faults that Gajo has a propensity for satisfying the longings of Abhimanyu then, at that point, is he not intending to get Abhimanyu hitched with this young lady, Amma jee is truly strained hearing this.

Gajender cautions Ram to stop since he is saying a ton without knowing the whole truth as it has finished, Ram and Gajender both beginning battling, Gajo says he was simply peaceful in view of their companionship in any case would have tossed him out, the two of them are quarreling when Shugun is stressed assuming Saira perceives her on account of this battle, all her theatrics would go to no end.

Saira enters through the entryway of the house, Shugun sees her, when Saira calls Ram, everybody goes to see her. Aanad is additionally strained. Shugun isn’t even ready to move as she considers what would she be able to do now.


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